8 Tips To Hire The Best Android App Development Company

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Apr 25, 2023  |  Android app development App Development
Effective Tips to Hire Android App Developer

Mobile app development has become native to businesses and the increasing demand for the applications is pushing the trend upward. This inevitable part of the business is now irreplaceable, but all businesses won’t have the optimal budget to build the app for every platform and gain users.

Fortunately, there are different ways to gain a larger share of the target audience such as developing a mobile app for a specific platform or OS such as Android, or iOS. When businesses just opt for the Android OS, then reaching out to the large user base is viable as Android is a market leader with 70.88% of smartphone sales worldwide.

Android is a market leader

The increased Android smartphone usage intensified Android app usage followed by a huge user base. It has created a great opportunity for businesses to avail themselves of the massive userbase of Android OS. Accomplishing the business goal with Android app development requires partnering with one of the best Android app development companies having developers with niche expertise and experience.

The selection of dedicated app developers to hire plays a vital role in making and breaking the app’s success. This guide helps you increase your business ROI quotient with the right developer selection for the development of Android applications. Take a deep dive into the strategic tips to choose the Android app developers that meet the mobile app development project needs.

8 Strategic Tips to Hire the Best Android App Development Company

The 7-step guide for creating a mobile app brings expected results when the right Android app developers from top app development companies for your next project. Led a stepping stone to successful delivery by considering a couple of tips to hire the best Android app developers and leave the rest.

Here are the tips to consider before hiring Android app developers:-

1. Proficient Team of Android App Developers

The technology landscape is continuously evolving with new languages making inroads or existing technologies upgrading. It mandates the Android app development team to be proficient in niche technologies while staying up-to-date with new trends and tools. When you hire Android app developers, you should check if the team has a good knowledge of basic programming languages, tools, APIs, SDKs, and libraries for Android app development.

For instance, Kotlin is touted as the best programming language for Android app development due to its interoperability with Java followed by a lot of benefits. You should check the development team’s technical expertise in Kotlin, open-source libraries, and other components. It ensures the team can build an Android app that works on all screen sizes without resolution glitches.

2. Think about your Budget

There’s a saying- everything that’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good enough. Also, falling into a low-cost trap proves to be a big mistake at a later stage. When you are planning to hire an Android app development company to get your Android app project completed at an affordable cost before the deadline, think about a budget.

The app development cost is accompanied by marketing costs and future maintenance and support costs, so you should plan the budget for development accordingly. Before hiring Android app programmers, come up with a list of features, designs, and other things you want to include in the app to estimate app development costs. The cost estimation helps you hire dedicated app developers that engineer the Android app within your budget.

3. Check Experience as it Matters

The technical knowledge proficiency of rookie developers doesn’t guarantee that they can build the Android app to perfection. When you hire an experienced Android app development team, they know how to deal with technical challenges, handle complex feature development, and manage internal team conflicts.

The years of app development experience in Android make the team readily manage the issues before they worsen the project. Hire experts in Android app development with enough experience in niche industry verticals and domains. Otherwise, the lack of experience brings inefficiencies in the creation of the Android application project.

4. Check The Past Projects

The portfolio of the Android app development company is the reflection of quality projects worked upon by the team. When the company doesn’t have a portfolio page, you should ask for the project references completed by the team so that you can better delve deeper into them. A closer look at the project with the same niche helps you to understand the coding proficiency, design capabilities, performance gains, and other things.

When you are looking for dedicated Android developers, ask for project references and download the app to know UI/UX quality, advanced technology leverage, performance needs, and users’ reaction to the apps. The in-depth analysis of the past project uncovers insights hidden in plain sight.

5. Connect With the Previous Clients

Hiring the Android app development company based on their previous projects or looking at their portfolio is not a mindful decision. Sometimes, companies post fake or modified client testimonials that you cannot trust blindfold. Additionally, the Android app analysis won’t help in identifying communication gaps, delayed deliverables, responsiveness, problem-solving capability, and other issues.

The best way is to connect with previous clients to know the development process, project management, and their experience with the Android app development team while working on their projects. Extending the reach to existing clients unfolds the real scene of the development floor so that you won’t regret your decision later on.

6. Hire a Reputed and Certified Company

As discussed above low-development cost traps proves to be a costly mistake at a later stage. In the case of hiring a freelance Android app developer, you risk ending up having an Android application that doesn’t perform as expected and may have security and stability problems. When you hire a reputed and certified development company, you will get an Android development team at your end that works dedicatedly following a standard procedure.

The reputed Android app development company provides certified developers who write robust code. Also, the team of developers, designers, testers, and marketers working as a whole put effort into delivering a high-performant, quality app.

7. NDA And Privacy Agreements

When you want to shape the Android app idea into a full-fledged solution, keeping the app idea confidential before it’s released in the market is vital for success. Signing an NDA and privacy agreement is a solution to keep the project idea secret.

Before hiring Android app developers, sign an NDA agreement that ensures that your app idea remains confidential. Also, make sure that the source code is provided after the development of your Android app. The agreement signing is a surefire way to avoid future conflicts regarding app idea sharing and many others.

8. Interview the Android App Developers

Despite hiring top Android app developers from a reputed company, it’s found that companies hire freelancers to meet the need for development projects when there are a lot of projects on the development floor. The freelance developers behave as if they are working dedicatedly on your project as a part of the company. You can prevent falling into such traps by connecting with the allocated development team and interviewing each developer.

The interview with every Android app developer working on your project helps you know their technical proficiency, communication skill, and experience in development. The screening test also helps in finding the best developers for the development of your project.

How to Hire Android App Developers for Your Next Project?

Android’s popularity has helped businesses to reach a wide range of customers rapidly. But Android app development drives unmatched results only when Android maestros are building the app. Hiring the best-in-class Android app developers from top IT companies s a hard nut to crack due to the limitless options.

Selecting the best Android app developers to build user-centric apps require businesses to follow 8 strategic tips to narrow down the decision to the best one. Still unsure, then shortlist the best, reputed Android app development companies that help you with budgetary app development while agreeing on portfolio sharing, enabling developer screening, readily signing NDA, and providing maintenance/support services.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Apr 25, 2023

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