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Last updated 21 February, 2024

Top Custom Software Development Companies

Software Development Companies

Ranked as Rated (4.8 avg.) and reviewed by Genuine Clients for Their Desired Software Development Firm. Are you searching for a reliable software development partner? Or are you looking for experienced and result-driven software development companies for your projects? Find the list below of the top-rated software developers near by you with 4.8 average ratings. Every listed company goes through a rigorous evaluation process and based on their reviews, ratings, and portfolios, we rank them on our platform. You get the freedom to choose your desired software development company based on location, size, price, skills, and specialization. The list is yours.

List of the Top-Rated Software Development Companies | Best Software Developers

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Delivering Quality Products and Premium Services

5.0 (28 Reviews)

Prismetric is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Mobile App Development Company having a development center in India with offices in USA & Brazil that offer exceptional applications development for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices along with other web services to provide end-to-end solutions. We have a strength of over 80+ highly skilled and competent mobile app developers and designers working…


High quality work!

51 to 250

Up to $25

$5001 - $10000

India, USA, Brazil

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Transformative by Design

5.0 (34 Reviews)

Designli is a digital product studio in Greenville, South Carolina. We specialize in the rapid prototyping of new software concepts, taking our clients from vision to 'V1' as quickly and effectively as possible. We use agile development processes to launch an MVP quickly, then continue building as we learn from market feedback. Established businesses lean on Designli when launching new, software-driven…


Their understanding about the product and creativity made me speechless!

11 to 50

$101 - $150

$10001 - $25000


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BoTree Technologies

Your Trusted Technology Partner

BoTree Technologies is a trusted custom software development company. We offer complete IT enablement to global organizations. We deliver custom software development projects for mobile apps, web apps, and modern-day digital technology solutions. Companies hire developers from BoTree for sustainable products. Our technology stack comprises Ruby on Rails, Python, Laravel, React Native, Shopify, Spree Commerce, and Angular. We provide an ecosystem of innovation and sustainable products. Hire software developers for dynamic solutions in eCommerce,…

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000

India, Singapore, USA

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5.0 (2 Reviews)

Intellectsoft is a boutique digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Palo Alto, California. From quality web services to authentic UI/UX design, mobile app, and software development services, Intellectsoft provides end-to-end IT services to various industries. Intellectsoft helps world-class brands and Fortune 500 companies create impactful software solutions powered by the latest tech.…


I was delighted how quickly their team completed the project.

51 to 250

$51 - $100

$25001 - $50000


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ELEKS delivers expert software engineering and consultancy services to its clients to implement the concept of digitalization. We deliver high tech innovations to Fortune 500 companies, big enterprises, and technology challengers, improving the ways they work, and boosting the value they create for the modern world. ELEKS has championed technological innovation since 1991. Now, with more than 1,500 experts across Europe, the US, and Canada, we help clients overcome business challenges with software engineering, app development, QA, and consultancy…


$51 - $100

$50001 - $100000

Canada, Ukraine, UK, USA

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iTexico Nearshore Development

Innovation with Nearshore + Software Development teams…

iTexico is a trusted software development company whose reputation for excellence spans more than 10 years. We have 100+ scrum certified developers, managers, and testers who are sharing knowledge, collaborating, and building great IT solutions. They have created 300+ robust applications, websites, and software solutions for US-based entrepreneurs, startups, and blue-chip companies. Our team provides multidisciplinary (Agile + DevOps + Lean) development for our client's digital transformation and growth requirement. We help companies innovate,…

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$50001 - $100000

USA, Mexico

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Cyber Infrastructure Inc

One Stop Tecgnology & Solutions

CIS Established in 2003, Cyber InfraStructure Inc. or CIS is a leading IT and consulting company in Central USA, Singapore, Australia and UK. Since 2003, CIS has been providing highly optimized technology solutions and services for SMEs and large scale enterprises across the world. CIS has worked with 2500+ clients in more than 100 countries. Their expertise and experience ranges across a wide range of industry domains like education, finance, travel and hospitality, retail and e-commerce, manufacturing, gaming, media and entertainment, logistics,…

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$5001 - $10000

USA, UK, Australia

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You expectations, lifted

Serokell is a software engineering company founded in 2015. They specialize in solving complex issues and delivering large-scale solutions for challenging industries. Serokell has developed some components for Tezos and Cardano blockchain platforms and won the 1st prize on Telegram open contest for blockchain developers. However, their expertise is not only limited to this domain. In their portfolio, you can find Fintech, EdTech, Machine Learning, and IoT projects. Haskell is the main tool used by Serokell across all these industries.  

51 to 250

$51 - $100

$25001 - $50000

Estonia, USA, France

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Think Metaverse! Think Queppelin!

Unlock the Metaverse with Queppelin's end-to-end solutions that will enable your business to participate in this landscape today and in the future. We Build Metaverse - We develop AR and VR Applications, Immersive Experiences for Advertisers, and integrate AI into these applications for long-term sustainability and have 12 years of experience. Queppelin helps businesses leverage the potential of Augmented & Virtual Reality to engage their users at a deeper level and provide products/services like never imagined before. We also launched…

51 to 250

Up to $25

$5001 - $10000

India, USA

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Abto Software

Where science and technology work for you

Abto Software is a full-cycle custom software engineering company, launched in 2007. With hundreds of delivered projects, we have earned a status of a trusted long-term software development partner for over 200 customers from North America and the EU. Our tech stack covers most of the modern languages, frameworks, and development practices, with a focus on Microsoft technologies (.NET framework) and building enterprise-level software systems.  Abto also employs one of the largest Computer Vision AI departments in Eastern Europe with extensive…

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$5001 - $10000

Ukraine, USA

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Custom software to reach your vision.

5.0 (3 Reviews)

At ORASES, US custom software developers, we believe in improving lives through technology and design. We look for companies and products that will make a difference and align with our vision. We are a Maryland based development agency whose philosophy centers on high-end design and building amazing products. We don't build Angry Birds. We focus on the hard stuff. We develop custom software, mobile…


It is great working with their expert team!

11 to 50

$151 - $200

$50001 - $100000


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UNL Solutions

Dedicated Software Development Center

UNL Solutions is a dedicated software development center with deep expertise in providing digital solutions. We have a team of 50+ software engineers, designers, QA specialists, business analysts, and marketing experts. They are distributed across the UK, USA, Belarus, and Ukraine which means we conform to your time zone. We cover all popular areas of tech expertise including Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and AI. UNL Solutions have 13+ years of experience in serving 40+ clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises across Europe…

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000


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ITRex Group

Hungry for challenges

ITRex is a software development company specializing in providing emerging technology solutions for companies all over the world. Since 2009 the company has created more than 500 solutions for large enterprises and middle-market companies from different industries - from retail and entertainment to healthcare and education. Among the company's clients are Walmart, Honest Co, JibJab, DogVacay, Procter & Gamble, Dun & Bradstreet, Warner Bros., 21st Century Fox, Dollar Shave Club, and others. ITRex has in-depth expertise in emerging technologies,…

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$50001 - $100000

USA, Ukraine

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Dedicated Software Development Teams

5.0 (26 Reviews)

*instinctools is a software product development and consulting company with headquarters in Germany and the USA. Powered by 350+ seasoned in-house professionals located in our development hubs in Poland, Kazakhstan, and LATAM, the company provides self-managed cross-functional dedicated teams to reduce development costs while increasing speed to market. Expertise: - Software Development - Web and…


Great work by their team!

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000

Germany, USA, Poland

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Rubyroid Labs

Ruby on Rails Software development

Rubyroid Labs was founded in 2013 by two passionate Ruby developers. We've built Ruby on Rails software for enterprises such as Gazprom, Mastercard, Volvo, and Toyota. We’ve also partnered with 30 startups backed by Y Combinator, Seedcamp, and Capital Innovators accelerators. Our development team is office-based and includes developers, testers, designers, business analysts, and project managers. On average, our engineers have over four years of professional experience. Part of our team teaches Ruby on Rails and business analysis…

11 to 50

$26 - $50

$5001 - $10000


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Nickelfox Technologies

Empowering Ideas. We Design, Develop & Deliver!!!

Nickelfox is one of the leading design & development studios in app development space. We define the digital experience of Startups & Fortune 500 firms through robust, scalable, customized software solutions. We offer Product Consultancy Services, MVP Services, Staff Augmentation Services, App and Web Design & Website Development Services. At Nickelfox, our team of digital specialists work hard to provide the best digital solutions for our users. We are dedicated to designing and developing top-quality…

51 to 250

$51 - $100

$10001 - $25000

India, USA, Australia, UK

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Sigma Software

Sigma software is one of the most renowned software development companies, operating from Europe, North America and Australia. We provide high-quality services in mobile and web development, IT consulting, custom software creation in many sectors. Based on our 10 years of expertise in the field we apply a special methodology crafted especially for companies to develop their products from the initial phase to successful completion and further development. Our main purpose is to help our clients reach their desired goal and for that great distance…


$101 - $150

$50001 - $100000

Ukraine, USA

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Building complex software products that users love. The…

We`re a diverse team of software developers and creative-makers. Together we take ideas and turn them into software products users love. Whether it`s building the next unicorn or reimagining your existing application, we do it the design-driven way. From product strategy and UX design to the actual code design and architecture, we have a battle-tested process for building, launching and growing software products. We have done it for over 200 products in more than 10 industries.   We are the design-driven development company:  We use design…

11 to 50

$51 - $100

$10001 - $25000

Romania, Australia, Belgium, Germany

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DICEUS: Custom Software Development Company and IT Staffing…

DICEUS: Custom Software Development Company and IT Staffing Services. Since 2011, we have accomplished more than 120 projects and contributed to our clients' growth in banking, fintech, insurance, healthcare, and other niches. We help SMBs and enterprises overcome their pressing business challenges, whereas tech companies can rely on us in finding the most highly-skilled IT staff to extend their teams. We do everything to help our customers launch revenue-generating and efficient processes within their organizations. We do this by creating…

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000

Poland, UAE, Austria, Lithuania, Denmark+2

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Five Jars



4.9 (14 Reviews)

Five Jars is an international Drupal agency that helps mid to enterprise companies create intuitive, data-driven web experiences. In the last 4 years, we’ve delivered 75+ projects for clients in health & fitness, media, art & culture and NGO markets, including 10+ mid to enterprise clients such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Council for Exceptional Children, Fortune 500 organizations…


This is a professional team whose experience is impressive!

51 to 250

$51 - $100

$10001 - $25000


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Software Engineering Laboratory

SENLA is a fast-growing software development company with a proven track record and 5 EU locations. Our team of 600+ certified technical specialists and managers has an impressive expertise in a full-cycle development from BA to maintenance, as well as separate services like QA or UX Audit. For more than 10 years of operation we have successfully completed over 350 projects in FinTech, Healthcare, Manufacturing and other industries. Careful quality control, timely delivery and lifetime warranty have…

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000

Poland, UK, Croatia

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Custom Software Solutions and Cloud Computing

Altoros is a leading professional IT services provider of advanced enterprise-grade solutions. We develop app, website & software which is responsive with seamless design, instant response, and fast access. We help both middle-size and big enterprises to prototype, develop, and integrate innovative software solutions that suit their specific business needs and bring your company to a new level. Altoros is a 400+ person strong consultancy that helps Global 2000 organizations with the methodology, training, technology building blocks, and end-to-end…

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000


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SPD Technology

Full-Cycle Software Product Development Company

Established in 2006, SPD Group is an award-winning Software Product Development and IT Consulting Company with 4 R&D offices in Eastern Europe. We employ a total of 500+ highly qualified IT experts and cater for world-renowned businesses and budding startups in the eCommerce, Fintech, LegalTech, Investment, Entertainment, Insurance, eLearning, Logistics, and other industries. Our primary specialty is developing complex, large-scale, multi-user and high-load applications with diverse functionality. SPD Group’s…

251 to 1000

$51 - $100

$25001 - $50000

UK, USA, Israel

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Aristek Systems

Custom Software Solutions - We make IT right

Aristek Systems is a software development company located in Irvine, CA, USA, Minsk, Belarus and also we're represented in the UAE. We have a solid experience and have maintained productive long-term relationships with companies from the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, the UAE over the years due to our hard work and efficient service delivery. Our primary aim and objectives are to ultimately carry out our projects to our clients’ satisfaction and requirements. We focus more of our attention on the quality and reliability of our services.…

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$50001 - $100000

USA, Belarus

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#1 Software & Blockchain Development Company

Webisoft is a digital transformation and product development consulting firm with a core of blockchain, mobile and software development expertise. They are a product-driven venture-development firm that works with many startups and big brands to create compelling, successful, award-winning blockchain and mobile/web assets. So if you have tech requirements for blockchain development, mobile apps, web apps, SaaS, custom CRM solutions etc, give them a call, chat, email or stop by at their downtown Montreal-based office.

11 to 50

$101 - $150

$25001 - $50000


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Software development services for Industry 4.0 businesses

Globalluxsoft, as a full-lifecycle company, completely focuses on software development services for Industry 4.0 businesses in order to facilitate our clients with managing their future. We provide in-depth expertise in custom software systems, digital platforms, SaaS tools, CRM and ERP solutions, MVP development, and IoT monitoring and data access technologies. Based on technology and domain competencies we help tech founders in on-demand, manufacturing, education and healthcare businesses with finding effective solutions to launch and…

11 to 50

$51 - $100

$10001 - $25000


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Future Forward

Together, We Make IT Easier

Future Forward is a full-service web-based and mobile application software company that provides professional support and maintenance through custom-made solutions. We take pride in our ability to work out ideas and mature them into powerful products for both our clients and ourselves. As senior developers and designers, we’ve created countless SaaS products. We are focused on tailor-made software solutions, instead of hyper-production. When partnering with us, you can rest assured that by sticking to our strong company values, your project…

11 to 50

$101 - $150

$10001 - $25000


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10Pearls is an award-winning digital development company, focused on driving customer success through cutting edge innovation. We craft technology excellence in the domains of website development, mobile app development, and cloud computing. Our goal is simple: to reduce your IT stress and deploy the technology solutions you need to reach your growth goals. We offer simple pricing and scalable IT solutions for companies of all sizes. Our services include proactive IT planning, security, incident response, IT compliance, and 24/7 support. Also,…

251 to 1000

Up to $25

Less than - $5000


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Bridge Global Inc.,

A Self-organized Squad of IT Experts

For more than 10 years, Bridge has been helping several software product development companies and IT departments of large organizations who has a common problem – What’s that ? They are not able to release their software products faster to the market or miss the deadlines always because they can’t find smart, proactive, intelligent and cost effective developers fast. The solution here is - working with an offshore/nearshore team. The problem doesn’t end here and is followed by a lot of questions/worries: 1. How to get prepared…

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$25001 - $50000


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Dedicated Software Development Team Who Focus On Winning.

Each member of Geniusee is here for the same reason: we take it as a duty - to improve user experience all over the world by creating effective digital solutions for our clients. There are only two things that make Geniusee special: our process and our team. Our process is our roadmap for the clients’ success. Geniusee infrastructure allows our team to create great solutions that drive results for our clients. Instead of being obsessed over awards, our team has focused on satisfying customers and users. We are technology addicted specialists…

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$5001 - $10000


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We are software solutions and integration services provider which designs, develops, integrates and maintains business applications to enable enterprises to solve complex, mission-critical business problems. We have extensive experience in undertaking mission-critical projects. We demonstrate measurable value in terms of time-to-market, greater productivity and higher profitability. Our satisfied customers will gladly testify to how they have profited from our transformational value. 88% of our business is repeat business. Perhaps, the one constant…

11 to 50

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000


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Come, fly with us!

5.0 (3 Reviews)

We are Fively - a team of 100+ experienced developers, designers, and testers. We look for inspiration in the most difficult business challenges. At Fively, we specialize in developing custom enterprise solutions for businesses across all industries including eCommerce, real estate, cybersecurity, HealthTech, and FinTech. To create truly cutting-edge software, we use technologies such as Python, NodeJS,…


Exceptional service offered by them!

51 to 250

$51 - $100

$5001 - $10000


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Empowering Digital Disruptors.

Leanware is a Latin America Software Development Company with a laser focus on quality, ethics, and communication, we are committed to building world-class quality software for digital visionaries like you, no matter where you are in the world.

11 to 50

$26 - $50

$25001 - $50000


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Infinitely Better

5.0 (6 Reviews)

We are a custom software development company which offers full-stack IT services. Our mission is to build exclusive, on-demand products and to deliver high-end solutions that streamline everyday work, offer insights to take the right business decisions and accelerate your business growth. Deventure focuses on innovation and brings efficiency to any business. We provide full product development…


Great service

11 to 50

$26 - $50

$5001 - $10000

Romania, Ireland, Germany

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Saigon Technology

Award-winning Vietnam Software Development Company

Saigon Technology (Business Registration Name: STS Software Technology JSC) is the leading Vietnam-based Agile software outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang Cities, Vietnam, established in 2012 with the power of more than 350 top tier software engineers and a mature process. Saigon Technology is specialized in providing professional Offshore Software Development and Software Outsourcing Services with ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 and a mature development process which offers seamless communication to clients. We are certified among 15 best…

251 to 1000

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000


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Glorium Technologies

Your Idea. Our Innovation and Engineering

5.0 (21 Reviews)

Glorium Technologies is a top-rated bespoke software development company boasting 100+ deployed products. Our expertise lies in collaborating with VC-backed startups and expanding tech companies. Since 2010, we have created adaptable and scalable solutions for innovators turning their ideas into products. Whether you need help with custom software development, product design, or product launch,…


We got a top-notch multifunctional solution in a short time

251 to 1000

$51 - $100

$25001 - $50000

USA, Ukraine, Cyprus, Poland

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Award-Winning Product & Software Development Agency based…

5.0 (1 Reviews)

Altar.io is an Award-Winning Product & Software Development Company committed to providing end-to-end IT services in Website, Mobile & Cloud. We believe in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions using emerging technologies that give 100% satisfaction to clients across multiple business domains. With a team of seasoned developers, we develop highly customized solutions within the pre-decided…


It feels more like a holiday than work to be honest!

11 to 50

$51 - $100

$10001 - $25000

Portugal, UK, Italy

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Simplify your Digital Transformation

Simform is a new age software development company. We build innovative custom software applications for businesses. Founded in October 2010, we have helped organizations ranging from Startups that went public, to Fortune 500 companies, and WHO backed NGOs. Our team of 280+ experts has helped businesses to increase ROIs and online presence through our development services. Our teams help you decide the right architecture and processes to follow and oversee the successful delivery of your IT services. Our Agile practice helps us to execute multi-platform…

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000

USA, Canada

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We've completed over 1,200 projects for 500+ clients across 100+ sectors. Our software developers, QA engineers, designers, and project managers work on hundreds of intriguing projects for startups and Fortune 500 businesses, including Google, Pinterest, Rolls Royce, and many others. All of this has contributed to our industry-leading 91% customer satisfaction rate and average client relationships of more than three years.


$51 - $100

$25001 - $50000


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Your partner for ideas never seen before!

5.0 (6 Reviews)

NERDZ LAB is a full-cycle software product design and development company. We’re here to bring your project idea to life, and help it grow and succeed. Founded in 2017 in Lviv, Ukraine, today we’re a team of 50+ professionals with a passion for what we do. We offer full-cycle software product development, from prototyping and UI/UX design for MVP validation, to market-ready mobile…


Highly recommended!

51 to 250

$26 - $50

$10001 - $25000

Ukraine, Estonia

Custom Software Development Companies: Your Comprehensive Guide

What is a software development company?

A software development company is one that researches, innovates, designs, develops, tests, bugs fixes, and maintains software applications, tools, and frameworks. A software firm is made up of a group of skilled engineers, designers, developers, testers, analysts, and CTOs equipped with a modern stack of technologies, frameworks, tools, and favorable infrastructure. Together, they work closely with companies, including startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises, to understand their business, know their challenges, research the gap, innovate, design, and build solutions that solve their unique problems.

What are The Different Types Of Software Development Firms?

There are six main types of software development firms:

  • Scalable and Fully Managed
  • Boutique
  • Niche-based
  • Platform-based
  • Staffing or Staff Augmentation
  • Project-based

These companies are categorized by different parameters. Let's explore these firms and what type of services they offer.

Type of Software Development companies

Scalable and Fully Managed Software Development Services

Scalable and fully managed software developers offer end-to-end software development services. With this type of software firm, you get everything you need to run and maintain your software applications, such as;

  • Creating business strategy
  • Product management services
  • Software engineering
  • UI/UX design
  • QA management
  • DevOps
  • Agile

They help with end-to-end requirements for applications.

Boutique Software Development Companies

Boutique software development firms are similar to scalable and fully managed software development agencies, offering customized software development services focused on a specialized niche. Generally, they are small IT agencies or software development firms that offer customized support. Such agencies are a good choice for businesses who want to give a personalized touch to their digital products. Here's how boutique software development works.

  • They work closely with clients, help them transform their ideas into reality
  • Understand their business, and create software solutions
  • Provide tailored services
  • Help you with high-caliber talents to fill the gap in your current team

Niche Software Development Companies

Niche Software Development Companies

Niche-based software developers are the best choice if you want to develop software by specialized agencies. For example, they can be industry and field-specific software development service providers, such as;

  • Healthcare software companies
  • Education software companies
  • eCommerce software firms
  • HR software companies
  • Retail software companies
  • Telecom software companies
  • Accounting software companies

Platform-based Based Software Development Agencies

Platform Specific Development Compay

Platform-based companies are the ones that have specialized teams based on particular platforms, frameworks, and systems. Here are the examples of platform and system-type software companies.

  • Web application development companies
  • UI/UX design and development
  • Mobile application development companies
  • Enterprise software development agencies
  • eCommerce application development companies
  • IoT development firms
  • AI/ML specialized companies
  • AWS or Cloud development

Such software development agencies have specialized teams who are skilled in particular platforms and stacks of technologies.

Staff Augmentation Agencies

Staff augmentation agencies hire specialized talents for your specific projects. Such agencies work as an extension for your in-house team. They are suitable for businesses looking to outsource their part of product development or hire unique talents for their in-house team. With Staff Augmentation, you can hire developers with a specific skill set that is required for your project. It will increase the success ratio for your project.

Project-Based Development Companies

Project-based development companies are suitable for businesses that want to hire software development companies for term goals, such as short-term projects, building specific features, functionality, integration, customization, and software migration.

They are experts in specialized types of development, including;

Project Specific Software Firm

  • Front-end development
  • Backend development
  • Full-stack development
  • Desktop development
  • Web development
  • Database development
  • Mobile development
  • Cloud computing

What Does a Software Development Company Do?

A software development company builds software. Most software development solution providers specialize in web development, mobile development, customized and white-label software solutions, and more. Here are some crucial services a software development agency offers;

Custom Software Development

Custom software development refers to when businesses need customized software solutions that solve the specific problems of the organization. They are built using special features and functionalities using a specific stack of technologies.

Web Application Development

A software development agency also offers web application development. They help you build a website, web apps, and other online products to meet your web development needs.

Mobile Application Development

You can also hire a software development company to build Native or cross-platform mobile applications.

Software Development Consulting

Software development consulting is when a company helps businesses understand, define, and decide the software development requirements.

System Integration

System integration is when a company decides to combine different software modules into a single and centralized system of the company.

Project management

Project management is when a company has large projects that need maintenance and support; they hire a software development team to manage the projects.

Some of the other activities that software development companies do include;

Cloud Computing Troubleshooting
Deployment Develop Automation
Post-launch support Software Prototyping
Quality Assurance Consulting
High-quality documentation Product development
Data migration Big data and analytics
UI/UX design Specialized services
eCommerce development Customized development

How Much Time Does It Take To Build Software?

Building software with standard features takes 4 to 9 months. It includes conception and completion, right from research and wireframe design to development, testing, and release. However, it's an average duration for software development.

Software Development Time Estimation

The duration for software development may increase or reduce depending on various factors, including;

  • The number of features
  • The complexity of functionality
  • The difficulty in implementation
  • The size and complexity of the project
  • Your software development partner
  • Skills and experience of the development team
  • Your engagement models

Timeline for Software Development

A usual timeline for software development includes;


This phase involves researching the market, gathering data, analyzing the market, and acquiring resources. This phase is crucial to understand and will help easily estimate the duration of software development. The planning phase may take around 2 weeks.

Discovery phase

Discovery phases usually take around 1 sprint. It can be 1 week or a month. In this phase, your software development partner will gather data and your requirements, understand your business, identify challenges, and determine what business concern it will solve. Usually, business analysts and project managers carry out this task by arranging a series of client meetings.

Design & prototyping

Depending on the project type and complexity, the design and prototyping phase of the software development process takes around 2 to 4 weeks. (1 sprint). The development team works on the UI and UX parts in this phase.


Based on the project scope and development methodologies, this phase takes around 16 to 24 weeks, around 4 to 8 months. In this phase, a project is divided into smaller pieces and divided among teams using agile methodology. This ensures the team accomplishes the goal within a specific period of time while remaining at the same table.


In most cases, testing runs parallel. So, it takes around 1 or 2 weeks. In this SDLC phase, the QA team keeps testing features and functionalities to ensure everything is working as stated in the project scope.


Deployment of software takes around 1 or 2 weeks to release the final product on the platform.

Product Support

This phase takes time as the two parties (clients and software development partner) agreed upon. Usually, it takes around 2 to 4 weeks as the software development team needs to constantly monitor the projects on the server and make necessary changes as required after launch.

Stage Action Duration
Solution Stage Requirement and Resource Gathering 2 Weeks
Discovery Creating roadmap, team and timeline 2 Weeks
Designing & Prototyping Creating UI and UX 4-8 weeks
Development Developing the project, coding 16-24 weeks
QA Testing Testing, Finding bugs, Fixing bugs 1-2 weeks
Deployment/Product Release Deploying on the server, or releasing on the platform. 1-2 weeks
Product Support Closely watching the product behavior on the server and making changes and modification. As Agreed during consultation


How Much Do Top Software Development Companies Charge For Their Services?

A good and reliable software development company charges between $80 and $220 per hour. The overall cost for software would range between $50,000–$200,000, depending on the size of the application. However, the actual development costs depend on the development companies' sizes, project types, and locations. Let's take a look at them.

Software Development Charges by Company Size

The pricing for software development also differs based on location. For example, North America charges hefty costs for software development, while South Asian countries, including India and Africa, charge the lowest for software development. Here's the breakdown of software developers' hourly charges based on the region.

Type of Software Firm Charges Per Hour
Small and mid-sized companies $80–$140/hr
Large companies $110–$220/hr
Enterprise-level companies $250 or higher per hour
Larger software development company $300–$400/hr

Software Development Charges by Region

Country Average Cost per Hour
United States of America $100 - $149
North America $100 - $250
United Kingdom $50 - $99
Canada $100 - $149
Australia $100 - $149
Ukraine $25 - $49
Poland $50 - $99
Czech Republic $50–$199
Hungary $50–$99
India $25-$45
Ester Europe $49-$99

Why Hire A Software Development Company?

There are many reasons for hiring a software development company. It can be obtaining desired, personalized, and tailored solutions for business. Or, it can be getting software applications built by top professionals with vetted expertise, skills, and experiences in relevant industries and projects. Apart from these reasons, you should also invest in hiring software developers for various other reasons.


Personalization is the primary reason why businesses invest in software development. When you hire a reliable software development company, they deliver high-quality software solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Scalable Software

Businesses prefer solutions as they can handle higher traffic, provide seamless transactions, and procure large chunks of data. Scalability helps businesses grow and adapt to changes as they expand.

Project Security

Hiring a software development agency also allows you the flexibility to build highly secure and safe projects from the ground up. They have a skilled team who implement robust security measures and apply software development best practices.

Custom Integration

With custom integration, a custom software development company helps you create a centralized and integrated software solution that can be utilized by all departments. For example, when you build CRM for your business, your software development service provider can convert it into a custom hub, and every department in your company can use the system.

Project Development Methodologies

A software development company uses proven methodologies to deliver better and faster projects. For example, most software development companies use agile project methodologies so larger projects can developed and delivered on time.

Cost Effectiveness

Did you know you can save up to 70% of development costs by hiring a software development company rather than creating your own in-house team? A software development service provider charges for wages only; you do not have to maintain other expenses, such as HR, resources, tools, and infrastructure. When you calculate these costs, you will find hiring a software development agency is cost-effective in the long run.

How do I find the best software development agency?

How do I find the best software development agency

There are plenty of things that matter when hiring software development company. Your business goals and quality of projects will depend on the technology partner you have hired. You can follow the steps given below to connect with the best software development company.

Know Your Requirement

Before you search for the best software development companies, you need to explore, know, and define your goals. It can be;

  • What is your project objective?
  • What do you require to achieve the goal?
  • What is your budget?
  • Identifying KPIs

Explore Software Development Companies From the Right Platform

The next step is to find the service provider from the right platform. You can use Google or other ranking and professional platforms like TopDevelopers.co to find the best software development agencies.

Use Filters to Find the Preferred Companies: Search companies based on location, hourly rates, portfolios in your domain, team size, skills, and expertise.

What Services Do They Offer: Select companies after ensuring they provide the services you need. For example, if you are looking to hire software developers for your CRM development, you need to check whether the company offers CRM solution development services.

Check Their Portfolios: Check the portfolios of the software developers to ensure they have experience building software in your niche industry or have built similar types of projects. You can also check the reviews and testimonials from clients.

Tech Stacks: What technologies do they use for customer project development? software have experts with expertise in various technology stacks, such as MEAN stack, MERN stack, LAMP stack, Django tech stack, Flutter, ReactJS, and Ruby on Rails.

Team Size: How many developers and designers do they have? A standard software development team includes designers, developers, QAs, business analysts, product owner, project managers, software architects, DevOps engineers, team leaders, and CTO. Knowing their team size and members will help you choose the preferred team for your projects.

Select Software Development Companies

After going through their reviews, ratings, services, portfolios, and others, shortlist 10 software development companies. Now, follow the steps that you need to follow afterward.

  • Send a project to each company
  • Wait for proposals from every company
  • Review proposals
  • Take interviews of team and developers
  • Ask all questions that you need to ensure a perfect match for your projects
  • Inquire about the project safety measures they take

Take a Final Call

Once you have inquired into everything, based on your preferences, such as budget, location, and expertise for your projects, choose the company that best fits your requirements.

What questions should I ask software development companies before hiring one?

Yes, you must ask questions before you hire a development team from a software development company. You need to prepare relevant questions that help you identify the right team from the right company.

Questions to Ask from Software Development Firm:

  • How many software developers, programmers, designers, and testers do you have in your company?
  • How long have you been offering software development services?
  • What industries do you serve?
  • Do you have experience working on projects similar to mine?
  • What software development methodologies do you use?
  • How long will it take to build software like mine?
  • What process do you follow for software development?
  • How do you ensure the quality of software products?
  • Where will your development team be located?
  • What is your code review process?
  • What is your communication process?
  • How much will it cost to develop software?

Questions to Ask Software Developers:

  • How many years of experience do you have building applications?
  • How many similar projects have you worked on so far?
  • Can you show me some of your past work?
  • Which tech stack are you specialized in?

What are the top software development agencies in the US?

There are various software development companies in the USA that can help you build scalable software. They include;


  • 4.6 Ratings on Google (56 Reviews)
  • 5.0 Ratings on TopDevelopers.co (28 Reviews)


  • 5.0 Ratings on Google (72 Reviews)
  • 5.0 Ratings on TopDevelopers.co (34 Reviews)


  • 5.0 Ratings on Google (10 Reviews)
  • 5.0 Ratings on TopDevelopers.co (26 Reviews)

Glorium Technologies

  • 5.0 Ratings on Google (10 Reviews)
  • 5.0 Ratings on TopDevelopers.co (21 Reviews)

What are the most popular specialties in software development?

You can segregate specialties of software on two primary bases:

Services Specialization:

  • Front and backend development
  • Data Science
  • Machine learning
  • Security engineers
  • Web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Embedded systems development
  • API development
  • Operating systems development

Type of Applications Specialization

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • FinTech Software Development
  • Medical software
  • Real estate software
  • Salesforce

Why Trust TopDevelopers.co?

Reliability is the primary reason why businesses trust us. Helping businesses find the best software development companies, allowing them to connect with their desired software agencies without any involvement from TopDevelopers.co, and keeping our platform updated with the top-rated customer software development firms are our driving forces. We are a trusted B2C and B2B marketplace platform by business leaders and industries of all sizes and types.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a software developer do?

Software developers from a software development agency work closely with clients, designing and developing projects under the guidelines of team leaders, project managers, and CTOs. They are responsible for building projects based on the project scope. Using their skills, knowledge, and experiences in their respective fields, software engineers understand clients' needs and write code using suitable programming languages. If you are hiring a software development agency, it is crucial to know their software developers, their expertise, and their experiences, as they are the masterminds behind your projects.

What are the most common software development challenges?

When caught up with the wrong team or software development companies, the common challenges you might face are;

  • Misunderstanding of project scope
  • Communication challenge
  • Technical debt
  • Project security
  • Poor project management
  • Not understanding your goal
  • Integration issues
  • Poor research and competitor research

However, you can eliminate these challenges by hiring the right team from professional software development companies. Moreover, you need to prepare yourself in advance so you never end up hiring the wrong team. For example;

  • Know your requirements, like what you want to achieve with your project.
  • What challenges or user problems do you want to solve with your software solution?
  • What team (with expertise, experience, and skills) do you use to fulfill your objectives?

What are the steps in making a software development plan?

The software development planning steps include the following;

  • Define goals
  • Set a budget
  • Create a timeline
  • Set a requirement
  • Set development methodologies and sprints
  • Create systematic roadmap
  • Plan process
  • Create a team
  • Deciding deliverable

How do I estimate a software development budget?

To calculate a software development budget, you need to follow the steps given below;

  • Know your requirements
  • Set your budget limit
  • Estimate Scaling costs
  • Software developers' hiring costs
  • Tech stack cost
  • Estimate software maintenance costs

These are some of the steps you can follow to estimate and plan for the software development budget.

How many Software development companies are listed on TopDevelopers.co?

As of February 2024, there are 5014 software development agencies listed on TopDevelopers.co, albeit we continue to add more companies when they meet our listing parameters.

Can I contact the companies listed in the TopDevelopers.co directly?

Yes, you can contact the company directly without any involvement from TopDevelopers.co. We are a B2C and B2B marketplace and we aim to bring you quality, top-rated, and reliable software development companies with verified client reviews. Just select the company you want to partner with and connect with them directly.

Are there companies that specialize in specific industries of Software?

Yes, we have listed many popular software engineering companies that specialize in creating software for specific industries, like real estate, Automotive, Travel, Entertainment, Restaurant, FinTech, eCommerce, Retail, Healthcare, and others. You can explore the list from the directory and hire them.

How TopDevelopers.co evaluate listed software development companies?

We have set parameters for software development companies to get listed on our platform. It includes the expertise, experience, reliability, number of portfolios, ratings, client reviews, and more. After going through these parameters, our experts authenticate every detail and number provided by the customer software development agency. Once we are satisfied with the findings, we give them a ranking based on the number obtained during our evaluation process.

What are the key considerations to keep in mind when reviewing software companies?

Reliability, authenticity, quality projects and numbers, ratings, reviews on Google and other ranking and reviewing platforms, and others are the key considerations we keep in mind while reviewing websites.

What is the cost of hiring a software developer?

The cost of hiring developers will depend on various factors, like location, expertise, and experience level. Here's the breakdown.

Level of Expertise Average Cost per Hour
Entry-level software developers $10–$25
Junior level developers $20–$50
More experienced developers (2-5 years) $50–$75
Senior developers $80-$150

Furthermore, one can take technical expertise into account as well to determine the cost of software developers.

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