Best 14 Fintech Apps You Should Use in 2024

Gillian Harper By Gillian Harper  |  Jan 18, 2024  |  Mobile Apps
Top Fintech Apps

Due to globalization, the financial transactions and trades for stocks and commodities have grown manifold. It is high time that enterprises and young startups should pave their way to build a customized fintech software solution to lead the market in 2024 and beyond. Here is the guide to showcase the best fintech apps in 2024 so that you gain knowledge about building a world-class fintech solution and shoot your business to newer heights.

By definition, fintech apps are software solutions that help us manage fintech, a portmanteau of ‘finance’ and ‘technology’. Broadly, the term ‘fintech’ applies to any software tool, solution, mobile application, or any technology used to manage, access, and gain insights on finance digitally.

Here are some of the impressive stats to back the significance of fintech in the present global economic settings.

  • Only in the Americas, there are 11,651 fintech startups (mid-2023 figure).
  • The fintech sector attracts about $50 billion in investments every year.
  • As of July 2023, publicly traded fintech firms represented a market capitalization of $550 billion.

The list of the Top Fintech Apps You Must Check Out In 2024

Before you venture into this lucrative online finance business, it is essential to perform homework about what are popular fintech apps in the market. You can study them and get inspired by the features and functionalities that support their business tactics. Equip yourself with essential technical and business know-how of the product and then contact fintech app development companies to select the best one for the product development. This will help you discuss your finance business objectives and project goals unambiguously.

Here are the best Fintech apps in the market –

Chime – Mobile Banking

One of the best fintech apps in 2024, Chime, is a mobile-only neobank with the facility of checking and savings accounts and a debit card. Chime’s unique features are early direct deposits, automatic savings, no charges for overdrafts, and access to more than 38,000 fee-free ATMs. Chime is also known for its credit-building tools and cash-back rewards for its customers.


Many label Robinhood as a top fintech app in 2024 because it offers a commission-free trading app that allows users to invest in stock markets, crypto, ETFs, and other myriad options. Robinhood houses some unique features such as fractional shares and instant deposits along with recurring investments and a cash management account. This finance and technology app also provides educational resources and its flagship offering – a premium subscription service known as Robinhood Gold.


Coinbase is one of the best fintech apps because it paces up with the latest trends of the finance world. It is a popular crypto platform that allows users to purchase, sell, store, or trade many popular cryptocurrencies. The unique features of Coinbase include a well-researched UI for the best UX; additionally, the fintech app also adopts high-security standards through insured wallets. The app retains customers with its astounding reward programs and advanced trading features (through Coinbase Pro) and a crypto debit card (known as Coinbase Card).

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The list of the best fintech applications and products in 2024 includes Revolut, a global finance technology app with banking and investing plus payment services. Revolut is loved by millions of users for its unique features such as multi-currency accounts and instant transfers. The app offers budgeting tools along with crypto and stock trading. You can also buy and view travel insurance and trade cash-back rewards for various transactions. Revolut houses several plans for personal/business users.


Mint is a top fintech app in 2024 with unique budgeting and saving features that help customers manage their complex finances with ease. What makes Mint at the top list is its features like syncing with bank accounts and credit cards so that users can track their income and expenses while planning budgets and finance goals. Customers can also monitor credit scores and get personalized advice. The Mint fintech app also includes bill payments along with investment options.

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Acorns is another best fintech app making it to the top list in 2024. It is an app for investments and savings so that users can strategically grow their wealth. Acorns’ unique features comprise rounding up purchases along with investing the spare change. Customers with Acorns can also create expanded portfolios based on calculated risks; additionally, it is also possible to earn cash back from partner brands and gain some financial tips/tricks. Acorns also walk the extra mile and offer retirement and checking accounts.


A fintech app that tops the list in 2024 is MoneyLion, which offers several services to its users such as banking, lending, and investing. MoneyLion is known for its user-centric features such as zero-fee checking account and cash advance up to $250 with zero interest and fees. Also, MoneyLion has low-interest personal loans and managed investment account. Customers can also get credit monitoring and finance improvement plans plus reward programs. For its premium membership, MoneyLion has something called MoneyLion Plus.

N26 — Love your bank

N26 is a mobile banking app available throughout Europe and the US for its services. The secure fintech app offers a free checking account and a debit card along with unique features such as instant transfers. Users can also utilize budgeting tools and cashback rewards to improve their finance planning. The fintech app aims to provide a simple and transparent banking experience to its users to retain and engage them.


Another best fintech apps in 2024 includes Nubank, a Brazilian fintech company with features to have a digital account and a credit card with other useful finance products. Nubank’s mission is to simplify finance calculation, budgeting, and other transactions with taxes. Nubank is committed to being the best fintech app that fights complexity and empowers people to have total control over their finances. It has no other branch and it does not impose any fees, and there is no bureaucracy.


Stash is another name that makes it to the list of top fintech apps . This wonderful app helps users invest in the stock market as it allows users to buy fractional shares of thousands of stocks and ETFs. Users can simply start investment with as little as USD5 with the help of this fintech app. Stash is also known to provide personalized guidance and educational content along with general and premium banking services. Stash’s goal is clear – it wants investment accessible and with fun for all its users.


EarnIn is a finance technology app that enables users to have their earned wages before payday. This is done through connecting the user’s bank account with their employers and allowing them to cash out up to $100 a day with no fees or interest. EarnIn is loved by thousands of users as they can avoid payday loans, late fees, and overdrafts.

Cash App

One of the best fintech products in 2024 opined by finance experts is Cash App. It is known for its ultra-fast money transactions – users can send and receive money instantly. The fintech app also has a debit card for its users and they can also perform stock trading or use a bitcoin wallet. Cash App is popular for its speed, simple UI, and social features. Cash App retains its users by offering discounts and rewards with something called Cash Boost program.

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Google Pay

Google Pay shall continue as one of the best fintech apps in 2024. Google Pay also known as GPay lets users pay with their phone for any product or service purchase all over the world. The giant fintech app also allows its users to send and/or request money from anyone. Users can also manage their cards and bank accounts through Google Pay and the best feature of this app is it is compatible with other mobile wallets and fintech apps for QR code scans. Users with Google Pay can also track their spending; additionally, it is worth mentioning that it leverages its other products and integrates with its parent company Google services like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Photos.


Pay Pal has been one of the top fintech apps for years. And, it will continue to make it to the best 2024 fintech apps as well. The giant fintech company, through its application, lets users pay online and in stores with their smartphone or even an email. PayPal also enables users to send or/and receive money with no geographical or currency boundaries. Using the PayPal application, users can shop from millions of merchants all over the world and can create invoices and donations. PayPal is the most trustable and tested fintech app widely used as a preferred payment platform worldwide.

Ready to build your own Fintech app?

As globalization takes its shape in every sector, the need for fintech apps will only grow and won’t take any downturn. This makes it promising for young entrepreneurs and established enterprises to venture into fintech apps and customize them according to their business needs and consumer demands locally and internationally. It is recommended to go through the length and breadth of the fintech app development to know the business benefits that it offers, the stages of app development, and the special features to include in your app to make it lead the market, and many more. Once you are thorough with the development nuances, you can contact your tech partner and discuss executing a top-notch fintech app or product in 2024 and beyond.

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