How Custom Mobile App Development Grow Your Business?

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how custom app development helps business growth

The number of smartphone users surpasses 6.5 billion in 2022 and projected to grow by manifolds in the years to come. The growing mobile penetration at a steady rate pops up a question- what everyone is doing on their mobile screen? The 88% of time spent on mobile within apps, which is quite large as compared to browsers.

Time spent on mobile apps vs browser

The figures confirm that mobile apps have now become the mainstay for businesses in gaining momentum and surging ahead of their contemporaries. It gears up the businesses that are in the plan of building apps. However, the app’s success counts on two things- users need to download your app and use your app.

It’s feasible when a custom mobile app is developed that meets the business needs and target users’ needs. In fact, custom business apps that are fully or partially personalized help businesses stay on the hunt and stay competitive. It provides the necessary ignition to focus on their targeted customers and expand their business horizon.

My two cents: Off-the-shelf solution is a cost-effective and time-inexpensive endeavor, but it might leave you disappointed at a later stage when your business grows and you need a high degree of customization for better results.

In this article, we will learn the following topics:

  • What is custom development?
  • How is custom development advantageous and beneficial to businesses?
  • How to build a custom mobile app effectively?

So, let’s delve deeper into each topic.

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

Custom mobile app development is the process of building a mobile app that’s tailored to business-specific needs. As opposed to off-the-shelf applications, the custom apps are built from scratch having unique functionalities and UI designs that synced with the business vision and mission. Thereby it seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems and facilitates limitless integrations.

The apps improve engagement levels and deliver a wow experience as they are built especially for a specific set of target audiences. This exclusivity makes them the best fit for all types of businesses and transforms your app idea into a perfect solution.

Why is custom mobile app development beneficial for businesses?

The popularity of custom mobile apps is no alien thing as it has a plethora of advantages that can take the business to its pinnacle. Let us now see some of the most immaculate things that prove that custom mobile apps are the ultimate savior for businesses around the world.

Enhancing productivity

White-label solutions won’t facilitate extending the app’s capability with additional functions or high customization that makes it suits well the business working style, smoothly integrate with legacy systems, and fits well with internal business process. On the flip side, custom apps are developed and designed in a way that perfectly aligns with the business processes.

When the custom apps make the work of employees easier and automate repetitive tasks, it improves the employee’s efficiency and lets them perform valuable tasks. The improved employees’ productivity has the ultimate effect on the business ROI.

Calculating every detail

Customized apps always follow a strategic road map in order to pursue while understanding the long and short-term goals of the business organization. Because of its specific build-up, it can understand even the smallest requirement of the organization and use the data that will positively affect the organization. User engagement is nowadays considered the most important aspect of business productivity and custom mobile apps are more than capable to provide companies with better user engagement as the apps are highly centralized and customer-centric.

Flexibility and scalability

The general apps for businesses are usually designed with a basic structure for handling limited resources. As the business starts to grow, it might not able to take the load. However, with custom-made apps, all the parameters can be covered as they are built according to the business needs from its inception along with adding the best app features. Moreover, using third-party apps at times limits the scale of flexibility and level of customization for some of the app features. With customized apps, flexibility can be done according to the business requirements. Custom mobile apps give full leverage to the users to manipulate the functionalities according to their business needs.

Application data storage

Unlike general business apps that don’t have specialized security features, business solutions provided by custom mobile apps are highly secured and encrypted. It almost nullifies the amount of risk on the highly important business data with its complete security features. Relying on third-party apps and cloud-based apps for data security is okay, but it can be risky at times. The custom apps are solely designed for your business and can easily reinforce data security by taking relevant steps during the process of mobile app development.

Enhanced Security

When you opt for an off-the-shelf application, the vendors won’t provide the rights to access the source code and if there are any loose points, the malware attacks take no time to hack or steal your data. Also, you cannot rest assured of the security measures that they take.

That’s where custom app development ensures all the security features are in-built that prevents attacks and safeguard data. It ensures end-to-end data encryption so that data is not leaked while in transit and ensures that the best data security measures are implemented. Also, meeting security requirements from the individual operating systems becomes feasible.

Easy Maintenance

The readymade solution means depending on the third-party vendor for the app maintenance activities such as updates, new additions, deletions, or others. Custom app development eliminates the reliance on third parties as custom development endows complete control over development, maintenance, and mobile app update activities in the hands of business stakeholders.

After the development company provides source code to the business, the business is free to upgrade the app and maintain it hassle-free. In this case, as an appreneur, if you want the top mobile app developers to handle the support and maintenance activities, ask about app maintenance costs initially to avoid conflicts in the end. The article will help you get a better insight into mobile app maintenance costs and accordingly take an informed decision.

Cost efficiency and organized work culture

For every business, saving money without compromising on quality is the ultimate thing. With custom mobile apps, reducing costs becomes a quite simple and lucid affair. It streamlines the workflow and eliminates the work processes that are not required, thus saving the time and resources of the organization. Embracing the automated process will help in increasing the coherency which would lead to an increase in the saving.

In addition to this, custom mobile applications can bring improvement to the overall work culture of the organization. The control and processing of the systems can be done easily according to the work requirement. Thus the employees can collaborate with each other and the level of innovation and knowledge sharing can be increased.

How to get a Great Custom Mobile App Developed? A few tips

To get the finest custom mobile app built for the business you ought to find and hire the best mobile app development company that suits you. Reaching out at this point ensures that you are interested in custom mobile app development and wanted to know how to take things forward. So, here are some important tips that are shared to help you ensure that you are ready with all the necessities

Define project scope

Before plunging into custom mobile development, it’s essential to be clear with mobile app requirements for features, design, tech, and a lot more. Documenting all the information extensively helps in making the development team to better understand the project requirements and turn an idea into a reality.

The project scope must be clear with what you actually want in the app full-fledged solution, research and analyze the market to go the extra mile, and discuss the possible challenges and solutions that hinder the app development.

Step in with trends

Presently, building a mobile app is not enough to gain maximum user traction. Instead, keeping up with the ever-evolving app development trends and technological innovation is all-important to survive and thrive. For instance, big data and cloud computing enable businesses to gain insights into app performance and enhance the app accordingly. AR and VR technologies help in transmogrifying the audience with immersive reality.

IoT technology taking a step ahead in connecting everything in the house with intelligent sensors over an internet connection, which is becoming the next must-have thing in smart houses. Keep tabs on what’s going on in the market and what competitors are doing for the best results.

Hire the team

Either you build an in-house team or outsource the project to remote developers, you should make the team vividly understand the project scope, timeline, and budget so that they work on the app development project the same way. Also, screening the candidates is an essential part of the team hiring to ensure the team has the required expertise and experience for relevant technologies and tools. This process helps you get the best team on the board.

Outsourcing the project is more favored these days. Especially, after corona outbreak, it has become a new norm to get the project developed cost-effectively. If you are interested in outsourcing the project to a reliable app development team, you can refer to the guide on outsourcing mobile app development services to know more about the process in detail.

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Closing thoughts

Custom app development is trending upward in the mobile app development industry. These apps are developed on the grounds of what users exactly need which brings maximum benefits to the businesses and makes them a top choice of business leaders. If you want to dig deeper into the process to develop a custom mobile app, the app development guide will help you understand everything from app idea conceptualization to final launch.

Mobilize your business digital needs with custom app development to build the next big thing in the mobile landscape and cherish the abundance of benefits it brought to the table.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Oct 17, 2022

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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