7 Strategic Tips To Engineer A Website That Millennials Want

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Jul 10, 2023  |  Web Development Website Design
Tips to Create a Website that Engages Millennials

The world has entered into a new shopping era with brick-and-mortar stores shifting online and opening a digital front door. This shift in response to target customers’ needs and preferences for going online shopping. However, complementing a store’s presence with online commerce is not about building a website. Instead, it’s beyond digital selling, that’s engineering the best experiences for which Millennials are ready to spend a ton.

Millennial customers are three-fourths of the US population, that’s 83.1 million people who purchase more than half (58%) of their things online. They readily spend around $600 billion on online shopping. This is the generation that has witnessed the rapid digital transformation in the world, that’s from family-owned shops to online shopping. This experience has made them aware of a lot of things.

Conclusively, E-commerce store owners need to research, understand and consider buying habits of millennials to improve conversion and profits. For example, 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising campaigns and turn to online reviews before buying the products.

Before getting into the functionality and feature preferences of millennial clients, we will discuss the unique, appealing, and creative websites that millennials expect at the least and web design companies give them credence the most. Also, it gives clues to business owners in the sense of how to optimize a website or create a website from scratch that matches millennials’ expectations.

7 Website Design and Development Tips that Match Millennials’ Expectations

It’s important to note that the website development process is vital to create a millennial-friendly website therefore it must be executed fairly. Following the website design and development tips that align with the millennial generation’s expectations helps in creating a website that not only appeals to millennials but also delivers a positive and engaging experience for users of all age groups. Take a quick look at all of them.

Mobile Optimization

Millennials are heavy users of mobile devices, so it’s crucial to prioritize mobile optimization in website design. Ensure your website is responsive, loads quickly on mobile devices, and provides a seamless user experience across different screen sizes as millennials expect every website to be mobile-friendly.

Responsive web design is also well-regarded by Google with improved ranking. The traffic of Mobile websites is experienced more than website traffic globally. So, mobile-optimized website not only appeals to Millennials but also helps to improve SERP.

Go Beyond Clean and Minimalistic Design

Millennials appreciate clean and minimalistic website designs that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. Use ample white space, clear typography, and a simple layout to create a clutter-free and user-friendly interface. Incorporate visually engaging elements such as high-quality images, videos, and animations to capture millennials’ attention. Use compelling visuals that align with your brand and resonate with millennials’ preferences and aesthetics.

Breaking stereotypes by designing a website in a niche industry is important to stand out when you are targetting the millennial crowd. Businesses can research competitors’ website designs and avoid adding those elements that are stereotypical to the industry and add modern elements to effectively design a website for millennial users.

Enable the Self-Serve Option

Millennials that are also known as Generation Y prefer DIY tasks or resolve website-related queries. Furthermore, Millennials have a tendency to prefer connecting with customer services less often unless they are not left with any options. To meet this need, integrating a self-service feature in website would help.

Under self-service features, detailed FAQs, articles for self-help tutorials, and discussion forums are a boon to make things work for Millennials. The self-serve feature of a website helps in syncing the developed website with millennials’ expectations.

Personalization is a Way to Earn Loyalty

Millennials appreciate personalized experiences. Tailor your website content and recommendations based on their browsing history, preferences, and previous interactions. Implement features like personalized product recommendations, customized content, and targeted offers to enhance the user experience. The personalized experience makes the millennials interact with your website impulsively.

In the same way, when value-added loyalty programs are created, making millennials interested in browsing and buying the products becomes a breeze. Enable paid subscriptions to premium features for free, provide discounts with added value, and launch incentive programs that make millennials feel that you care about their needs.

Tell a Story for a Better Connection

Ensure intuitive and easy navigation throughout the website with clear and concise menu options, breadcrumbs, and search functionality to help millennials find what they are looking for quickly. However, millennials feel disconnected from the product while browsing, and storytelling strategy on website may fill the gap.

Telling a story about your business, products, and services with meaningful images, texts, experiences, and articles determines to millennials what your business is and what it does for them. This connection makes millennial users interested in the brand’s products and services.

Social Media Integration

Millennials are highly active on social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, they have used them all. They use social media at scale to connect with brands and explore things that improve their lifestyle. Millennials like to express their views and comment on various things. It indicates incorporating social media during website development provides a way for businesses and e-commerce stores to increase their connection with millennials.

Integrate social media sharing buttons, social login options, and social proof elements (such as user reviews and ratings) into your website. This encourages millennials to engage with your brand, share content, and build trust.

Fast Loading Speed

It’s not the case only millennials who expect the website to load within three seconds which otherwise diverts the users to competitors. It proves to be a costly mistake that makes all the time and money spent on website design and development go in vain.

Cut to the chase: Millennials hate websites that perform slowly. They have short attention spans and expect websites to load quickly. Optimize website performance by minimizing file sizes with compression, removing line breaks and spaces from codes, utilizing caching techniques, and optimizing server response times. A fast-loading website keeps millennials engaged and reduces bounce rates.

Estimate the website development cost to know how much you need to spend on different areas of development so that you can plan things accordingly.

Wrapping it up

It requires first knowing Millennials’ expectations for websites so that engagement rates are improved. The strategic website design and development tips would help businesses get to build a website that’s fine-tuned with millennials’ attitude so that lifetime relationship is nurtured, trust earned, and make the business succeed.

My two cents: Keep millennials in the loop while creating a website to stand up for the millennial crowd. Additionally, hiring dedicated web developers is crucial for website success. Magnify the success with the right team selection wherein the comprehensive guide for hiring a dedicated development team would help you.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Jul 10, 2023

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at TopDevelopers.co, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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