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Last updated 24 May, 2024

Top Web Development Companies

Web Development Companies

Are you looking for top web development company to build a website? Find a reliable Web development agency for 2024 to get even the most complex web development project work done faster. We've researched more than 10,000 companies and selected 1000+ web development companies with an average rating of 4.5 to help you choose the best one for your requirements. At TopDevelopers, you explore and connect with a wide range of selected web development agencies to design, develop, and maintain your web development project. The listed companies provide you with customized web development services and help you achieve digital success while keeping your business thriving. Our experts properly examine and analyze the companies based on the quality of work, number of projects completed, number of real reviews they have received from genuine clients, and their expertise in web development, before we list them on our platform.

List of best Web Development Companies: Find Vetted Website Developers

12 Companies | Last Updated 24 May, 2024


#1 Europe Outsource & Outstaff Production

17 years on the market, 120+ employees in offices in Moscow (head office), St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Lipetsk. Best of all, we create and support complex web projects: eCommerce, b2b, marketplaces, personal accounts and portals. We love to write APIs, data buses and high loads. Our solutions work in the largest companies in Russia and the world: Grohe, MaxMaram, Sberbank, Volkswagen, Man Truck, Esse, AVON, Virgin and others. In addition to browser solutions, we develop mobile applications, as well as helping our clients with support, consulting…Explore the detailed profile of Extyl

  • 251 to 1000

  • $51 - $100

  • $50001 - $100000

  • Russia



INOSTUDIO is a software development company providing clients with full cycle development services since 2006. Started as a company of two it has grown up to 80 people so far. We help small and medium businesses to increase profits by creating effective web&mobile solutions. Services: DevOps and SysOps teams for enterprise projects of medium complexity. The company portfolio comprises 285 successful projects including complex web-based systems, mobile applications, and more that gives us extensive business and technical expertise and an…Explore the detailed profile of INOSTUDIO

  • 51 to 250

  • $51 - $100

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Russia, Israel


(3 Reviews)

Smart solutions to maximize the value of your business

We create smart, reliable and efficient turnkey solutions.Specializing in Ad Tech (programmatic), Fintech and Blockchain.We contribute to the Hyperledger Fabric project.Focussing on comprehensive IT development services and QA automation.Founded in 2015, Maxilect employs a modern approach to building a lean and highly professional team reaching out across Russia.Our mission is to connect talented…Explore the detailed profile of Maxilect


Awesome work!

  • 51 to 250

  • $51 - $100

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Russia


(1 Reviews)

IT turnkey solutions, MVP development, team augmentations

Immersion in Customer business is our ultimate goal for software development, as we seek for every opportunity to achieve and further sustain growth throughout digital solution creation and continuous deployment. We will assist you with: - Creation of turnkey IT products - Updating obsolete software - Developing base version of a product (MVP) to become first to enter the market - Team augmentations…Explore the detailed profile of NordClan


Great company!

  • 51 to 250

  • $51 - $100

  • $25001 - $50000

  • Russia

Heads and Hands

We create complex web-services and mobile apps, use growth…

We create complex web-services and mobile apps, use growth hack approach and develop projects with all our hearts. We love to dig into the goals and challenges of each project, offer optimal solutions and share the most of our expertise with clients. It’s highly important for us to work on results that will be proud of and loved by our clients, end users and our team. We are highly demanding towards our work and put quality and values of the product above other things. We are oriented on long-term cooperation with our clients and work permanently…Explore the detailed profile of Heads and Hands

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $25001 - $50000

  • Russia

Migra software

Improve companies' business processes by implementing…

We are Migra, a company specializing in the development of industry-specific IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Our team consists of professional specialists from various fields, allowing us to provide a full cycle of creation and support for complex IT projects. We specialize in comprehensive software development. Our strong areas include the development of production software, automation systems for travel agencies, and complex corporate solutions. We value the individuality of our clients and take into account the specific needs…Explore the detailed profile of Migra software

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $25001 - $50000

  • Russia

Spark Equation

Building Software That Works - Precision , Innovation,…

Spark equation will lead the future of software engineering. We ensure access to the best in class, competitive, effective and cost-efficient technical solutions, systems and services that enable our clients , small to midsize businesses to deliver the highest value to their customers and users while optimizing internal operations. We are committed to continuously build high-quality, winning software in the shortest, sustainable lead time. We will achieve it by applying precision, innovation, and engineering mindset. Engaging and empowering intelligent,…Explore the detailed profile of Spark Equation

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $50001 - $100000

  • USA, Russia

ITA Labs

(7 Reviews)

Custom development of high load pro backend

Our expertise is custom development of complex backend systems on .NET platform: * Distributed services and applications * High-load services * Transaction processing services * IoT services * Management, control and monitoring systems * Biometric identification systems All services and servers we create are based on our own platform for rapid 24/7 backend development with rich means of: * Performance…Explore the detailed profile of ITA Labs


Handling 50K devices with 800K sensors in real time, half billion requests a day

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Russia

Litota Labs

Developing software for your business

The key activity of our company is custom software development. We provide a full development cycle from requirements analysis and software solution design to implementing it to your system and technical support by our specialists.Our experience is based on successful software development for the largest Russian bookmaker company. Over 12 years of cooperation, we have completed more than 200 projects, including integrated about 100 payment systems, gaming and support services.At the moment, due to our rapid growth, we are seeking new customers…Explore the detailed profile of Litota Labs

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $10001 - $25000

  • Russia


Entrust your ideas to professionals

We have launched our business back in 2010, in the best city in Russia for this kind of business - Zelenograd. The National Research University of Electronic Technology located in our city is our source of talented engineers. For historical reasons, most of our clients are big financial institutions - banks, brokers, exchanges, and regulators. We have implemented dozens of finance-related projects and can position ourselves not only as professional software developers but also as a team with a serious understanding of the financial industry. Explore the detailed profile of Codestetic

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $10001 - $25000

  • Russia


Highload-Projects Based on Python/Django

We develop high-quality portals and integrated web-systems aimed at automating your business. Our business means a combination of consulting examination, technological competence and experience in the fields of designing and interface developing. Our Python Development Company is hiring 40+ inhouse developers, got 10+ years of experience. Our business means a combination of consulting examination, technological competence and experience in the fields of designing and interface developing. We start our development process with a deep analysis of…Explore the detailed profile of Garpix

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Russia

TIQUM provides expert software engineering and consultancy services in IT. Since 2007 we’ve been partnering with more than 300 organizations from start-ups to large enterprises to help them accelerate growth and innovation, transform operational efficiency, and deliver new products to market. We help companies to reach their business goals via digital transformation. Explore the detailed profile of TIQUM

  • 11 to 50

  • $51 - $100

  • $25001 - $50000

  • Russia

Buyer's Guide

What Is a Web Development Company?

Web development company builds your websites and web applications. These companies specialize in designing, developing, launching, and maintaining top-notch websites.

They are made up of a group of expert programmers, designers, QAs, and other team members with diverse skill sets and experience levels. The primary role the web development firm handles is to work with businesses to build their websites and help them rule over the digital arena with their products and services.

What Does a Web Development Company Do?

A web development agency provides comprehensive web development services to serve the varied needs of clients. The services include;

Web Development: Web development is the top service provided by a website development agency. Web development service providers with experience are able to create websites and web applications from scratch as well as update the existing ones as per your requirements.

Web Design: Even though you can partner with a dedicated design agency for your web design work, website development companies provide comprehensive web development services that include UI/UX design, wireframes, and prototypes for websites.

Backend Development: Backend development is when web developers work on the server side of web development projects. The server side refers to the software which is not visible on a website but everything a user sees, acts, or performs to get results is carried out by the server side of the project. In backend development, three crucial elements are focused — the server side, database, and APIs. The server side involves building functionalities on top power front-end, the database is to store data while APIs are tools to help users build, manage, and deploy REST APIs.

Expert web developers with good working experience with back-end technologies code server-side, aka back-end of the website.

Frontend Development: Front-end is what your customer interacts with. Hiring reliable website development company will help you develop an appealing front-end of your website such as user interface and user experience to ensure hassle-free customer interaction.

eCommerce Development: Web development companies provide eCommerce development services for all niches. They have experts and experienced teams who help businesses develop high-performance and scalable e-commerce portals. You need to connect with reliable partners to ensure quality e-commerce websites at cost-effective rates.

Platform-focused Development: website development firm have skilled professionals who have experience working on different platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Angular, Laravel, Shopify, React, Squarespace, Bootstrap, Visual Studio Code, Django, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, etc. They select the suitable platform and build the website of your choice that enhances your business and adds growth.

Support & Maintenance: A website development company also offers dedicated support and maintenance services that can be used to update and maintain your website and web application for uninterrupted services.

Web Development Consulting: A website development company helps plan, launch, and optimize a website with excellent performance. It also includes mapping out and creating a comprehensive outline for a web development project.

Help Decide Tech Stacks/Frameworks/Structure/Architecture: From creating web development architecture and selecting the proper framework to decide the essential skeleton and tech stacks. They help you research and determine what your website should look like and how it could solve the end user's problems.

Deciding The Right Programming Language: Programming languages are a crucial part of web development, and selecting one from many is equally essential. A web development company has a research team that reviews your requirements and helps you decide on the right programming language.

Testing: Testing is essential for web development projects. It ensures the website is built as per the project scope. QA team performs this task and carries out parallel testing to ensure all loopholes are solved and the project is delivered with zero flaws.

Why Should You Hire a Website Development Company?

Web development companies based on their reliability and strength have dedicated resources, such as experts, vetted teams, infrastructure, tools, latest technologies and approaches. These resources are crucial for better project outcome. You will get dedicated team engineers working on your project using latest stack of technologies. They will have good infrastructure, tools and define process and development method for project development. Apart from these, hiring website Development Company comes with plenty of benefits. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a web development agency.

Save Time: Web development agencies have a vast pool of developers and other team members which saves you time to find and hire every individual for your project. Also, with their experience, they are able to finish your project on time. This will give you the needed time to test and launch it in the market on time.

Save Costs: When you hire a web development company, it appears costly affair upfront, but cheaper in the long run. For example, with companies, you get everything under one shop and covered under one cost. Besides, you get assured quality and assistance whenever you require. Also, you can save on infrastructure and other costs, such expert team (2-8+ years of experience), latest technologies, proven development methods, and deadline commitment. You get faster results, ensuring quicker time to market. Combining all these together, they build you a robust web development solution that saves huge costs in the long run.

Get Project Developed Faster: Web development companies assign dedicated teams to particular projects that include developers, designers, and QAs headed by the team leader, project manager, and CTO with prior experience. It results in faster development.

Get a Quality Website: When you hire experienced web developers from a reputed company, you get quality assurance. They have tools, technologies, infrastructure, and processes that help them maintain quality work without compromising deadline commitment.

Use of Cutting-Edge Technologies: When you hire a dedicated web development service provider, you not only hire a reliable, skilled, and experienced team but also get your projects built into a new stack of technologies. Web development companies can afford to invest in new tech stacks that are required to build projects successfully.

Researched & Custom Design: Custom design focuses on optimizing business focus design, including custom UI and UX. The design team analyzes industry and web development trends and creates perfect solutions, addressing your business-specific challenges.

24/7 Customer Support: Almost all web development companies provide 24/7 customer support services. You can connect with their support team and get the issue resolved faster.

Things You Should Do Before Finding a Website Development Company

To find the best web development company to hire for your project there are some prerequisites to consider. From your budget, goals, and project scope to define your requirements, understand the market, and review companies. Before you select your web development partner, the suggestion is for you.

Define Your Goal

Before you move further, the first thing you need to do is to articulate the purpose and objective of the project. What is the goal that you want to achieve with the project, such as with the website and web application? It may be anything, like boosting your brand, products, or services' visibility online or enhancing user engagement and functionalities.

Understand Your Requirement

Explore your website's technical and functional requirements, as you must have a comprehensive understanding of them. As you have web development requirements and need to hire web developers from a reliable firm, you should outline the features and functionality and perfectly specify what you expect from the web development project.

Research the Market

The next thing that you need to do is to explore market trends, web development best practices, and what stack of technologies you need for the project. You may also include some similar businesses such as competitors or projects in your research, so you learn from their projects. Such studies are crucial as they keep you updated on the latest web development technologies and help you make informed decisions.

Prepare a Document

Everything you research, decide and find should be available in written form. You can do this by documenting everything, such as goals, requirements, findings, information you gather, and others. It will help you during the evaluation process and stay on the same page.

Review the Company

Before you partner with any web development company, it is crucial to review them from all perspectives. For example, go through their portfolios, case studies, client testimonials, and website developers' experiences and skills. You also need to review the web development agency's technical skills, industry knowledge, and if they have developed relevant projects in the past.

Decide Your Budget

Now that you have got everything you need, you need to decide on a budget for your web development project. The budget should include everything from consultancy and development to maintenance and upgrades. It is crucial as it will help you find a suitable company that will help you with web project development within your budget.

How do you identify a Good Web Development company?

It's crucial to know website development company you want to partner with. You can consider some of the things that define good web developers, such as;

Experience Level of the Agency

When did the company start? The year of establishment is the first thing you need to check when finding the right web development agency. You also need to confirm if they have been consistent since when they started. You can do this by going through their case studies, blogs, and portfolios.

Number of Team/Developers/Engineers

How many members, such as web developers, designers, QAs, and others, are working with the company? What are their skills? How much experience do they have? It will help you understand the reliability of the company and if they are able to deliver quality web development projects successfully.

Number of Projects Completed

How many projects has the web development firm completed so far? Do they have a good range of client lists? You can explore their case studies section and portfolio sections. Select some of the projects and try to connect with the project owner (their clients). Ask them about the projects and their experiences with the company.

Proven Track Record of On-Time Project Delivery

No matter how complicated or complex your web development project might be, you cannot wait for an eternity for its completion. Hence, it is wise to choose a developer who promises customized solutions within the set timeline.

Reviews Across Independent Platforms

Every good web development firm has its profiles across independent website reviewing and listing sites, like TopDevelopers.co, Clutch.co, GoodFirms, UpWork, and others. Go through those websites and find reviews about the company you wish to connect with.

Development Approaches

What development methodologies does the company apply to build the website? You should know whether they use predictive, iterative, incremental, agile, or hybrid methods to create and evolve the project.


A good web development agency always responds to clients with their queries. Besides, there must be an easy communication channel so you can connect with them at your convenience. You will know this once you start communicating with your development partner.

Experience With Implementing SEO Strategies

To gain full leverage from your website, the website developers should be well acquainted with various SEO techniques. This way, they will be able to design and develop your website in such a manner that it is easy for the users to find your website on the internet.

Technical Expertise

Does your web development partner have the technical expertise needed to build your website or web application? These are crucial elements that you need to explore first and then decide if the agency is good to partner with.

Check Their Certification

Looking for a valid and licensed web development service provider is one of the most significant aspects. It is crucial to hire a web developer who has a repute for being a thorough professional and works under legal peripheries without violating any rules or norms. One should opt for only the legally permitted website development agencies.

Confirm if They Follow Data Security Parameters

With the ease of data availability and increased cyber threats, make sure that the web development company you select offers high-end security and safety systems that ensure no risk of data theft. They should follow a strict protocol to protect your personal, proprietary, and classified information of your company.

How Much Do Hiring Web Development Companies Cost?

The cost of hiring a web development company will depend on various factors, including your project scope, project complexity, hiring models, location, engagement models, and more. The average cost for web development will vary, depending on the development agencies and areas. For example, when you choose to hire agencies from the USA, UK, Canada, or other countries, you may have to spend around $80 to $250/hour.

Keeping that cost in mind, the average costs for web development per project will be approximately $12,000 to $150,000. However, you can get the same work done for a quarter of the cost by hiring web developers or companies in South Asian countries, like India. Most web development companies charge $18-$35 to $25-$50 per hour.

If we calculate keeping the hourly cost at the center, the average cost for building a website would start between $600–$1200, $950–$1800, and $1800–$4800 for basic, semi-complex, and complex websites respectively. Apart from this hourly cost, the overall development costs will depend on various factors, such as;


The first factor that plays a crucial role in cost estimation is the scope of your project. For example, if you have a single-page application to build, it takes much less time, while enterprise-level applications, customized web-based solutions, or websites take time to make. The scope of the project refers to;

  • The type of web development project (SPA, website, enterprise-level website, customized website, etc.)
  • The number of features
  • The number of development team members needed to build

Agency or Freelancer

The cost of hiring a freelancer will be cheaper than hiring a dedicated team or agency. The location of the development team will impact web development costs, even more so the experience and skills of the developers. However, if you hire an individual freelancer, you will have to hire other team members separately. For example, if you have a large project, you need to have designers, QAs, project manager, and others. And you need to work with every individual. However, things will change when you hire a website development company. Agency is a "one size fits all" model as you get all resources under one shop. The cost of hiring freelancers is cheaper, but if you choose convenience over price, then the company will be the right choice.


The cost of web development also depends on the type of platform you choose for your web development. The platform is crucial and it greatly impacts development costs. For example, costs for hiring developers of Angular, React, ROR, WordPress, Magento, and other platforms would be around $10 to $100 an hour, depending on the location.

Tips to Hire a Web Development Company

With the massive number of choices available in the market, choosing the right web development company can be overwhelming. How to hire expert web developers? If this is a question that you are looking to find an answer to, here are some important aspects that will assist you through the process of hiring expert web developers.

Get to know the team

It is crucial to know the development team that is going to work on your dream project. Even though you hire the best development team out there, it would be of no justification if they assign new hires or outsource your project. Thus, to know that your project is in safe hands, you must have a sit down with the project manager and the people who will be working on your project. This helps in creating a communication channel and a sense of trust between both parties.

Get ideas about the development roadmap

Once you have established a clear understanding of the project, you must get ideas about how the development process is to be executed. The development roadmap gives you a clear overview of the process of development and the time taken to finish it. Discussing the time frame for the project completion ensures that there will be fewer roadblocks along the way.

Relationship with client

Development companies that work on establishing long-term positive relations with their clients stand out in the crowd. A company’s relationship with its clients defines its worth and assures the quality of deliverables. Past clients and their referrals are testimonials with which you can measure the success rate of any company’s development projects.

Check Soft skills and communication

One of the most important things to look out for in web developers is communication. A good chain of communication goes a long way. Moreover, soft or social skills are those interpersonal values that determine the companies’ ability to work well in a collaborative manner.

Check the developers available for hire

It is crucial to analyze web developers that are available for hire, according to your requirements, their technical knowledge, independency in work, day-to-day working style, interaction with the team, and vision. In a web development company, the cost to hire a developer will vary based on the technology the developer will be working with and further expertise and experience level will also be a deciding factor. Based on the expertise a web developer can be bifurcated into three major rungs:

Junior Web Developers: Junior web developers come along with some technical knowledge of skillsets and very little experience.

Senior Web Developer: Senior web developers have exhaustive experience and come along with deep specialized knowledge in the business and the domain they support.

Expert Web Developers: Expert web developers are known to be long enough in the field of programming and are well versed in all aspects of it.

Different Kinds of Web Developers You Can Hire for Web Development Projects

Any website or web application is divided into two parts: Front-end and Back-end development. Based on requirements, you will need to hire web developers accordingly.

Front-End Developers: They are the engineers who work on the client side of the website to create user interface for better user experience. It includes designing and developing client-side using appropriate technologies.

Back-end Developers: They are responsible for coding the back-end of the website. Back-end programming is also known as the server side of the application. They connect databases and APIs so the website can work properly.

Full-stack Developers: If you want to hire expert programmers with both back-end and front-end skills, a full-stack developer is the one you need to hire. They can be experts in various technologies or groups of tech stacks;

The most popular ones are

  • MEAN - It includes languages like MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.JS.
  • MERN - It includes languages like MongoDB, Express, React.JS, and Node.JS.
  • LAMP - It consists of the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP server, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Django - Django, Python, and MySQL are the technologies used in the Django full-stack.

You should discuss with the web development company regarding the full-stack methodology, which they plan to apply to your project.

How Do TopDevelopers.co Help You Find Website Developers?

TopDeveloper.co is a reliable platform that allows web development companies to register on the portal for the listing. We list the firms based on their popularity and reliability. For example, we check how many positive reviews the firm has received from independent clients. Apart from this, we also check their portfolios and validate if they are based on actual projects.

The listing process is based on the number of reviews and projects they have carried out. The greater the number, the higher the rank they achieve. Even though we select only top-rated and reliable web development companies for our directory, you get to see and read independent reviews for each one.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Website Development Companies

Even though there can be as many questions as you can ask, we have prepared a list of questions that you must ask, irrespective of your area of expertise and experience level. These questions can help you in hiring best web development company that can help you to build your desired web project successfully.

  • What approaches do you use for web development?
  • What are the web development services your company offers?
  • What is your research process?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Who were your notable clients?
  • How many relevant projects have you worked on in the past?
  • How do you understand target audiences?
  • Can you show me some of your work portfolios?
  • What technologies do you use or have experience with?
  • What technology stack will you use for our project (provide a rough idea)?
  • What is your outstanding work so far, and what results have you achieved?
  • How long does it take to develop a standard website or web application?
  • What development stages do you generally follow?
  • How long will it take to develop my project?
  • What is the timeframe of an entire web development project starting from scratch?
  • How will you communicate with us, and how often?
  • How much will it cost me to develop my project?
  • Are your charges based on an hourly basis or is it a fixed rate?
  • Will you be able to make changes in the scope of the ongoing project?
  • Do you provide website maintenance services?
  • How do you conduct research?
  • What are the assets or resources you require from me?
  • How do you ensure the website is user-friendly?
  • Will you transfer complete ownership of the website?

Top-rated Web Development Companies in the World Researched by TopDevelopers.co

Do you want to hire the most reputed website development companies that you can trust with your project? Are you looking for a reliable and committed team of web developers who can deliver projects by deadline without compromising quality? It's a complex task to find such a company as you are often overwhelmed with thousands of web development firms claiming to be the top web development company. But, as you here, we assure you that you get only a quality, reliable, and trusted list of companies that are researched, examined, and analyzed by the experts at TopDevelopers.co.

We have done 90% of your part to hire the best web development agencies. For example, we have done quality checks, portfolio exploring, companies' experience & reliability, team strength, expertise, reviews from clients, and others. You just choose the company relevant to your project and connect for a final discussion. The agencies listed here are reputed, and you can directly connect with their decision makers for final discussion.



ScienceSoft has been the leading IT consulting and web  development service provider in the USA since 1989. The company is trusted by more than 1,200 clients from 75+ countries and has been named America's Fastest Growing Companies in 2023 by 'The Financial Times.' Aciety has recently featured the company as one of the "Top 10% European Software Development Companies." Apart from this, the firm is widely recognized by most agencies, including Inc. 5000, TopDevelopers.co, and Clutch.

The company is offering comprehensive development services powered by 750 vetted IT professionals, including data scientists and cybersecurity engineers. With extensive project portfolios (up to 3.5K success stories), the company offers services worldwide to over 30 industries.



Do you have crucial web development projects, such as business websites, e-commerce, web applications, and CMS? Netguru is the perfect choice for you. Started in 2008, the company has achieved a greater milestone in 1.5 decades. The company has a pool of over 600 experts in different stacks of technologies, fields, and skills. Whether you want to hire web developers for frontend, backend, full stack, or low code development, Netguru offers you all under a single roof.

With 1000+ projects delivered worldwide, Netguru provides 15 years of excellence with a commitment to designing and developing websites that target your core users and offer an excellent digital experience. Out of 600 team members, the firm has over 270 experts in web development. You get good options to hire a dedicated team using a flexible range of engagement models.



Appnovation is the leading web development company offering client-focused and customer-centric web development services for various industries. The company has received our attention, especially because of the rich portfolios that name some of the top Fortune 500 companies, including FOX, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Reebok, etc. With its popularity in web development services, the company is a proud member of the MACH Alliance.

Founded in 2007, Appnovation is the choice of hundreds of clients worldwide. With more than 400 experts in-house in various locations, including Vancouver, BC, Atlanta, GA, Reading, UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and others, the company is also offering services at the client's location, onsite. From custom web development to innovative Drupal design & development and HTML5 development, the company is the best choice for building a range of custom web development.



If you have user-focused web development needs, WebFx is the company for you. The company has built many result-driven websites, including Digital Experience Development, Shopify E-commerce Development, Web Infrastructure & Maintenance, Content Management Systems, AI & GPT Integration, and ADA Compliance Services. If you have any of these requirements, this company is your best bet.

The company is on our list as it is the most reputed and preferred for quality work. The result-oriented activities in development have achieved more than 1000 testimonials from their clients worldwide. If you are looking for vetted expertise with diverse skills, WebFx is the choice for you.

HTML Panda

HTML Panda

HTML Panda is a highly recognizable web development company that provides robust and scalable web development services with a 100% money-back guarantee. The company assures to deliver high performance, secure & scalable, and with 60 days of support and maintenance services for web application development. The company focuses more on agencies, startups, and enterprises and delivers the best solutions to help you thrive in this competitive market landscape.

With quality in mind and expertise in-house, HTML Panda has received 4.8 stars with 98% approval ratings (satisfaction ratio). The company is trusted by top tech giants, like ACLU, intel, Drivania, HP, Philips, Cooper, etc. They have worked on various projects that passed W3C validation, 94/100 page speed, and quality-driven development assurance. One of the top reasons you should partner with the company is its 100% money-back guarantee, which also provides transparency in project development. You will get a non-disclosure agreement signed for your projects.



Start Designs is next on our list as the top web development company. The website development company offers a wide range of services, but what draws our attention to the company is its quality work and exposure in a short span of time. The company started in 2015 and has served over 500 clients worldwide. It's a huge achievement, and it never comes without reliability.

From custom website development, web app development, and ERP development to WordPress development and e-commerce web development, Start Designs offers comprehensive web development services for clients worldwide. If you have projects that need greater UI/UX and quality development, the company is the choice for you. Trying this for a smaller project in the beginning can be a good-to-go option.



BitCot is a San Diego-based web development company with quality development services. It offers result-oriented services for a wide range of industry verticles. The company provides the industry's top experts vetted through a series of processes. With BitCot, you can expect quality support, faster development time, scalability, and others powered by leading experts.

A full-service application development company with core expertise in web development, the company is a top-rated solution provider in the San Diego region. The firm has bagged many awards and recognitions, including the Plantronics worldwide innovation contest and Most Innovation Product and Services 2015. You can approach this company if you have web development projects with more focus on SaaS.

Net Solutions

Net Solutions

Started in 2000, Net Solutions is the top-rated web development company offering quality development for a wide range of industries. The company is best known for building quality and result-oriented web applications and has served various top businesses, including General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. If you are supposed to have a cost-effective web development team for your projects, Net Solutions is the best choice for you.

Starting with 20, the company has grown to become a 275+ talented expert with over 5+ years of experience in web development. Quality work, deadline commitment, and faster growth have given the company a good name in tech. The agency has good ratings and reviews across all website reviewing sites, like TopDevelopers.co, Clutch, and others. You can try hiring web developers from Net Solutions and see if the team meets the requirements.



New yet most experienced, TechNerds is the next in line with high-quality web development services to clients worldwide. Starting in 2020, the company has a pool of developers vetted through rigorous quality and productivity checks. It is widely recognized across top website reviewing sites, like TopDevelopers.co, Clutch, and Google.

The agency focuses more on startups and enterprises, providing them full services software development with expertise in web development. You can expect cost-effective development services and even choose proffered engagement models from a range of options. With the easy process, transparency, and on-time delivery, TechNerds can be the next option for your web development projects.



Neoito is the leading web development company with over 100 client portfolios with enterprise-grade web applications. The company has built some high-quality products, including DailyAI and National Taxi Services, and has powered various top businesses, including Mercedes Benz, IKEA, UBISOFT, etc.

The agency follows an agile development process to deliver quality products quickly. Most importantly, the company is working on many projects powered by Generative AI. With a vast talent pool, Neoito offers you the ability to hire experts with complete freedom to choose and create your own team for your projects. You have flexible engagement models to ensure you remain in budget with quality assurance.

Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is the top-rated web development company with a 99% client satisfaction ratio and 97% retention rate. Started in 2009, Coalition Technologies offers the industry's best experts to work on your web development projects. With core skills and expertise in various services, the company has received top ratings from customers on most reviews and rating sites, such as TopDevelopers.co and Clutch etc.

With extensive portfolios and case studies (600+), the company offers quality-driven web development services. If you have projects that require better visibility online, then Coalition Technologies should be your choice. The company is focused on various services that include even marketing and design. That means you can expect quality and SEO-friendly web applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Yes, the choice of hiring website development company rather than freelancer depends on your project requirement, your goal that you want to achieve with the project, your budget, and most importantly your preferences and what you are comfortable with. You can go with any choice if you are confident with your requirements.

Professional web development agencies offer comprehensive services, including;

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Web Maintenance
  • eCommerce development
  • Platform-focused development
  • Support & Maintenance

Yes, every web development agency offers support and maintenance services. However, you need to confirm with your development partner if you have to pay additional charges for support and maintenance or if they are included in the project. In most cases, you will get free support & maintenance services for a specific period of time, such as 3 months, or 6 months, depending on the type of projects. However, if you need support or maintenance services for more than committed, you may have to pay a certain amount or hourly charges.

Web developers work with the team and follow the guidelines for project scope as suggested by the team leader and project manager. They are responsible for turning your thoughts into code. Basically, they turn the design into code and create modules, templates, and more to make a website.

It entirely depends on your projects and their complexity. It takes an average of 3 to 4 months for a standard website development project to build. However, if you have a large project, the timeline will depend on the number of features, functionalities, and their complexity level with the experience of the team and the number of team members.

We are a large directory of IT companies, including reliable and top-rated web development companies. Besides, you get independent verified ratings, reviews, and the freedom to choose your desired agency. You get complete information that you need for selecting from the list of top web development companies on TopDevelopers.co such as their portfolio, charges, communication channels, and number of employees.

Tech mavens at TopDevelopers.co conduct industry and company-specific research based on various market parameters such as industry excellence and expertise. Such web development companies are verified based on their past projects and client testimonials.

There are 5000+ web development companies, and we continue to add to the directory so you can find the one that matches your requirements.

On TopDevelopers.co you can use different filters to shortlist the companies as you require. For example, you can filter and shorten the list by location, cost per hour, number of employees, and more. From the shortlisted list of companies, you can find and choose the ones that you think are best suited for your project. Get connected and ask the questions that can help you further in hiring the web development agency for your project.

Even though they work together to create a cohesive website, web developers and designers are responsible for different activities. In the website creation process, the designers work on the website’s look and feel, creating intuitive UI, layout, color scheme, font/typography, images, and content. In contrast, web developers write code using appropriate programming languages and other technologies to make the design work.

Yes, web development companies can offer website hosting services along with core services such as front-end and back-end development, database management, and others. However, you need to confirm with the agency if they offer web hosting services.

Hiring website developers from TopDevelopers.co is as easy as searching or finding web development team from search engines. You just have to open specific page from the website Menu. You will find a directory. Go through the list of companies with their reviews and portfolios. Choose the company that fits your requirements. Connect with the company and get started.

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