The Societal and Business Importance of Mobile Technology Today

Derek Cohen By Derek Cohen  |  Jul 25, 2023  |  Technology
The Importance of Mobile Technology

Among all the definitions of mobile technology, IBM wins the race of simplicity. In its own words, ā€œMobile technology is the technology that goes where the user goes. It consists of portable two-way communications devices, computing devices, and the networking technology that connects them. Currently, mobile technology is typified by internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, and watches.ā€

The same page talks about the stats that are impressive. The number of smartphone users has crossed a whopping figure of 3 billion worldwide. It simply means that every user or every customer is potentially carrying a phone or some handheld device with mobile technology. Also, mobile app development trends suggest that mobile technology is here to stay for years to come.

In this short guide, we shall discuss the importance of mobile technology today in personal and professional life.

Mobile Technology Enables Faster and More Efficient Communication

Mobile technology has transformed the way communication and collaboration happen in different fields and sectors. The technology enables quicker and more accurate communication beyond geographical boundaries, in all time zones, and organizational hierarchies.

Mobile technology also facilitates access to crucial information, potential services, and enormous opportunities to improve the quality and productivity of various domains and sectors including healthcare, learning and education, finance and banking, and governance. For instance, mobile technology supports telemedicine, eLearning, eCommerce, and eGovernment initiatives to improve the well-being and development of an individual as well as societies.

Business Benefits of Mobile Technologies

Mobile technology power up the efficiency of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearable gadgets. These handheld mobile devices are able to access the internet and perform innumerable tasks. Businesses today approach mobile app development companies to thrive and grow by having mobile technology solutions as they offer ample business benefits such as increased productivity, seamless communication, unparalleled customer service, and innovation.

Here are some ways how mobile technology helps businesses grow:


Mobile technology let employees work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This can increase flexibility, efficacy, and team spirit among employees. It also allows employees to access and share data faster and easier to improve decision-making and problem-solving.

Business Communication

Mobile technologies facilitate communication between businesses and clients, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders. With smart mobile devices, businesses send and receive messages, calls, emails, and notifications in real-time which only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses, with smart mobile devices, can create and join online communities, open forums, and social media platforms to expand their customer reach and brand visibility.

Customer Service

Customer services can be improved by providing personalized and convenient solutions for their customers through mobile technologies. Such advancement allows businesses to offer mobile applications, web portals, AI-enabled chatbots, and other tools that can interact with customers 24/7 to answer their queries and offer recommendations. Businesses can use software to collect and analyze customer information to understand their requirements, preferences, and behavior better.


It is possible to innovate newer methods and strategies through technologies in mobility. It can help businesses explore newer opportunities, trends in markets, and consumer demands. Such technology allows enterprises to create and test new services and products to meet the changing demands of consumers. The latest mobile apps technology stack and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and augmented reality enhance their competitive advantage and differentiation.

Mobile Technology Enhances Productivity and Innovation

Mobile technology is a powerful tool to enhance productivity and innovation in various industries. Enterprises of all sizes and kinds choose mobile app development companies that help them develop quality and customized mobile application solutions for various purposes such as cloud computing, eCommerce, and online learning. While cloud computing helps users store and process crucial data on remote servers at reduced costs and increased efficiency, eCommerce enables businesses to sell and customers to purchase goods/services online. Mobile technology also expands markets and creates opportunities for all stakeholders.

Additionally, online learning can provide learners with effective and personalized education to improve skills and knowledge. Mobile technology, thus, builds value and benefits for individuals, companies, communities, and societies.

Mobile Technology Fosters Social Inclusion and Empowerment

Mobile technology has become a powerful tool for social inclusion and empowerment in the present cyber age. As it enables people and communities to communicate, associate, and fetch information from all over the world, mobile technology fosters a sense of belonging, ownership, and participation in various stages and sectors of life.

Some examples of how mobile technology promotes social inclusion and empowerment are:

  • Social media platforms help users build and share information, express their opinions, and communicate with others who share the same interests, values, or identities. The same platforms also provide opportunities for learning, entertainment, and civic engagement.
  • Online activism empowers individuals and groups to raise concerns, mobilize awareness, and advocate for concerns that matter to societies. Online activism can also amplify the voices of marginalized or oppressed groups and challenge the status quo.
  • Digital literacy is nothing but the skills and competencies needed to utilize digital technologies efficiently and responsibly. It enables users to access, evaluate, and create information and also protect their privacy and security online.

Mobile Technology Supports Environmental Sustainability and Resilience

Mobile technology plays an essential role in enhancing environmental sustainability and resilience as devices collect and share important data on several environmental indicators including air and water quality, biodiversity, and changes in climate or global temperature. For instance, mobile sensors are used to monitor the levels of air pollution and send alerts to users so that they can avoid exposure or take action to reduce emissions.

Furthermore, mobile apps can also provide data, and recommend how to reduce environmental impact, encourage eco-friendly practices, and support disaster preparedness and response. For example, specially crafted mobile applications help users track their carbon footprint, and get eco-friendly products and services; additionally, users with mobile technologies can also access real-time information on weather warnings and emergency alerts.

Mobile technology also enables collaboration and innovation among various entities and bodies including local and international governments, enterprises, businesses, civil societies, and communities to address environmental concerns and opportunities.

Mobile Technology also Creates New Opportunities

Technologies in mobile devices have transformed the way people communicate, work, learn, and access information. With mobile technologies, it is possible to increase productivity, convenience, connectivity, and social bonding. Say, a mobile device helps people work remotely, access education online, stay in touch with friends and family, and participate in civic and cultural activities.

On the other hand, mobile technology also helps us keep the environment cleaner by reducing the need for travel and transportation. Ultimately, it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Ultimately, mobile technologies can help businesses increase their sales and profits, help customers find and get what they want, and top of all can help societies and governments to build a better world.

Derek Cohen Derek Cohen   |  Jul 25, 2023

Analyzing business activities and data to formulate the best business development ideas is where I earn appreciations and remunerations. Iā€™m an ardent reader, business adviser, gadget aficionado and an amateur yet an avid writer. My urge for innovative writing evokes every time I come across new gadgets, neo technology and novel technical events.


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