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Business ROI With Custom-Built Apps

For mobile app development, businesses can throw the hat in any ring. Nevertheless, building apps that are the rehash of the existing mobile apps are inexpensive, but this indifference won’t bring returns to the businesses in the long run.

There are a lot of benefits with custom app development solution that sync with the business vision and mission, and powers customer engagement is ultimately drives more leads down the sales funnel and boost business revenue.

This is good to go.

However, jumping on the custom app bandwagon won’t work like- ‘build it and your customer will come.’ Instead, with the development of a custom mobile application for your business, just half the battle is won; understanding and implementing the smart tactics to uplift sales, gaining profit, and increasing Return on Investment (ROI) through the app bring the other half success.

There are multiple ways business disposal, which businesses have to comprehend to get listed among the top brands in the world. Fuel up the growth of your business with improved ROI by integrating custom apps into business strategy of yours.

Let’s have a look at how the custom go-to solution of mobile application helps your business in maximizing ROI and earn profit from it.

How to Maximize Your Business ROI with Custom-Built Apps?

Let your app user have faster Access

The astronomical rise in mobile apps is evidence of high mobile app usage. At the same time, people are quite busy and they don’t like to waste their time engaging with the app which takes time to load the content or connect with services. A delay of more than 4 seconds takes users to competition, which is not good for businesses.

Ensure that the app performs at speed and allows users to access content or services within 2-3 seconds irrespective of traffic spikes. Real-time access makes the customer happy and improves the chances of conversion.

Taking a step further, as a business owner you can make your app user access your services offline by enabling downloadable content options so that they continue using the app even if there’s no internet connection. This convenience draws the customers towards the your business and thereby increases the sales and the earn good profit.

Give privilege to the Potential Customers

The facts speak that new user acquisition costs 100 times higher than retaining the existing user. It indicates that businesses when spending time and effort on retaining existing customers, the chances of increasing sales and ROI are much higher.

However, taking a hold of existing customers is not an easy deal. Hence, you need to implement irresistible strategies that can help you to retain your current customers and increase customer loyalty. The loyalty rewards turned out as the effective ways to keep the customers coming. Businesses can tie the loyalty program with a customized mobile app to increase the sales volume by a large fraction.

For instance, you can opt for mobile loyalty cards strategy that enable customers to access and avail of the accumulated rewards anytime, anywhere. Rewarding your existing customers’ loyalty with free shipping or an extra discount for showing their patronage with your app makes them feel special. The loyal army of customers never leans toward your competitors which ensures long-term sales and profits to the businesses.

Add appeal with personalized Push Notifications

The push notifications’ purpose is not limited to notifying people about the latest events or deals. A quick glance at the notifications can draw the customer to your app but impulse buying with a generic message is implausible. Despite this, it works best in engaging the customers when sent with custom content at the right time.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology helps your business to send personalized notifications to users based on their buying history, browsing patterns, demographics, and latest purchase preferences. The technology keeps a tab on every user touchpoint and connects the dots, then send the right message to the right customers. Thereby adding push notifications in your custom mobile application become a powerful tool for data-driven marketing that intensify sales and ROI.

For instance, sending gift item-related suggestions to users based on their recent browsing activity improves the chances of conversion. Also, notifying the users about extra discount on the product that they have added to the cart brings the customers to the app and make them purchase the item instantly.

Retargeted marketing with a feedback loop

A happy customer is the biggest treasure for businesses, but at the same time, frustrated customers having a bad experience with a product or service is equally valuable when handled intelligently.

The mobile app interactions prove to be helpful to know the customers’ preferences and choices in real time. The customers’ complaints or pain points identified during mobile communication help in unveiling things that interfere with the user experience. When the customers have approached with a convincing answer and a note of thanks for providing valuable feedback regarding the product or services followed by extra discounts on the same offerings- it makes them happy.

The unhappy customers when turned into happy customers, are more likely to purchase from your app and recommend the same to others. Such customers will become your brand ambassadors that will encourage others to buy from your application, which extends the list of loyal customers and increases ROI as well.

Connect with the Customers on Social Networks

63% of internet users worldwide spend around 8-10 hours on social media daily. It signals social media marketing is a good idea to make the app-exclusive deals viral and lift up the click-through rates (CTR).

Posting your business products or services on different social media channels helps in improving the app’s offerings awareness socially. Thereafter, adding user-generated content to the products improves the chances of bringing users to your business app.

Besides, the paid ads on social channels is one of the best ways to improve conversion rates, thus increasing profit. For instance, Facebook ads enable businesses to run the campaign for the targeted audience which brings quality leads.

What’s more, adding social sharing options allow customers to share the deals socially promote the app and make more customer flies to your custom-built application to avail of the offers. You can leverage social channels to market the deals in the guise of fueling up brand awareness.

Make your customer feel Safe with utmost Security

Increasing cyberattacks shakes customers’ trust in mobile app which makes them reluctant to browse and buy from mobile applications. Also, the financial loss can be fixed, but lost credibility and reputation are irreparable for businesses. This impacts the business ROI in the longer run.

Safeguard the custom app made for your business from such vulnerabilities by integrating it with an absolute mobile security system that guarantees excellent encryption. It’s a safe option because every year, the MDM software is audited to check whether the device meets stringent security standards or not. For instance, Healthcare mobile app solutions are always HIPAA compliant, which is displayed at the top of mobile apps.

You mobile app can employ anti-virus programs or integrate SSL certificates, which ensures the sensitive data is safe with your business application. Top mobile app development companies always give credence to secure app development so that the end product can make the users feel safe every time.

Invest time in the UI/UX engineering

Users take a few seconds to identify if the app is good to go or not, where design plays a critical role in creating first and last impressions. When the app is poorly designed, loaded with too many graphics, or has a bad navigation structure, which interferes with the users’ experience, make certain, it takes just a couple of seconds to uninstall the app. It hurts the business stakeholders.

The custom mobile app must be designed intuitively that enable users to understand the app flow, navigate seamlessly, and browse the products easily and quickly. The user-friendly UI should not be loaded with large-sized graphics that increase the loading time that annoys the users.

Following the design principles and guidelines adhered to by the app store and Google play store ensure that the best UI/UX is engineered, which keeps the mobile app offerings on the top of the users’ minds. The app design complexity is one of the factors that affects the cost to develop mobile apps ultimately affecting the budget of business organizations.

Wrapping it up

Custom-built applications are the true identity of the businesses that must be used intelligently to serve the ultimate purpose. The underlying idea such as top-notch performance, personalized experience, robust security, social sharing, and a bundle of features are brilliant ways to stay on the top of the customer’s mind and foster brand awareness and conversion.

Businesses should take the help of the top custom mobile app development service providers to create user-friendly applications that follow strategies that can help to create solid branding and multiply the ROI and increase profit by manifolds.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Dec 13, 2022

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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