Why you should Choose Kotlin for Android App Development?

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Aug 3, 2023  |  Android app development
Kotlin for Android App Development

Are you thinking to get a customized Android mobile application for your business? If yes, then Android app development with Kotlin is the best choice. It is a preferred platform on which you can build astounding and feature-rich Android apps for your businesses. Kotlin is an open-source programming language used with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to build customized applications for Android devices for personal and professional use.

In this short guide, we shall discuss the top reasons why Android app development with Kotlin is beneficial to businesses, and for developers, it is an interesting journey to work on.

Kotlin and Android – Two Companions Go Hand in Hand

Kotlin, being a modern, concise, and expressive programming language, runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) empowering billions of Android devices across several forms, factors, and platforms. Together, Kotlin and Android showcase a fruitful and highly efficient way to create tremendous apps that not only delight users but also address the majority of their concerns.

What Makes Kotlin the Best for Android App Development?

Almost 10% of total Android app developers worldwide use Kotlin according to Statista. Kotlin has gained immense popularity in building apps for Android devices because it has been recommended by Google officially. Here are some of the cogent reasons why you should opt for Kotlin to build tailor-made Android applications for your business –

Kotlin for Android App Development

Open Source, so it is Free

Kotlin is an open-source technology which means you don’t need to pay for any license or subscription. Hence, this technology is free to use and that is why for businesses it is affordable. Moreover, the active Kotlin developers’ community is 24/7 active to solve queries and address any concerns. This is another benefit projects won’t be stuck with any coding issues.

Ease of Code and Programming (Seamless Android Studio Integration)

Ease of code is achieved when Android apps are developed with Kotlin. Android app development companies can smoothly integrate Kotlin with Android Studio as developers can utilize the features of an extensive integrated development environment (IDE) that supports the language. This markedly reduced the overall time of Android app development. Also, features and tools such as auto-complete, debugging, refactoring, and syntax highlighting enable developers to easily build customized Android app solutions using Kotlin beneficial to businesses.

Great Scalability and Astounding Features

When Android apps are built on the efficient platform Kotlin, programmers have complete support for code sharing between other platforms. In other words, building apps across several Android OS such as Marshmallow and Nougat is easier, smoother, and more efficient with Kotlin. Android app developers can reap benefits from such astounding features of Kotlin to customize their projects.

Quick to Build Android Apps

Not only building Android apps with Kotlin is quicker, but such applications are observed to serve faster as compared to their peers. The well-known programming language has a compiler that provides swift feedback on essential vulnerabilities as Kotlin developers write code and that is why the programmers would have easy rectification to debug and fix the problems before they become a nuisance in the app development process.

Multi-Platform Capabilities

Kotlin empowers Android applications to go smoothly on various operating systems and devices. Simply put, Kotlin is a multi-platform language used for Android, desktop, iOS, web, and embedded systems. Developers can use this wonderful platform to build apps for multiple devices simultaneously with fewer code lines. Kotlin also houses ample APIs and libraries to customize the apps. The cross-platform capabilities can eliminate the need to acquire expertise in several programming languages.

Best Interoperability with Java

Kotlin allows app developers to utilize the best features of Java while building customized Android applications. Libraries written in Java go hand-in-hand with Kotlin and the other way around; Java code can easily be integrated with Kotlin. Businesses get benefit from creating an Android app on Kotlin as both languages can be used to enhance the product’s capabilities and scalability.

Reduced Development Cost

As Kotlin possesses brevity and enhanced code safety, Android applications built on Kotlin have superior code quality and shorter development time i.e., time-to-market for any product providing the best returns on every penny spent. In addition, developers, due to better readability and deployment of code through Kotlin, can easily identify bugs and runtime errors can be markedly reduced accelerating the overall development speed of the Android applications. It is for these reasons most enterprises today seek Android app development companies that master Kotlin.

Best Safety Measures

According to app development experts, older languages such as Java could bring errors primarily due to its Null Pointer Exception (NPE). Programmers need to spend a significant amount of time and effort to overcome this hassle which ultimately proves to be a costly affair for clients. Kotlin keeps all such hassles at bay as it avoids Null Pointer Exception kinds of errors with ease. Kotlin for Android app development results in the end products that are safer, scalable, and up-to-the-mark with the latest market trends.

Concise Coding and Readability

As mentioned earlier, Kotlin offers brevity and concise coding, unlike other coding platforms such as Java wherein programmers need to write repetitive codes i.e., many lines of codes in a specific sequence to achieve the results. Kotlin, to achieve the same results, requires fewer lines of code and that too unique one. Hence, a clear syntax of Kotlin, helps Android application developers to write codes with ease and maintain them with minimum observation and attention.

Quick Learning Curve

Though rare, in some cases, knowledge transfer makes a big difference in the process to develop an Android app. In other words, if things don’t go as expected, the chances of changing resources in a team are unavoidable. Kotlin is easy to learn because it has a simple syntax which makes the platform graspable for any programmers with basic Java concepts clear; hence, if the teams are shuffled and scaled, the quick learning curve of Kotlin will help newer resources to get on the project earliest.

Ease to Integrate Third-party APIs

Kotlin is an easy-to-go platform for building an Android app because integration with third-party libraries and APIs is possible with ease. The programming language supports ample popular Android app development frameworks including RxJava, Dagger, and Retrofit that enable Kotlin app developers to showcase their skills and come up with the best end product aligned with business objectives.

Reduced Errors and Bugs

Kotlin possesses a robust type checker that keeps its eyes on every expression in the program to assure that the types mentioned are compatible and easy to function. Android apps built on Kotlin are reported to be fewer bugs and errors. These type checkers control all the codes written by Kotlin developers that are prone to produce a runtime error and crash. Kotlin’s concise syntax is also known to simplify the implementation of logic with complexity thus helping Kotlin Android app developers to have better control over the entire development life cycle.

Enterprise-Ready Apps

The birth of Kotlin was designed to address an array of concerns that older programming languages could not help. The makers of Kotlin aimed at introducing the best possible technology to build Android applications in a safer, quicker, and more efficient way. Kotlin since its inception has been used to build enterprise-level Android applications that are customized to specific goals or business logic. Kotlin today comes integrated with Android Studio to offer magnificent IDE and tooling support from Google. Hence, the adaption of Kotlin for the Android app development ecosystem has prevailed all across the world.

The Time is now to Build Android Apps with Kotlin

Entrepreneurs with farsightedness prefer developing their business Android apps with Kotlin due to several reasons mentioned in this guide; nevertheless, one should learn tips to hire an Android app development company that is reliable, experienced, and has mastered building customized apps with various industry verticals using Kotlin.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Aug 3, 2023

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at TopDevelopers.co, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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