Questions To Ask Mobile App Development Company Before Hiring

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Questions to Ask a Mobile App Development Company

“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.” – Thomas Husson, Vice President, and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.

It’s true. In the real world, the mobile application is the digital gateway to deliver an integrated experience to the users that are ‘on’ all the time and respond to the changes that people expect. The stats also speak the same facts.

  • 59.4% of web traffic comes through mobile, that’s increasing year after another.
  • The global mobile app downloads increase to 258 billion by 2023 with a 25% increase from the previous year.
  • The mobile app revenue expected to generate $613 billion in 2025 through paid downloads and in-app advertising.

However, it’s feasible only when the mobile app development company effectively addresses the expectations with holistic application development.

Finding a trustable app development company that ensures dedicated team involvement for building an app with a customer-first approach is a little difficult because you cannot judge the book by the cover. That’s why the next step for mobile app developer selection must be taken prudently for the best results.

Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Company: Key Questions

Asking questions before hiring is an important aspect of how to hire developers and asking the right ones’ will help you hire the most suitable developers.  Here’s the set of questions that businesses should ask before signing a contract with a mobile app development company.

What does mobile app development need?

The experienced app developers building the app using the right methodology create a detailed plan after understanding the project requirements. The top mobile app development companies let you know the technology and tools required for frontend and backend development, designing, and testing services.

What are the different types of mobile apps you can build?

The world-class companies facilitate app development for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and others, and a variety of devices such as mobile, tablet, and others.

Which platform is the best bet to place in the first round?

The app development platforms have their specialties. For instance, Android app development helps you reach the wider market but the device fragmentation problem makes things a little difficult. iOS app development enables it to reach a limited market but users readily spend money for quality apps.

Which development approach is better? – native or cross-platform development

Both development approaches- native and cross-platform development work great in getting build iOS and Android applications. However, native development that ensures quality-driven development is a time-expensive and costly endeavor. On the other hand, the cross-platform development approach helps in getting the app developed for multiple platforms at the time and cost of one app development. Make the selection based on your quality, time, and budget requirements.

Do you sign NDA?

The leading companies never deny signing NDA because the companies that deal professionally will agree to keep the app idea confidential. It might be the first set of requirements the company would ask you once you have confirmed the app development company.

Is the seamless integration of the app with the existing system possible?

The app development maestros have expertise in creating apps that seamlessly integrate with existing APIs and legacy systems so that information is easily exchanged between systems.

Will you create an MVP or wireframe?

The app developers facilitate wireframe or blueprint development that gives a rough idea about the app’s flow, design, and functionalities. The approach taken for MVP development, helps in understanding whether the team is on the right track and experienced enough to do justice to your app development project.

How do you make the app stand ahead of the pack?

The unique approach that the company follows for app development from understanding requirements, knowing and learning about target audience and project management and development methodologies decided upon, innovative design approach and effective implementation, speedy development and parallel testing of the modules developed signals they are good in modern development and allow your app to stand out in the crowd. Take note about what the selected partner speaks about for each of the phase mentioned above will empower you to take a more informed decision.

Do you have experience in building an app of the size and industry that businesses need?

It’s a thumb rule to work with a company that has collaborated and worked with a business client of your business size and industry. The expertise and experience of working with diverse industry verticals enable developers to build the app beyond clients’ expectations.

How projects are handled internally?

The internal app development process widely impacts app quality and timely deliveries. Most of the company put big projects in the pipeline and keep small projects aside due to multiple projects on the floor. Check if the company allocates the team that dedicatedly works on the projects and ensures that the deadlines are not missed. The development methodologies opted for may also need to be thought about.

What’s the mobile app development process?

The step-by-step procedural process followed by a app development company is broadly termed as the mobile app development process. It is likely to vary from company to company app to app and trends and technology followed in the industry. With trends and technologies changing every day, businesses need to choose the company whose team stays abreast of the changing market trends and conditions. Such a team can help in introducing all those trends and technologies into mobile app development to bring modern solutions to the table.

Which development methodologies do you prefer?

The development methodologies make the app development process efficient with improved flexibility, collaboration, transparency, and others. When you approach the company, ask them if they are using popular app development methodologies such as agile, Kanban, DevOps, and scrum methodology for the best results.

How does the company ensure stellar communication?

At the time of signing the contract, the company defines the mode of communication that the team uses to stay in touch with the business client despite time zone differences. Also, the project management system keeps the client updated with project progress and comments directly in a one-to-one way.

Do you provide client references to get more details?

The question is tricky as reliable companies readily provide the same while others get irked after listening to this. The client references help you know how the team collaborates on the project, addresses unexpected challenges, and anything negative that the company will never tell you.

Do you provide support and maintenance services post-development?

Mostly, the companies facilitate support and maintenance services for fixed month, quarterly, or annual costs. These services help businesses focus on core activities as the team takes care of the functionalities and design that’s performing to the notch. Getting the services from the same company is a great help as they know the nitty-gritty of the project well.

Don’t forget to ask about the mobile maintenance cost that company will charge. If you are unsure about how the company will charge, the cost of the mobile app maintenance guide will brief you on the various aspects that you ought to consider.

Does the company facilitate rebuilding or redesigning after the launch?

The development team that has worked on the project facilitates small changes, improvements, or updates to the existing app to make the app step in with the competition. The app rebuilding and redesigning facility reduce a lot of burden as the businesses no need to search for another reliable team.

How does the company ensure clients get what they want?

The team never jumps directly on the development bandwagon. Instead, the business and technology consultants sit with the client to understand the project requirements, research and analyze the assumptions, and then create a document that’s approved by the client. This process ensures that the team and client are traveling in the same boat.

How do you manage backups?

The leading companies have standard servers that are backed up every day at an on-site and off-site location. The multiple layers of backup ensure that data is recovered completely at speed. In fact, the team can reduce the backup granularity to the minute based on the app requirements.

Do I need to test the mobile application?

The development team has QA & testers that test the mobile application rigorously. However, the testing approach of the client is a level ahead from the developers’ perspective, so we facilitate the clients if they want to test the app once. Based on client requests, the team enables them to test the app at different intervals for exceptional results.

Will I get intellectual property rights or source code after project completion?

The development companies readily provide the license rights or copyright for the source code that’s written for the app development. The clients can read and review the code ownership terms that are defined under the contract being transparent with intellectual property rights. When a company is not ready for the same, it means something is cooking fishy at the back.

Do you facilitate accelerated app development, if required?

Professional developers never say yes in all cases as they believe in building quality applications regardless of the time it takes. Such mobile app development questions are answered by the team after analyzing the app development requirements. Technology and security requirements sometimes won’t allow the company to enable rapid development despite allocating more resources.

How the Right team selection is a key to success?

Outsourcing the project to the mobile app development company is not only a cost-effective deal, but it saves a considerable amount of time and avoids limitations so that businesses can focus more on valuable activities. It’s possible only when the right team is selected.

Irrespective of the outsourcing approach used to hire the team for mobile app development, the timely delivery of the application that performs as expected is feasible with the right development team on the board. The team works dedicatedly on the project not just for the sake of finishing their job. This working approach ensures collaborative efforts that ultimately result in grandeur success.

Wrapping it up

The powerful mobile apps are built with a user-centric approach that’s easy to use and visually appeals to the users. Mobile app development is feasible only when the right app development company is chosen. Selecting the best mobile app development partner requires thorough research and analysis, and then interviewing using apt questions. That’s where mobile app development FAQs would help businesses to find the ideal company which is best in each aspect, they are looking for app development.

Still, if you need more tips on how to hire dedicated developers for world-class app development, the guide will help you.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Jan 2, 2024

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