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Healthy Applications

The competition amongst the Apps is increasing by the day. The developers now need to innovate and make use of the latest technology to compete against the saturation of the App Store. The developers not only need to create apps high on functionality but also need to make these apps healthy.  to ensure that the user’s devices do not get bogged down with an unoptimized interface. Here are few ways in which you can create healthy mobile apps for your target audience.

Smaller and Efficient Source Code

It is evident from the history of software and app development that the best codes are written in an efficient form on which the scan/read tool can run and improve the productivity. It is not actually the length of the code that matters, but the efficient use of the modules and the codes therein to provide a complete package which matters more. Development of a smaller source code will help you develop a healthy app that is efficient in execution. An expert app developer is familiar with the development process using the minimum lines of code helping him/her develop the code faster and in a more appropriate way.

Smaller Size

The best apps on the App Store have the smallest footprint. These apps are optimized to occupy less space on the user’s device while providing the necessary functionality. The smaller form factor also allows the users to save valuable data storage space on the installed devices. A good way to ensure that your app acquires a smaller space on the device where a considerable amount of user data is the saved will be to migrate the app data to a cloud-based server.

Use of Fewer Cookies/Cache

All applications require storage of temporary files on a device to run properly. However, you can limit the amount of cookie/cache (temporary files) storage and implement a method to clean these temporary files automatically over time. This will help you reduce the amount of app data on the user’s device thereby increasing the efficiency further.

Optimized Interface

A strong back-end app development lays the foundation to a healthy application. Without an optimized interface, it will be tough for a user to navigate through the various functions of your app. In case you implement a lot of functions at a time, make sure that you install a simple guide in the app which gives the basic instructions on how to use the app.

Optimum Use of Smartphone Hardware

The optimized interface will help you make the best use of the device’s hardware thereby allowing you to harvest the maximum power of the processor. The optimum use of smartphone hardware will help you integrate more features into the app and make use of all the sensors on it. A good use of these sensors will thereby allow you to create a healthy app.

Less Use of Graphics-hungry Interface

One of the best ways to create a healthy mobile app is to make sure that it uses a less graphics-hungry interface. The interface needs to be enticing but at the same time, it should be something that provides enough power to processing. However, in case your app focuses on providing a better frame rate and quality experience (like that of gaming apps), you can ignore this tip. An optimized battery usage will help you provide a good user experience at the expense of low battery consumption. You can also compress the graphics and images in your app interface to create a healthy environment.

Inculcate Limited Functionality

The top mobile apps on the App Store focuses on perfecting a particular function before adding extra functionality to it. Make sure that you focus on the particular list of functionality rather than focussing on the addition of useless functions. Optimization will help the users use your app in the best possible manner. After you achieve a set target, you can roll out new functionalities with the updates on the interface.

WhatsApp Messenger is one such application that spent years perfecting its chatting interface before finally adding the voice and video call features to it.

Minimize Background Data Usage

Usage of data in the background can slow down the user’s device as well as increase his/her data expenditure costs. The minimization of background data usage will allow you to create an application that downloads the necessary updates from the internet only when necessary. A constant use of data also reduces the considerable amount of battery on the user’s device.

A good way to limit this usage is to add a data meter that allows the users to set a data expenditure limit for your app.

Limit Time of Usage

Some new apps inculcate a time limit in the interface. Some of the few recent games have adopted the methodology to allow the app to run for a limited period and then close it for a while so that the user does not get bored by using the app for an extended period. This also ensures that you have an improved user retention and genuine user interested in the process.

You can ask the users to pay a small fee to get an instant recharge for using the app and avail an automatic recharge feature that allows the user to use the app after a relatively small period which further adds to app monetization.

Provide Hassle-Free Notifications

It is crucial that you do not bug the app users with constant or unnecessary notifications. To ensure a more efficient and interactive connection you must provide hassle-free periodic notifications. This feature will ask for the necessary attention from the user thereby increasing the user retention without constantly bugging them with unnecessary notifications.

Closing in:

You can create a healthy app by implementing these tips appropriately. Make sure that you lay equal emphasis on the UX as well as UI design to attract a larger audience. The size of the app matter but what matter more is the ease of use and the flow of the app. The further enhancement of these ideas will result in an aesthetically appealing app ready to help increase customer acquisition and compete with the top apps on the App Store.   |  Sep 1, 2017 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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