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Being a Mom is fairly easy, isn’t it? You just have to don various hats like that of an organizer, a manager, a nurse, a teacher, etc. You just have to look after the whole house and also be alert in any sort of emergencies. Yes, we all know that motherhood is the most thankless job and being a mother is not easy at all.

With the evolution of technology, not only businesses but the personal life of the users has been cordially changing and motherhood is one aspect of it. Especially for the new age mother or the working moms, integration of mobile apps in their lives is a boon for them. Whether it is dealing with the daily household work or the important things like pregnancy and child upbringing, mobile apps are always there for the rescue. It allows them to work in a systematic synchronization that leads to reduce confusion and improve efficiency for each task.

Mobile technology has been on the rise ever since its inception and it’s not surprising that it is being used for noncommercial purposes as well. Being a mother is really tough; it just gets a little better with the help of technology.

Importance of Mobile Technology

Out of all the latest technologies that came to the fore in recent times, mobile technology is the one that is easily accessible for the common users. For the modern day mothers, it has become their everyday assistance or I should say more like a guiding friend. Mobile apps are guiding them through all the work that goes by the day and also helping them to complete it in a more fruitful manner.

Technology is doing an amazing job in keeping the mothers updated with the latest trends that are going around the world. This method not only helps the women to be self-dependent but can also configure the best possible ways to bail out during the trying circumstances.

Changing the Circumstances

Rather unknowingly, mobile apps have been instrumental enough with the circumstances of daily life related to mothers. It has made them self-equipped and more aware of their surroundings so that they can deal with any kind of situation with utmost ease.  Whether it is the early part of motherhood in which they have to raise the newborn or dealing with their things in the later stages, mobile apps never fail to seize in and do the needful.

Let us now have a look at the smart apps that are being used by the modern age smart moms

Total Baby

Total Baby is one of the highest rated mobile apps for mothers on the iOS platform and is also marked as a staff favorite because of its immaculate specifications and uses. The app has everything that the mother needs to find in time for her newborn’s care.  It covers all the aspects right from the basic things such as diaper changing to calculate the feeding and bath times. Also, it can become a handy tool in tracking your baby’s progress consistently in a fun and easy manner.

MIF (Moms into Fitness)

Here comes the real deal which you can easily seal if you have a mobile app at your disposal. Moms into Fitness (MIF) will help all the genre of mothers i.e. expecting, new and the seasoned ones to track their fitness and get back in shape. It will turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable gym with a free access to fitness professionals providing renowned fitness programs. For the working moms, especially the women entrepreneurs, this app can be highly useful.

The fitness routines here are aptly bifurcated and calculated on the basis of the amount of weight and calorie loss according to the requirement of the user.

My Health Records

As a mother, a woman has to look after not only herself but also the other family members and especially the newborn child. And at times it can be difficult to keep up with all the medical records of the family members. My Health Records will do this work for you and store all the relative information in a highly synchronized manner. You just have to enter the medical information of the family members and the mobile app will take care of all the appointments, maintaining records, etc.

GreatSchools Finder:

We all are aware of the importance of education in one’s life. It becomes even more important for the children who are taking tender steps in the world. Thus for a mother, GreatSchools Finder app becomes an apt ally that gives the details about the elementary, pre and high schools in the defined area. For a working mom, this app can be a blessing in disguise as it will allow comparing the schools so that the children get the best possible educational institute.


With the changing times, it is obvious that the modes of parenting will change. Motherhood being the most important aspect of a Women’s life and technology trying to take full care of it to make the process simpler and fuss free does add to a lot of conveniences. It does not take the place of a mother, no-one can, but it surely does work to make it a little more manageable for the mothers. Also with the advent of mobile technology, the modern day moms have become smarter and more comprehensive about their work.   |  May 12, 2017 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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