Top 15 Business App Ideas For Entrepreneurs In 2024

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Aug 23, 2022  |  Mobile Apps
Top Mobile App Business Ideas that would work for enterprises

Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb, mobile apps are spewing the next billionaires of the world. Of course, in North America alone the mobile app market size value in 2022 is a whopping $206.73 billion which is expected to grow to $565.40 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 13.4%.

According to Statista research, total mobile app revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.58% and reach $542.80 billion by 2026. The in-app purchase revenue brings $200.60 billion, Paid app revenue brings $5.23 billion, and advertising revenue brings $214.90 billion in 2022.

The enormous growth in the mobile app market and revenue appeals to promising entrepreneurs to build a mobile app. If the figures don’t convince you, then facts will be certain.

Why do you need A Mobile App For Your Business?

  • Allow entrepreneurs to build and strengthen the brand online. · Market the offerings through various channels.
  • Boost sales with improved user engagement and experience. · Add value to the customers with a unique solution that resolves real-life problems.
  • Improve customer loyalty by increasing customer interactions. · Get an edge in the competition with technical innovation.
  • Analytics helps in enhancing mobile apps according to changing trends and user behavior.

The benefits are impressive. It seems an app idea makes your business propel forward when it’s turned into a pro solution. Consider the guide that will help you make this dream come true.

Hold on! You cannot make bundles with mobile app development if you don’t have trending app ideas. Budding entrepreneurs are on the lookout for the next billion-dollar app idea. We have collated a list of the top 15 mobile app ideas that we think can end the search.

Blockchain-based transportation & logistics app

Blockchain based transportation & logistics app

The transportation and logistics industry is one of the largest industries in the world and the sector is expected to reach 6.9 trillion dollars by 2026. The burgeoning global trade due to open economies and the rising popularity of e-commerce are major growth drivers for the transportation and logistics industry. Many large logistics companies are using technology to improve their business processes and most of them provide mobile apps to their customers.

Developing an application for logistics and transportation industry can be a great idea as the market potential is huge. Innovative technologies like Blockchain promise to make the process of transporting goods from one place to another far more manageable than before.

Blockchain provides logistics companies scalable solutions that they can use for various purposes like order tracking, order authentication, and transition from one place to other. Blockchain technology can help make the process of transportation and logistics more efficient. This is because Blockchain allows logistics companies to create smart contracts.

The smart contracts will provide the logistics company with a decentralized public ledger system to record all the changes regarding goods movement in real-time without human intervention.

The data recorded by Blockchain is immutable, which makes the process of transportation transparent. By using a blockchain-based app, the logistics and transportation company can make transporting goods efficient and reduce its costs in the process.

The following are the major benefits of Blockchain-based transportation and logistics app

  • Better coordination of documents
  • Secure and updated data
  • Easy approval through smart contracts
  • Reduced cost

A Blockchain-based transportation and logistics app can prove to be a great investment for a logistics company. This is why budding entrepreneurs should think about this idea and create a mobile app business plan.

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Machine learning-based app for predicting disease outbreak

The covid-19 pandemic affected millions of people and took thousands of lives all over the world. After the pandemic, scientists have started exploring the idea of predicting the outbreak of a pandemic. For the covid-19 pandemic, humanity woke up too late. Only when a doctor saw the pattern in hospital records that the Chinese authorities came to know that this was an unknown disease and not regular pneumonia.

Could this outbreak have been recognized earlier than it actually was? Yes, it definitely could have been. But for that to happen, the hospital would have needed technological assistance. It would have helped if the hospitals in Wuhan city had an AI algorithm to analyze the data and let the authorities know if there is an unusual pattern in cases.

Spillover is a new web-based app developed by infectious diseases scientists at the University of California that can help humanity stop future pandemics. The app compares hundreds of viruses, hosts and other risk factors to help scientists identify those viruses with the highest risk of causing the next pandemic.

While building an AI-enabled disease outbreak prediction app, the app owners must ensure that the patient data is anonymized and secured using a strong cyber security system. The idea of developing an AI-enabled disease outbreak prediction app is gaining traction and many governments would be more than happy to invest in such an idea.

Voting app based on Blockchain

Blockchain-based voting app

Elections play a vital role in the democratic process and are a regular occurrence. For a strong democracy, free and fair elections are essential. Countries spend a lot of money in conducting elections.

In the U.S. presidential election of 2020, some $14 billion dollars were spent, double the amount spent 4 years ago. Conducting elections is a significant issue in many countries. While conducting the elections, the election officials have to ensure a high privacy standard and eliminate vote tampering. This is where a Blockchain-based voting app can help.

The Blockchain-based voting app can ensure a free and fair election process as it protects the sensitive data of citizens. The Blockchain-based apps eliminate the possibility of election fraud as nobody can tamper with records in a Blockchain system.

The benefits of Blockchain-based voting app

  • No election fraud
  • Streamlined process
  • Economical process

A Blockchain-based voting app will lure many governments towards it as Blockchain’s transparency technology is unmatched. Many voters used the top mobile apps for U.S. presidential elections for various purposes. This proves that the voters are now warming up to the idea of using apps for election purposes.

Carbon footprint app

Climate change is a grave issue that our planet is facing right now. To improve something, first we need to measure it accurately. The carbon footprint app does this very thing. A carbon footprint app would help individuals control their carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon released by activities they conduct like traveling, eating packaged foods, and so on.

The carbon footprint app will tell the users the exact amount of carbon they would release into the environment by conducting an activity. For instance, if the user is driving a car to work instead of taking public transport, the app would calculate the level of carbon that this activity would release. The app can also be designed to provide green alternatives to users.

Budding entrepreneurs can explore this idea to build their fortune while helping the environment.

AR-based medicine app

AR-based medicine app

Augmented reality-based apps are leaving their mark on the field of medicine. AR can help doctors determine the real cause of the disease and visualize the extent of damage the disease has caused to the patient. AR provides access to real-time patient data to the doctors, which helps them make better decisions. Surgeons at the St. Mary’s hospital in London have started using AR while conducting reconstructive surgery on patients.

Startups like Vipaar provide an AR video support solution to surgeons across the world. The startup allows expert surgeons to virtually project their hands into a faraway operation theatre and help the new surgeons operate.

Benefits of AR-enabled medical apps:

  • Provides accurate data to the doctors
  • Allows doctors to consult patients online
  • Helps surgeons perform remote surgery

The potential for an AR-enabled medical app is excellent and this is an exciting new area which budding new entrepreneurs can explore.

AR-enabled education app

AR-enabled education app

Education is expected to be one of the top trending app categories in the future. Using the power of AR in education, the teachers can make boring subjects enjoyable. AR can help the student connect with the subject on an emotional level. AR offers a two-dimensional method of presenting information as compared to the traditional one-dimensional method.

The two-dimensional presentation of the subject matter helps boost the engagement levels of students with the subject. This combination of interactivity and emotion helps students remember what they have learned better and acquire new skills faster.

Companies like Arloon and Daqri are doing commendable work in the field of AR-enabled education apps. While Daqri’s apps cover topics in anatomy and chemistry, Arloon has built apps that cover topics like mental maths, geometry and botany.

The potential for AR apps is enormous as it will change the dynamics of how education is imparted. The future students would be able to see the mechanisms of a human cell up-close using AR technology or even see historical events take shape in front of their eyes. Schools and educational institutions worldwide are experimenting with various AR technologies, which makes the AR education app a lucrative field to be in.

AI Cybersecurity app

AI Cybersecurity app

As the world gets connected through the internet, cybercrime is on the rise. According to a report, the world will lose $10.5 trillion to cybercrime by 2025.

Artificial intelligence can prove to be a great tool to stop cyber attacks. Using the power of sophisticated machine learning algorithms, security experts are making the internet a safer place for everybody. The security specialists compile data from large databases, which helps them detect the intrusion signatures left by hackers.

An excellent example of using AI in security would be embedded systems like video cameras, printers and other devices connected to a network. It is seen many times that companies do not bother to change the default administrator passwords on these devices and hackers exploit this vulnerability to gain access to the network.

Using the power of artificial intelligence, cyber security experts can scan the entire network for such vulnerabilities, preventing such kinds of common attacks on the system.

The following are the ways in which AI is helping cyber security experts detect fraud:

Detecting credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is one of the biggest problems for the credit card industry as it deters consumers from using their credit cards. MasterCard, one of the largest credit card companies globally, has implemented an AI-based fraud detection system that uses algorithms that track diversion from predictable customer behavior. The system analyses various things like the typical spending habits of a consumer, the location of the purchase, and other parameters to assess whether a purchase is made by the consumer or some hacker has hacked the consumer’s credit card.

Filter out spam mails

Gmail deploys sophisticated algorithms to block spam emails. Google trained the AI of Gmail to detect spam by using the data of millions of active Gmail users. Whenever Gmail users identified a particular email as spam or not spam, their action helped train the AI to recognize spam in the future.

Entrepreneurs can think about building an AI-enabled cyber security mobile app that can help prevent fraud. Many companies that provide access to sensitive data to their employees will be interested in such a mobile app.

AI-enabled storytelling app

Everybody likes listening to stories, especially children. The busy schedules of parents do not allow them to read stories to their children. The beauty of storytelling tools is that they tell popular stories to children and have characters that can adapt and react to how audiences play.

Startups like offer a whole new dimension of storytelling in which they have created characters with emotions, memories and voices. Using artificial intelligence for storytelling, the users can ensure that they listen to their favorite novels, poems, or books while doing other stuff.

Humans love to hear stories. Maybe this is the reason that books and movies sell like hotcakes. An AI-based storytelling app can prove to be a money-minting idea for entrepreneurs.

AR-enabled interior decoration app

AR-enabled interior decoration app

One of the most challenging things while purchasing things for a home is to visualize how it will look with the decor of the place.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of customized furniture, IKEA has solved this problem by providing an AR-enabled app that helps its customers visualize the furniture piece before they buy it. The app is an instant hit amongst the customers of IKEA.

The interior designer can use an AR-enabled interior designing app to show their vision to their client accurately. This tool can prove to be a boon for those clients who are indecisive or do not know what they want.

Using the power of AR, interior designers can project everything from furniture to fabrics to curtains to paintings and show an accurate view of the decor to their clients. Many interior designers and furniture vendors would be interested in an AR-enabled interior designing app.

Flexible work app

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted the work lives of people in an unprecedented manner. Many companies have adapted the work-from-home culture permanently. The flexible work culture is loved by the new workforce which comprises mainly gen Z and millennials.

There are flexible shift finder apps like shifts by Snagajob, which help users find jobs that fit their schedule and earn up to $18 per hour. The freedom of finding a job according to their preferences is what attracts users to this app. The entrepreneurs can build something similar, which can aid users in finding work-from-home positions.

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Fintech App

The bank and financial service organizations are accelerating digital innovation with custom financial software development. The Global fintech market value is expected to reach $309.98 Billion at a CAGR Of 24.8% by 2022.

End-to-end banking solutions are on the rise that enable users to access all the services at their fingertips. The wealth management solutions allow individual users to better track, manage, and grow their wealth. The lending and mortgage solutions facilitate automated advisory platforms, mortgage calculators, offering mechanisms, and legal maintenance tools.

Dynamic KYC platforms allow users to efficiently manage KYC regulatory compliances and policy requirements. The digital wallet app development has made the lives of people easier with easy money transfer through QR codes, mobile numbers, and NFC. Not to forget, insurance companies are mobilizing the way to offer insurance products to the users for an elevated experience.

As an owner of a finance company, you want to ride a wave of financial services digitally, the guide will help you sail the fintech app development boat painlessly.

Business management apps

Enterprises to SMBs and start-ups are increasingly investing in digitizing business operations and processes to get things done in a better way, mitigate risk with prediction, and improve efficiency. The business management applications connect all the employees across the organizations of different departments. The managers can send alerts or notifications at once to all the employees for meetings or other events.

In addition to improved collaboration, task management becomes the work of an average Joe by staying on top of the schedule, tracking project progress, and document sharing. The reporting and analytics feature enables businesses to improve existing things. The mobile-optimized apps enable businesses to monitor, track and control various aspects through intuitive UI.

Healthcare App

The pandemic has brought the focus on health apps into the limelight as people are increasingly thinking about healthy lifestyles, well-being, fitness, and more. Technology advancements have helped in reforming the healthcare industry with the launch of professional health apps. Now, mobile apps are driving digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

The global mHealth apps market size was valued at USD 38.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.8% from 2022 to 2030.

Virtual healthcare has gained traction after the pandemic because it enables patients to meet (Audio or video communication), share health-related documents, and get necessary consultation along with prescriptions remotely. The appointment booking app makes it easy to find the nearby HCP and get the appointment booked without trips, traffic jams, queues, and long waiting times.

For a healthy lifestyle, a virtual nutritionist provides the best diet plan according to the health whereabouts provided by the users. They provide a plan including meals to take at different dates of the calendar specifying the proteins, fats, calories, and carbohydrates.

Mental health apps have picked up the pace after the corona crisis due to increased anxiety and stress levels among people. Calm and Youper are successful business apps in this area.

Productivity Apps

During the pandemic, when businesses needed to shut down forcefully, productivity apps helped in continuing the operations and processes hassle-free. Productivity apps turned out to be one of the best enterprise application ideas that have skyrocketed at an amazing pace due to the rising demand for task management, collaboration-based tools, encrypted document sharing securely, and visual interfaces.

The global productivity app market size was valued at USD 8.14 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2021 to 2028.

Not only businesses, but remote employees have gained enormous advantages with improved work-life balance. The productivity apps allow them to manage daily tasks and schedule with reminder and calendar apps to stay focused and productive without getting distracted.

M-commerce apps

The omnichannel retailer transforms business with m-commerce apps by understanding the users’ needs and preferences for shopping. The eCommerce stores complement the online presence with M-commerce apps, build shopping carts, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs engineer marketplaces to stay ahead of the game.

The AR/VR integration is picking up pace with virtual mirrors or virtual try-on that allow users to try M-commerce items virtually without even buying them. Blockchain technology improves critical data security by disabling every user to access or modify the data unless they won’t have keys provided by the system. With predictive analytics, the marketing strategies are improved and user journeys are enhanced to boost sales volume.

M-commerce is one of the great mobile app ideas for businesses that’s expected to generate $728.28 billion in revenue by 2025 which accounts for 44.2% of retail eCommerce sales in the USA.

Having a comprehensive guide to transform eCommerce into a mCommerce app while helping embrace the change and avail of the opportunity, will go a long way in defining success for the businesses.

The future is yours

While all the above-mentioned app ideas are great, it is the execution that matters. No idea can become successful without proper execution, which includes many factors. Entrepreneurs can hire one of the best mobile app development company in the world to build that billion-dollar app.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Aug 23, 2022

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