Top Reasons why Businesses should Invest in On-Demand Delivery App

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Why Investing in On-Demand Delivery Apps is Smart

“In Today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage businesses can have over others is agility, that’s it.” —   Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.

Forward-thinking businesses, be it food, taxi, salon, grocery, or handyman business, are rethinking their technology investment to meet the changing demands of customers. The need for instant gratification has turned on-demand deliveries into a new norm: if ignored, the businesses will fail.

John Chambers from Cisco stated that at least 40% of all businesses will die in the next ten years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies. Research confirms that “The global on-demand delivery services market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% during 2024-2032.”

The growing acceptance of on-demand delivery applications among target audiences makes building custom on-demand delivery app with the help of on-demand delivery app development companies- a great sense. Still, wondering how on-demand delivery services help your business go the extra mile? Scroll down the reasons for making the right decision.

What is an On-Demand Delivery App?

An on-demand delivery app is a bridge between businesses & consumers, which helps sellers to provide instant services to their customers’ needs. A delivery app can deliver everything from groceries and food to electronic items and medicines right to the customers’ doorsteps.

The following are some statistics on the on-demand economy that will get you excited about launching your on-demand delivery app startup.

On-Demand Economy Statistics and Market Size

The on-demand economy is trending, and some numbers prove that adopting the on-demand business model is worth it.

The last-mile delivery market size under the on-demand umbrella is projected to reach $428.9 billion by 2031.

Another research also revealed that online food delivery revenue will increase to $85 billion by 2024.

More people like to travel using on-demand taxi apps, which is visible with the growth in the Taxi Market size, estimated to reach $432.56 billion by 2029.

Growing demand for home repair, maintenance, and renovation services amplified the on-demand handyman service market to $853.3 million by 2031.

These stats prove that the future of diverse businesses belongs to on-demand, and those still ignorant will fade away soon.

On-demand delivery apps have created many opportunities for start-ups, mid-size, or enterprise-levelbusinesses. It has not only increased customer satisfaction & the number of sales, but it has made business processes easier. Hence, having an on-demand delivery app would be a good investment idea. Moreover, you should read further if you are still double-minded about investing in an on-demand delivery app.

What are the Benefits of Investing in On-Demand Delivery Apps?

As consumer demand for instant gratification continues to soar, investing in on-demand delivery apps presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses aiming to stay competitive. These apps not only enhance customer satisfaction by delivering speed and convenience but also open new avenues for revenue and market expansion. Exploring the top reasons to invest in such applications reveals how it can transform operations and drive significant growth across various industries. Learn more about the top reasons so you can understand why this is the best time to invest in delivery app development.

Meet Rising Demands for Home Delivery

People have been accustomed to home deliveries for over a decade, but evolving trends bring a noticeable shift. With increasing customers’ demand for expedited deliveries and advancement in logistics and supply chain operations, the same-day delivery market has grown exponentially, reaching $9.55 billion by 2024.

With same-day, quick, or 10-minute delivery windows, on-demand delivery apps have opened the doors for businesses (Food, grocery, medicine, salon, or handyman) to reach a wider audience and enable deliveries at the convenience of the home.

Increased Customer Convenience for your business’s sake

On-demand delivery apps are effectively fulfilling customers’ demands while simplifying their lives. Technological progress boosted the ‘ordering from the comfort of home’ trend, improving customer convenience. The businesses that have given importance to customer convenience with on-demand apps have written new success stories.

Furthermore, 80% of Americans find convenience as a vital element that positively impacts user experience, and 42% of customers are ready to pay more for greater convenience. On-demand delivery solutions best fulfill this pressing need.

For example, the convenience of browsing salon services along with their packages, booking the services, and then getting it done at home contributed a lot to the growth of on-demand salon businesses.

Gain Competitive Advantage in the Market.

History reveals that businesses standing high in the market are on the verge of extinction because they have overlooked the latest trends and norms. The on-demand delivery trend has defined a new way of doing business, which has helped companies to score high in popularity among those who embraced it earlier.

For example, Instacart’s business model of on-demand grocery solution seized a competitive edge during the pandemic with more than 2 million installs as they didn’t have potential competitors with similar on-demand services at the time. Complementing an online presence with on-demand deliveries helps differentiate the business from the crowd.

Improved Operational Efficiency lets you win.

Human dependency on conventional order booking, order processing, payment handling, and query resolving increases the operational cost for businesses. The benefit of an on-demand delivery solution is the automation of the entire ordering process from order booking to final delivery. This digital innovation reduces human errors and improves business operational efficiency.
Integrating marketing features within on-demand delivery apps helps businesses promote their offerings right on the app without spending money on marketing. Analytics features determine which aspects of business operations are hindering growth and help in enhancing operational efficiency at a reduced cost.

Engineer breathtaking Customer Experience.

In the B2C or B2B model, customers are everything. So, your business’s digital initiatives must look after what customers seek most. An on-demand delivery app built with user-friendly UI/UX design ensures customers can browse and buy from the platform quickly and conveniently, which is vital to engineering a positive experience.

65% of U.S. customers find a positive experience with a business to be more influential than great advertising. On-demand apps developed with an advanced tech stack enabling seamless navigation and aligning with customers’ preferences will deliver a superb experience.

Data-driven Insights matter a ton.

Traditionally, businesses don’t have enough resources to continuously track stocks and inventory, keep data up-to-date, and extract meaningful insights. Also, it’s a time-consuming and expensive process.

On the contrary, on-demand delivery applications maintain a record of everything related to orders, which makes data handling easier. This data is a treasure for businesses to make informed decisions regarding inventory, services, and others, which is critical for growth.

For example, building an on-demand delivery application for grocery stores helps store owners analyze which grocery items are high in demand and when they are sold frequently. The rich insights help grocery stores restock their inventory quickly so businesses won’t suffer losses due to out-of-stock nightmares. Also, the products that get spoiled faster need to be restocked and managed accordingly so that wastage is minimized. The meaningful data helps grocery businesses make the right decisions and grow boundlessly.

Flexibility and Scalability

The on-demand delivery app allows businesses to handle all the operations from a single platform. Custom app development can accommodate the needs of businesses of all types and sizes and enable management and modifications with great flexibility. The app allows businesses to scale their operations to reach a wider audience with more products/services.

For example, grocery businesses planning to operate in other regions can seamlessly take their business globally with on-demand solutions. The on-demand delivery app is enhanced with more features and can accommodate the increasing number of order requests along with multilingual and multi-currency support. Businesses can operate globally by partnering with global grocery stores and delivery partners.

Positively impact Brand Loyalty.

Brand engagement is driven by allowing customers to do what they like. Order tracking, personalized offers, timely notifications, and more features to keep them connected with the brand and repetitively bring them to the application. On-demand delivery solutions facilitate everything for customers and turn them into loyal customers which is one of the most important reasons to invest in it.

Besides, prompt customer support services through live chat or AI bots immediately provide them with the required assistance. Such positive perception makes them consider the brand for future purchases.

Opportunity for Upselling

Building on-demand delivery apps with the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, brings significant benefits to businesses. The technology creates an intelligent combo of products based on customers’ buying patterns and suggests them on the cart page, which increases order volume.

Additionally, personalized recommendations according to individual customers’ purchase history on the product detail page stimulate impulse buying, and customers buy more than they have decided.

Enhance business revenue

The on-demand delivery mobile application does a great job of making more money for businesses looking to implement the same. The delivery app increases overall sales by meeting the growing demand for speed and convenience. Businesses can identify trends in customers’ purchases and inefficiencies that help boost growth.

The instant delivery services, prompt support, and other features retain customers and make them purchase again. The opportunities of upselling or cross-selling improve sales, thus the revenue.

Increase in Time Efficiency

On-demand delivery apps reduce the time of service exchange by connecting consumers and businesses on a mobile app. This means there will be fewer or no physical interactions involved while making a purchase and delivering, resulting in prompt service.

In addition, as consumers get faster delivery service to their preferred location through special apps such as 10-minute delivery apps, their level of satisfaction increases. It results in generating more customer loyalty towards your brand.

Mobile App User Retention Strategies and Tactics

Larger Customer Base

The ease of ordering and getting things delivered to the preferred location has increased the interest of the people. They are looking towards buying products online and getting them delivered on the same day which is made possible with the help of on-demand delivery mobile apps.

As the products and services are easy to get, people are leaning toward them. Therefore, choosing to create an app to deliver on-demand services or products would be a pretty good idea for any entrepreneur.

Ease of Doing Business

Delivery apps integrate 2 major stakeholders under a single digital platform, making the delivery of products and services highly convenient.

Nowadays, consumers almost always have access to their smartphones and the internet. Therefore, accessing delivery services through their mobile devices has become a kind of a blessing in disguise.

This ease of service exchange increases the demand from consumers, increasing revenue as well as making the business grow way faster than any traditional method can do.

Cost-Effective Business Model

If you’re planning to launch an on-demand delivery app, then the first thing you need to know is that your app will be built using the latest, cutting-edge technologies which lower the dependency on human resources, saving you a lot of money as a result.

With an on-demand delivery app, every process in your business, from marketing your products/services, finding potential customers, receiving orders, and payments, and arranging the delivery person, can all be managed easily by just a couple of people. In contrast, the same tasks in the traditional business model require an army of employees.

That means, the on-demand delivery model application is cost-effective and provides the best ROI. Hence, investing in such a mobile app business is quite beneficial for anyone.

The Cost of Developing a Mobile App

It’s the right time to embrace on-demand delivery apps.

In the hyper-competitive world, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the trends, and on-demand delivery app development lets you stay current. The growing adoption of on-demand delivery services ensures your business future is secure with on-demand applications. It’s time to prioritize customers’ needs and preferences by innovating your business with on-demand deliveries and making it shine in the niche industry. Complement your business with on-demand delivery apps to outdo the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invest in On-demand Delivery App

How can an on-demand delivery app help my business stand out from competitors?

With online visibility, your business can reach a wider audience with creative offers and meet convenient delivery needs. Additionally, improving brand awareness and operations automation differentiate your business from the competition.

What are the costs associated with using an on-demand delivery app?

Building an on-demand delivery app costs you between $20,000 to $40,000, depending on the app’s complexity, number of features, platform, and the developers’ location you select.

How can I promote my on-demand delivery app to attract more customers?

Increasing social media visibility, participating in local events, networking, expertise promotion, charity sponsorship, or website development can help you promote on-demand delivery services. You can also take the help of professionals by hiring the best app marketing company for the marketing.

How can I measure the success of my on-demand delivery app?

You can measure the success of on-demand delivery app using the following KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) metrics- completed deliveries, order accuracy, on-time delivery, average cost of delivery, and more.

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