Top Mobile App Categories That Will Be Trending In 2021

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Jan 30, 2019  |  App Development
Top Mobile App Categories That Will Be Trending In 2019

In the quest of making the app store more user-ambient and informative, the tech giants are rising up the number of the mobile app categories. The continuous improvements have led 33 app categories in the Google play store and 24 app categories in the Apple app store. The long list of app categories aiming to enhance the user’s search experience has delighted the end-users, but it seems a little overwhelming to the app developers.

But, the various categories do not hold much importance for businesses. In the reality, what matters to the businesses is to know about the mobile app category that’s more lucrative and enables them to gain rewards in the long run because there is so much competition within the promising app market.

Also, not all the app categories are able to garner major user traction, there are just a few categories that were able to gain more than 3% of the app market share in 2018. The statistics signals which app categories have created a huge buzz in the market in the year to bid goodbye. It’s high time to take a sneak peek inside at what the new year 2021 holds for the app categories.

Here’s the quick rundown of those app categories that remain popular and continue to stay in vogue in 2021:

• Education

According to a survey, nearly 90% of the children go online from a mobile device and around 60% of the teens own smartphones, which are used by them to read, learn, and practice the curricular subjects. The portability, easy access, and high impact on the mind have become the reasons for the increasing popularity of Education apps and their usage.

The phenomenon of self-learning, self-teaching, and self-training that education apps are bringing to the education landscape has enabled learning in the guise of playing, which is another motivation for the parents and academic institutions to give preference to m-learning as opposed to learning through textbooks. The growing craze of digital learning definitely gives a boost to the app category.

The other statistic– “The mobile learning market is worth $37.60 billion by 2020” adding more weight to the fact that the education app category will progress with the massive education application development in 2021.

Well, Duolingo, Lumosity, TED, Quizlet, and Photomath are some of the top educational apps topping the education app category, and many more we will expect to see in the years to come.

• Lifestyle

Lifestyle is one of the major categories of the app store that’s evolved in the last couple of years with the changing human interest and their way of living life. It won’t be an overstatement to say that people’s lifestyle is the biggest accelerator behind the popularity that lifestyle apps have scored.

The app category includes all the apps which make the lives of the people easy, comforting, and effective while maintaining a rhythm with the style they search music, read the news, find a destination, sort new restaurant, get connected with friends, and stay healthy.
The app category includes a wide array of the types of apps that covers an ample of activities and interest of human, which are embryonic in nature and thus, pushing the developers to create the innovative solutions that match with the user’s lifestyle and thrive them.

From Tinder, Spotify, and Uber to Text Free, Tripadvisor, and pretty much continue to enrich the personal lifestyle and offer amazing user experience alongside solving the user’s day-to-day challenges in the upcoming year. As the competition is steep with millions of apps already making their debut in the app store, it’s essential to build something that rival app doesn’t offer and the users can’t live without for getting ahead of the curve in 2021.

• Entertainment

With increasing demand, the entertainment app category will strengthen and rule the app stores with projected worth USD 128.12 Billion by 2022 at an annual growth rate of 17.6%.

The rising population, increasing smartphones, and easy network availability have fuelled up the use of streaming, gaming, chatting, event apps, posting, and video sharing apps. The engaging apps with interactive elements offer a refreshing experience to the users and retain them multiple times in a week, or a day.

The outstanding entertainment apps with high frequency and long playtimes are the highest-grossing and top-performing apps that have stolen the show and account for nearly 40% of the total mobile app market share in terms of revenue. It’s impressive.

The trend of game apps like- clash of clans, Pokemon Go, angry birds, and Clash Royale, Streaming apps like- Netflix, YouTube, and Hululu, and video messaging apps like- Dubmash, VideoFX, VineSmash, and Dubshoot has taken the world by storm in 2018 and earned billions of the dollars in revenue, are expected to hold their stake in 2021. Many more upcoming entertainment apps can hit the sweet spot and enjoy a great feat.

• Health and fitness

As the people are becoming more health freaks and with behavioral shift, ready to pay more for the best services, the health and fitness app category is gaining the upper hand and the businesses traction to monetize by tapping the market opportunity.

Looking at the previous year’s health and fitness usage graph, the growth of 330% is seen in the health and fitness apps, which is remarkable. It’s a sign of massive growth and revenue records that the health and fitness app category will break in the upcoming years.

Blood pressure, glucose level, and heart rate tracking apps, yoga and workout apps, food and diet maintaining apps, and gym apps for professional training comes under the list of broadest health and fitness app categories that have acquired millions of users with high retention rates.

The apps with unprecedented functionalities when works and performs impeccably, they will definitely witness exponential growth in the year 2021.

• Social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora are some of the leading social media apps that hold a strong position under the social media app category in terms of the number of downloads, active users, performance, popularity, and revenue. The other social players like- Instagram, Snapchat, and Telegram with a new concept have also emerged to connect the people socially in new ways.

Even, the apps not falling under the social media app category are also integrating the social apps to widen the user’s reach, boost brand awareness, and spread the social word. The increasing time spending on social apps is giving a lift to the social integration trend.

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For instance, the fitness band such as Fitbit wristband not only allows the users to track the number of steps they have covered and the goals accomplished, while also allowing them to compare the stats with other people in the network and share the goals on the social media apps.

In both manners- thriving the users and benefitting the businesses, the social media apps are making big headway in 2021. Come up with a unique social app idea and engineer the app that brings you astonishing success.

• Utility

The utility app category underwent a radical shake-up over the last few years due to the increasing mobile usage. At the initial level, the people have become addicted to the utility apps such as Calculator, Reminder, QR reader, Flashlight, and Weather that comes pre-installed on the mobile device. Many more apps with advanced functionalities are used to perform the tasks efficiently.

Taking a step forward, taxi apps that have ended hailing a cab on the road, shopping apps that enabled shopping at the fingertips, and communication apps that have made instant chatting possible have now become the part and parcel of users’ lives. The added usefulness, convenience and value to the users are the reasons the utility apps in demand.

The utility apps must be simple, easy-to-use, and engaging in order to upsurge the user sessions, increase the retention rates, and makes the business profitable. Increase the intensity of utility in the app to make it a top charting app under the utility app category in 2021.

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• Productivity

We have never realized how easily, quickly and efficiently we can complete the tasks which were tiresome and boring before the productivity apps make inroads into the world. Be it taking notes in the Evernote, creating and sharing the sheet with team members, tracking the work progress, or making payment through mobile wallets, they have enabled performing complex tasks on the run.

The sphere of productivity app category is quite broad that ranges from office to personal apps, which are improving the productivity of the work at the diminished investment of time, efforts and dollars.

The businesses and people across the globe are looking for ways to improve productivity with minimum investment, and it becomes a top reason the productivity app category is getting a boost.

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Wrap up

Barely an industry vertical is left where the mobile app development has not left an indelible mark. The development trends are largely considered to keep the business and solution in rhythm with the technology, market, and user trends. However, the least focus is kept on the trending app categories. That’s not a good practice because the right app category projects the market shift to the specific types of apps.

It’s crucial to move ahead with the trending app category.

When it comes to narrow down a choice to one app category, it’s essential to put the best foot forward to raise a toast to success with millions of downloads, high retention rates, and a competitive edge. Following such an app category trend uplifts the probability of standing the app high on the performance ladder. The trends are changing every year with technology advancements and changing users’ buying and consumption habits.

It’s better to explore the sectors and the popular app categories that will be trending in 2021 to ensure the app to be developed will shine and bring huge gains to the businesses.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Jan 30, 2019

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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