Top 21 Free Business Apps to Help Small Businesses Grow in 2022

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Top Free Mobiles Apps to Enhance the Horizon of Small Businesses

Free business apps can add stars to the productivity of small business enterprises in every aspect. The key here is to choose these must-have business apps on the basis of their requirement for the long run. Take a look at the best free apps for small business owners below.

Doing business in today’s pandemic-ridden world is a tough job, and no one will know it better than small business owners. Moreover, as the business paradigms have changed significantly in recent years, embracing technology has become even more important for small and medium scale enterprises.

Mobile applications have played a pivotal role in helping small and medium-scale enterprises to expand their horizon. Moreover, to avail of full benefits, it is necessary for businesses to hire top mobile app developers as well. There are many useful free business apps that have handy functions and are easier to access. These free online business apps can range from accounting to marketing to video conferencing apps. Moreover, the useful features in this mobile application can have business organizations increase their productivity, communication process, and efficiency.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the leading free business mobile applications that will help firms manage their activities fruitfully.

Things to consider while selecting a free app for small business

For small businesses, it is necessary to take qualitative and quantitative actions in everything they do and the story of selecting a mobile app is no different. Below are some of the best ways that small business organizations can follow to evaluate and get the most appropriate free small business app:

  • Always prefer productivity over cost-cutting. Thus, never fall for the trap of free software if it is not adding anything to the company’s overall productivity. There are instances where firms choose free software to avoid the high costs in the beginning. But in the long run, this process is not useful
  • Do in-depth research before finalizing the mobile application. Remember that the free business apps that are selected must have the legs to last the distance or it will distort the entire work process of the organization.
  • Easy integrations are a must. Always look for free software that can be easily amalgamated into the existing business system. This will ensure that the overall work system runs smoothly even if newer things are added to it.

Free must have business apps that can bring a paradigm shift for small businesses

Many business pundits tip that 2022 will be a breakthrough year for small businesses after the horrific experience of the global pandemic. But, it becomes necessary for them to include mobile apps as it will make the process more streamlined. For the benefit of our readers, we have curated a list of some must-have business apps that are free and vital to perform everyday functions.

Free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Apps

Customer management is a crucial aspect of any business, irrespective of its size. Below are some of the leading free communication management business applications that will help an organization in the long run.

1. Hubspot CRM

Small and medium-scale enterprises can generate sales and implement exquisite loyalty programs using this customer relationship management application. Moreover, Hubspot CRM is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The user-friendly CRM can be easily hooked to any business phone or communication platform and allows calling the prospective customers directly from its dashboard.

Salient features:
• No limit on users
• Chatbot and live chat
• Tracks website activity

2. Zoho CRM

Through Zoho CRM, small business organizations can streamline their contacts, fruitfully market their brand and offer excellent customer support. Moreover, another benefit of using this free business app is that it can be easily integrated with any marketing tools already in function.

Like Hubspot CRM, Zoho is compatible with both iOS and Android applications.

Salient features:
• Artificial intelligence
• Automated workflow
• Lead management
• Prolific analytics

Free Finance apps

As the small businesses are in their nascent building stage, they would require competent free accounting apps. And when we talk about leading free accounting apps for small businesses, the top names that come to mind are:

3. Expensify

This application is only free for a trial period, but in this way, the business firms can see what features are suitable for them before selecting a paid plan. Furthermore, most of the tasks in this app can be automated, which plays a pivotal role in increasing user-friendliness.

Salient features:
• Real-time reports
• Easy streamlining with accounting software
• Compatible with iOS and Android

4. Wave

Wave is a cloud-based iOS and Android app for small businesses. It has a double-entry accounting system that includes a ledger, expense software, and standard invoicing. Moreover, the application has direct integration with Etsy and has an immaculate eCommerce feature.

Through Wave, the business houses can access all their transaction and customer information. It is mainly designed for Windows but works equally efficiently with Linux and Mac.

Salient features:
• Integration of multiple currencies
• Purchase order tools and stock control
• Human resource and payroll options

Free Document sharing and storage apps

As the majority of the small businesses store their data online, they need to use free file sharing and storage apps. Cloud storage apps allow the employees working in the business organization to access files from any corner of the world. The best online business app for file storage and sharing are:

5. Google Drive

It is a file storage and sharing application that stores data in one place in a synchronized way. In addition, Google Drive allows small business owners to collaborate with their clients from anywhere. It allows them to set permissions to view, comment, or edit the documents. Thus, there is an added security layer for who can see the data.

Salient features:
• Advanced search features
• Drag and drop upload of files
• The mobile app can be used to scan straight to the drive
• Easy team collaboration

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is a secure cloud computing mobile application that keeps the documents safe with the 256-bit AES. It has a large user base of more than 500 million users. Thus, it would be safe to say that Dropbox is a popular and excellent file sharing and organization tool.

This must-have business app also keeps the history of the files with all their versions. Therefore, it becomes easier to recover the file from accidental delete and virus attacks.

Salient features:
• Easy collaboration and file previews
• File recovery and synchronization
• No web browser download

Free Marketing and sales apps

It becomes vital for small business owners to have details of their prospective clients and customers on a clean dashboard. Thus, free marketing and sales app that renders a simple and easy-to-understand interface becomes very important. Below are the leading free business apps that will escalate the sales and marketing process.

7. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is famous with both B2B and B2C small business organizations as it helps them cut the manual overhead expenses heavily. It has a clean interface that allows the business personnel to see all details in a single tab without having the hassle of switching them.

With the help of insightful reporting, pipeline visibility, and immaculate communication management, it becomes easier for small business organizations to perform their daily sales and marketing tasks.

Salient features:
• Activity tracking
• Collaboration management
• Database management
• Opportunity management

8. Hubspot Sales Hub

This user-friendly sales and marketing application has an amazing functionality Configure Price Quote (CPQ). This allows the sales team to arrange the price quotes to pitch the right number to the client. In addition, it has sales analytics and engagement tools that render their assistance to make the sales team grow.

If the sales team has a strong hand on this free business application, they can get better leads through richer insights.

Salient features:
• Case management
• In-depth reporting and analysis
• Salesforce automation
• Social media integration

Free Project management apps

To maximize their team’s productivity, small business organizations have to take assistance from project management apps. Moreover, if the business has many complex projects, using these apps becomes inevitable. The best in market free business apps for project management are:

9. Basecamp

This effective and free project management tool has been there for more than a decade and has done some excellent work. The business house can get a free version of Basecamp and work on three projects that can comprise upto 20 people.

Salient features:
• Notifications can be set for work hours only
• The facility of direct messaging for quick discussions
• Easy tracking of client feedback
• Work both on iOS and Android

10. Trello

Whether personal projects or work projects, this must-have business app lets the business house organize their work through a smartphone or a computer. The free version of this application has a 10 MB limit on the size of the files sent through it.

Salient features:
• Very customized workflows
• Easy setting and tracking of task progress
• Easy delegation of work
• Streamlined integration with Slack and Google Hangouts

Free Payment processing applications

As we live in a digital world, most money transactions are done online only. Thus for a small business, it is essential to have good mobile apps that can process the payments in a hassle-free way. Below are some of the payments processing mobile applications.

11. PayPal

PayPal needs no introduction. This free business app is simple to use and boasts the entire payment process. One of the most attractive things about PayPal is that the business organization has to pay only after making a sale, i.e., 4.4% of the amount that has been transacted.

Salient features:
• Barcode scanning
• Mobile card reader
• Online invoicing
• Faster checkout process

12. Square

Square is a leading Point-of-Service (POS) provider and has brought a paradigm shift in the realm of free small business apps. The app has played a great role in revolutionizing how small and medium-scale enterprises process credit card transactions.

Salient features:
• Dashboard
• Barcode scanning
• Tax and stock management
• Retail management

Free productivity apps

As the small businesses need to ‘burn the midnight oil’ in their work process, they need to stay productive and focused for long hours. Below is the list of top free business apps that will increase the productivity and focus of the business personnel.

13. Tick Tick

Tick Tick is the right productivity app as it lets the user be in charge of their activities. The app helps to create and access the task from any location and has all the enterprise tools that make it possible to enhance the workday habits by organizing the entire task in total.

Moreover, there is a score display that allows the user to see how much they have accomplished in the day.

Salient features:
● Share and assign tasks
● SWOT analysis via tasks for improvement
● Location reminder and scheduling recurring tasks

14. Tide

This free productivity and focus business app uses the Pomodoro technique that enhances the overall efficiency of the user. It has soundscapes that help in lengthening the attention span and also puts the self-discipline habits of the user at the test.

Salient features:
● Constant progress tracking with data journal
● Focus timer for Pomodoro technique

Free appointment booking apps

For small businesses, it is essential to manage their time as they have plenty on their plate. Thus, it is necessary to use the free business apps that will help in easy scheduling of meetings and appointments and other tasks.

15. Setmore

Along with being a free scheduling and appointment booking app, Setmore also provides a payment platform and allows the business house to create a public-facing booking page. There are up to staff bookings and calendars available in the free version of Setmore. Moreover, there is a feature of sending automatic notifications to the people that are scheduled to have a meeting together.

16. Rallly

This appointment booking free appointment booking app has a classic polling facility which allows the members using the application to vote for the best time for a meeting. In this way, everyone remains on the same page with the scheduling and there is no delay. Moreover, it also has messaging and chat within the interface so the members can discuss and attend the meeting as per their convenience.

Free communication apps

Streamlined communication apps are necessary for small businesses. Free communication apps are viable and are feature-filled and allow small businesses houses to work more efficiently. Below are some of the leading free business apps for communication.

17. RingCentral

It is an ‘all bases covered’ free messaging app for businesses that offers video as well as chat conferencing for teams. It has unlimited one-on-one meetings with a 24 hour limit and offers a 100 participant limit for the general or group meetings

RingCentral renders features such as task integrations, team calendar, and file sharing that makes it a complete app for small businesses irrespective of their types.

Other useful free small business apps

Along with the leading must-have apps mentioned in the list, some additional apps can help small businesses in one way or the other.

18. UNUM: for better Instagram strategy

Social media marketing is a must, and no business can survive by ignoring it. Thus, as a small business organization, UNUM is the best app to use if there are any plans to have a strong Instagram game. It will skyrocket the popularity of the business on the social media platform and enhance audience engagement as well.

19. Genius Scan

As the name suggests, genius scan is this free business app that uses official business documents. So all one has to do is take a picture of a receipt, employee onboarding form, etc. And these documents can be easily exported in PDF or JPEG format.

20. Simple: to simplify banking problems

The tedious banking process can sometimes become overwhelming for small-scale business organizations. They can use Simple to rectify this offers FDIC insured account checking with no hidden fees.

21. Toggl: for better time management

Toggl is a free scheduling and time management app for small businesses that assist in improving the productivity of the small business owner with effective time tracking. The basic plan of this application includes features such as Pomodoro timer and integration. They can be used to keep a check on workflow and productivity.

Final thoughts

It is safe enough to say that free business apps are the need of the hour for small businesses. They will give them an initial lift and assist them in enhancing their productivity in the long run. Thus, small business owners need to understand their requirements because there are tons of must-have free business apps that can add stars to their overall work process.

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