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improve Mobile App Customer Experience

It’s a matter of just a few years back when airlines brought the world of magical mobile moments for the travelers during the day of travel and beyond with the launch of the brand new mobile app. The trivial features- flight booking, booking management, flight checking status, special deals and real-time alerts have streamlined the travel experience and pushed up the customer services.

In the competitive market, to fly higher, the dire need to improve the customer experience before, during and after the travel has emerged. This is where innovation in strategy for user acquisition and experience is required.

The airlines like SpiceJet and Jet Airways have taken off the mobile app customer experience with the addition of features that thrives the customers. The web check-ins, beacons and NFC at the airport were deployed to speed up the airport check-in, eliminating the long queues, are some of the initiatives taken by the combined efforts of airlines and airport authorities.

The case of airline apps taking the customer experience to new heights signals that redefining the way people communicate, meeting their growing expectations, and embracing advanced technologies to rethink the mobile app capabilities has become a must-have.

However, the branded mobile apps that are packed with end-to-end capabilities won’t offer the consistent experience and don’t let the users do what they want to do. To move the mobile app towards the higher end of the customer experience spectrum, there is a ton of things beyond UI, designs, and functionalities which have to be incorporated.

Here are the key factors that enable advancing the mobile experiences in the present and the years to come:

Spice up the onboarding process

Undeniably, the app’s core function, feature’s complexity, and user behavior are the three metrics which keep the users stay glued to your app. But, to break into the crowded app space, the great experience starts with the smooth onboarding that should be tailored to the app. Optimization of the onboarding flow is important because it’s the first impression of the app.

For the onboarding, keeping a tutorial is no harm, but many times, the users want to see the simplified complex features that are cut to the chase and let the core function of the app shine. Make the users’ onboarding journey simple and shorter that will help the users succeed with your app instead of following standard ways.

This strategy lets the users find the uncommon core function of the app with a great ease, don’t let the users get overwhelmed with complexity, and engage them in the real-time. Revamp the onboarding, do the A/B testing and then apply in your app, if it works to engineer the best customer experience. 

Add a layer of personalization

Every interaction that users made with an app is a micro-interaction and when they are valued, they have the potential to make an app feel more personal. When the human touch during app interactions is enhanced with a dose of personalization, the users feel a connection with the brand that boosts the user experience and engagement. In the end, it brings loyalty and uplifts revenue.

For instance, Alaska airlines in order to enrich before the flight experience added a mobile wallet feature for the mobile boarding passes that eliminate the need of the customers for digging through the mobile email to search for the passes as the passes be visible to the customers until they get on the flight. Also, the changes in the flight times or gates are auto-updated, and the push notifications are sent proactively for the changes made. The hyper-personalization have helped the airline to deliver stellar experiences.

Empower the customer support

The people are spending half of their time and energy on the mobile apps. It is not an overstatement with the rapid integration of mobile in our lives. The brands which are taking the customer experience seriously can make it a powerful tool to provide brilliant customer support services to the user right on the mobile app.

Making the in-app chat, or in-app calling a part of your app allow the customers to get connected with the customer support. Presently, it makes great sense because it’s faster as opposed to other channels, customers find it more convenient rather than searching your number to place a call or text, and less frustrating as the support team is bound to respond the queries which are in the queue. The prompt and satisfactory approach is an effective solution that leads to the great customer experience.

Showcase the usability

The graphic-rich and user-friendly interface in the app is certainly the attraction point for the users, but they weigh no value when the app features hold no usability. It’s necessary to illustrate the users that what’s so uncommon in the app which is meeting their needs and will be of a great utility for them.

The app proposition should not exceed, but at least fulfill the user’s expectations in regards to how valuable the user found the app and how easily they find the core functionality of the app altogether. As a whole, the app which stands at the top of usability ladder, its user base automatically gets impressed and become the app advocates as well.

Gather qualitative data

The hard work you have done must be paid off, but the app success cannot be assured. That’s where analyzing the effectiveness of the idea and the efforts put on is essential. The data you have in quantity needs to be assessed to check its quality.

The quality data helps in understanding the users, unearth the potential pitfalls in the app which can interfere with the customer experience and also pinpoint the opportunities where the CX can be optimized.

To get this done, there are many analytic tools which provide the visibility into the app and showcases how users are reacting to the specific functionality of the app and also how optimization initiatives fix the issues. In this manner, you will have the answer to all “WHYs” and “How it can be done.”

Reward loyalty

The loyalty program is the triggering element that encourages the repeat visits and also brings new customers. It indicates rewarding the loyalty makes a great sense as with growing user retention, it increases the revenue as well.

For instance, Alaska airlines have launched a loyalty program for the frequent travelers where the customers will earn a mile for the mile they have flown by Alaska aircraft. In addition, dining, shopping, hotel stay and car rental with Alaska airline are also rewarded. The points are added in the mobile loyalty wallet, which users can redeem anytime.

The sweet rewards dramatically fuel up the customer experience as the customers will get something in return for the paid services they used.


Crafting a breathtaking customer experience strategy is an extension of the brand which helps in growing goodwill, building loyalty and creating the brand value. When the customer experience weighs this level of significance, then integrating CX in every part of mobile app DNA is the best bet to place. Then why you should not build the app which is to be developed for the customers in a customer’s way. Catering and optimizing a few factors definitely goes a long way in adding to the customer experience game and let the app become a top priority.

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