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Adopting Agile App Development

With the evolution of mobile technology, there is a steep increasing the method of devising a mobile app. While some of these methods adopt a generic approach, others involve a more complicated process. Keeping this in mind, the mobile app development companies most preferred method is Agile App Development. The method is popularly known as the wholesome process of app development in the computing industry, which involves the aspects right from ideation to testing.

Now, Agile App Development process offers several benefits related to not just development but extends its positive effects towards customer satisfaction and team effort utilization. Since it is similar to concurrent engineering; it has the following benefits.


The biggest feature that agile development offers is transparency. With the transparent means of app development, it is possible to create simplified feedback loops between customers and developers. The transparency also forms a major part of the mobile app development process as the app developers can easily communicate with each other by establishing several channels of communication.

A common method employed to increase communication between development teams is to create a singular large workstation. In the sequential development process, the development teams usually operate on different floors/buildings, whereas all the team members in the agile development process can communicate and discuss ideas with each other in person.

By establishing multiple channels of communication, it is easy to for developers to criticize each other’s progress and make changes to fulfill customer requirements efficiently.

Generation of More Ideas

Unlike in sequential development process, agile app development does not follow hierarchal levels of communication, allowing every team member to communicate effectively and provide their timely inputs. When all the members of the team can speak on the platform, it naturally results in the generation of more ideas. Open table hashing of ideas also allows for constant growth and modifications early-on in the development process.

A simple filtration and moderation process allows the best ideas to come forward and these ideas are adopted to complete the project.

Less Cost in the Long Run

Agile development of mobile apps requires a lot of funds at the beginning of the project. The major factor affecting the cost includes the salary of a high number of individuals involved at the beginning of the project. Since every member of the team is crucial to the development process throughout the project duration, the human resource cost is the highest for agile development.

However, in the long run, the development costs are moderated due to the easy iteration of the application/software as well as a shorter development process period.

Easy to Iterate

Since all the members of the team contribute to the development process, it is easy for them to keep track of their progress and provide services whenever needed. All the members can provide their inputs in the initial stages of the mobile app development allowing the members to put forth their needs in the very beginning. This results in easy and frictionless collaboration down the line.

In the sequential app development process, it is common for the application to jump back and forth between development teams for iteration. This accounts for a considerable time loss. However, with agile app development, multiple teams work on a project at a time allowing easy iteration and modification at various levels of development.

Shorter Development Process Period

In the initial development stages, every member of the team can express his/her ideas to the team so that they could work in tandem. This process takes up a considerable amount of time. However, as the project moves forward, the development process takes a shorter period due to the establishment of effective communication channels. The less time required for iterations too contributes to the shorter development process period.

Deeper Integration of Features

Since multiple project development teams work on a project together, the source code of the application is open to modification and iteration at an early stage. This allows for a deeper integration of the features into the source code of the project. The team gives special attention to the app’s UI and UX, which is often overlooked by developers as an unimportant task.

Since each member is equally responsible for the overall application’s aesthetic, a lot of thought and ideas are put forward at various stages of the development.

Efficient Customer Interaction

A collaborative effort allows the ideas for marketing and advertisement of the app from every employee. This allows for the provision of customer services and satisfaction easily. With an increase in customer-company interaction, it is possible to implement new features into the app as per customer demands.

Customer interaction also allows for the collection of a large user based data for tracking the application’s growth and analytics.


Agile app development can be the perfect foil for a app development company looking to make its mark in the tech world. It synchronizes the app development process to the core and enables the app developers to work in tandem to get more fruitful results.   |  Jul 19, 2017 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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