Top Mobile Applications for US Presidential Election 2020

Gillian Harper By Gillian Harper  |  Oct 17, 2020  |  Mobile Apps
Top Mobile Applications for US Presidential Election 2020

In just a few weeks from now, the whole world is eyeing one of the most sought after mega-events – the US Presidential Election 2020. While analytic gurus and pollsters now have an enormous amount of data flowing into their workstations, the citizens of the United States are all eyes and ears on every action and reaction by the incumbent President Donald Trump and his Democratic rivalry – Joe Biden. On November 3, 2020, it will be the 59th quadrennial presidential election.

In the race of getting crowned as a ruler of the most powerful nation in the world, the two leaders are at loggerheads with each other in debates and election campaigns. Well, let us present you with the best mobile apps for US President Election 2020 to keep you updated. Both Google Play Store and iTunes (Apple Store) have such apps for US polls and election results.

US Election 2020 – Election Polls and Results

Made by Starenky Software from the News and Magazine category, this application is said to be one of the top mobile apps for the US President Election 2020. It helps you get updates with the latest poll, position, and results. The application is good for live updates, the voting percentage for US presidential candidatures, and also the latest voting trends.

Pocket Polls

Using this mobile application, you can track the latest polls for the 2020 presidential primaries and 2020 general election of the US for head to head competition. TSH LLC has made the application that also shows polls by types, candidates, and states.

Hey! Mr. President

Developed by Yuchi Kuo, the app promises to take to you through the exciting journey of the entire presidential election 2020 event in the United States. The application does not claim any live tracking but ensures the best simulating experience of the US election 2020. Whether Trump or Biden, you’ll enjoy the play, win, and celebration through the application. The app is exclusively available on Apple applications.

Campaign Manager – An Election Simulator

RosiMosi LLC has come up with a unique idea for a mobile application for the American President Election 2020. It offers the latest election simulation model via real-world poll data, population demography, and past voting trends including Gore v Bush, McCain v Obama, and many more. A step further, the application can present debates, scandals, and disasters by the parties and candidates.

Election 2020 Countdown Widget

Developed by Ilgar’s Apps, this is a unique application that gets you a countdown widget of the US election 2020 for president. Widgets are fun to use on mobile phones. Nothing much the application provides as information of live polls and result updates for US election 2020, but the characters in the app make it interesting.

PresDatabase – US Presidential Election Database

The application is by Aamir KI and has some of the noteworthy features in it. For instance, the countdown clock shows how many days are left for the election 2020. In addition, trivia about the US presidents, electoral history, and count breakdown are some of the highlights. The company also claims the app as the most popular mobile app for Presidential Election 2020 because the user can view the results of each presidential election from 1972. Furthermore, it is also possible to learn the margin of victories between the candidates or Democrats and Republicans. For those who are interested in research can analyze how many percentages of the votes of both the parties changed over the years.

Election Tracker 2020 – US Presidential Election

Chinese Powered Labs has developed a mobile application for the latest update and live poll tracking for the 2020 mega event on November 3. Though not one of the best mobile applications for US elections, it is decent-to-have on your smartphone to stay updated. Nevertheless, you can also have senate elections and house election’s latest information.

Apart from the above-mentioned specially created US election for president 2020 applications for Android and iPhone, standard news apps such as CNN, IBN, BBC, ABC, and Fox News would also have the latest update on live polling, vote share or percents, and a position of the winning candidate – Biden or Trump. Install any of those applications to have an eye on the latest happening of the event.

Most of the applications stated above come with advertisements and promotions, like other applications on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Though these are a few of the best mobile applications for US Presidential Election 2020, none of them claim accuracy or any affiliation with the government of the United States of America. The applications probably answer the question ‘Who will win the US President Election 2020- a red paint or a blue splash?’ as they track the debates, live polls, and winning chances.

Do you want to develop such an analytical, countdown, or live election tracking mobile application as mentioned above for the Presidential Election 2020 in the US? Well, native Android and iOS developers can do a wonderful job for you. Hire from the list of best mobile app developers in USA to build customized IT solutions for professional or personal use.

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