7 Mobile App Development Trends That are Going to Rule The Market In 2018

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Mobile App Development Trends 2018

A question!

What’s the thing without which you cannot wake up in the morning, connect with the friends,get information instantly, entertain to the core and sleep in the night? Any guess?

Yes, it’s none other than your smartphone. The day may end, but not the obsession for mobile apps. From dawn to midnight, people stay glued to their mobile phones. The never-ending mobile app vogue offers golden opportunities to the mobile app development companies to set the mobile app world on fire. The technology advancements giving a leg up to the efforts.

Consider the following insights:

  • Daily, 1560 apps make their way to the Apple app store.
  • Even, the number is higher in the Android marketplace as every day, 3400 mobile applications are uploaded to the Google play store.
  • In the USA, 74.7 billion mobile apps will be downloaded by the users in 2021.
  • The global mobile app revenue is projected to generate 188.9 billion US dollars.

It’s pretty clear that the app economy has garnered a brilliant response from the users and it will continue as the mobile app continue to reinvent the digital space embracing cutting-edge technologies and trends.

The year 2017 has almost reached the end and 2018 is waiting ahead with new promising mobile app development trends. Welcome the new year by warmly embracing the trends that will surely redefine the business with the increased bottom line.

Check out the mobile app trends to follow in 2018 that is anticipated to bring sensational success to the app development space:

  • The Era of Intelligent Apps will user

AI and machine learning are the hot topics in the emerging technology market that have scored significant growth in the last few years due to the amazing capability of simulating human intelligence of machines. The technology has found a good place in the mobile apps where in delivering the personalized experiences based on the customer’s preferences has become a breeze.

Some of the biggies in the tech world such as Google, Apple, Intel, and IBM have made a huge investment in the technology to serve the business with virtual personal assistants, chatbots and pretty more to come in 2018.

Furthermore, a professor in a Korean advanced institute of technology has revealed a surprising fact that in the second half of 2018, it’s expected to see the AI-chip embedded in the smartphones.

  • Android instant apps will speed up the tempo

The announcement Google made at an I/O conference of instant apps will pick up the pace in the next year. It’s due to the convenience it offers to check all the features of the mobile app before even installing it, which resembles the loading of a web page. The maximized app loading speed and reduced bounce rate, have boosted the app engagement levels.

The Android instant apps have redefined the web landscape along with compatibility that extends way back to Jelly Bean. According to a research, “The Android apps are installed on the 500 million devices globally.”

It signifies the instant apps will play a vital role in the app development ecosystem and witness accelerated growth over the next few quarters.

  • Importance of accelerated mobile pages will increase

In an effort to make the website pages load faster on the mobile devices and enhance the search ability with improved mobile search index and mobile search carousel, Google has designed accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project.

In reality, AMP is the stripped-down form of HTML that enables the creation of the website that performs brilliantly across the multitude of devices and multiple platforms. It’s not just improving the website search engine ranking with increased visitor count and CTRs, while also enhancing the user experience and uplifting the retention rates.

  • Security will come in the Limelight

From the time, the mobile apps begin storing the users’ financial information in the form of credit/debit cards, security remains at the core of the app development. It’s an essential part of the app development that influences the user’s faith in the brand, but less often regarded as important by the app developers.

According to the Gartner research, “Every three out of four apps don’t meet the security standards defined by the industries.”

It’s shocking! The apps where the users are placing their trust by storing the confidential, sensitive and personal data are prone to theft. To engineer the apps with robust app security, in 2017, the iOS developers have begun making a switch from Objective C language to the Swift. In 2018, the tech companies are expected to build the app in a safe environment.

  • AR and VR apps will be there

No longer the use of AR and VR will just dominate the gaming or entertainment industry. In the coming year, the technology will find a great space with incredible use cases in the different industry verticals such as healthcare, education, print and media, retail, and so on.

The immersive nature of the technology is the topmost reason for its wide acceptance and adoption by the businesses. That’s the reason the tech giants Apple and Google have launched AR SDKs for the developers to build the high-performing mobile apps with built-in AR capabilities.

By 2018, the AR-based mobile apps are anticipated to grow over 158 million in number.

At the same pace, VR apps are also getting popular, but VR finds more use for desktop-based applications. This year, VR has made an integral part of the Mac OS High Sierra platform.

  • IoT- the Connected Technology will come into focus

Mobile devices provide the best interface to interact with the IoT devices, sensors or actuators because the IoT solutions need an application to allow the users better manage the smart devices. In the last couple of years, the IoT adoption has gained the momentum with the launch of Apple watch and Google Android things.

The researchers have predicted that by 2021, IoT will be nearly $662 billion industry.

The technology of connected things is shaping the idea of smart cities, autonomous cars, smart health and smart home into a reality where the physical objects can be made to speak and listen to, through smart devices over the internet. The proactive decisions ahead of the disasters would elevate the IoT adoption in the years to come.

  • Cloud-Driven app will be on the rise

In the last 10 years, the cloud technology has become a part and parcel for the enterprises with loads of data. The cloud apps like- Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and One Drive are already around us and in the use.

The cloud-driven mobile apps are advantageous as the huge amount of data can be seamlessly stored on and fetched from the cloud without needing to store anything on the mobile devices. The apps just need internet connectivity and the data can be accessed on any device. Going forward, as they are hosted on the cloud, so there is no threat of data hacking when the mobile is lost or stolen.

By 2019, the cloud-based applications will handle 90% of the mobile traffic, according to a source.

With the growing data, the cloud applications will definitely come to the fore and leverage in the app development as they won’t hurt the app’s performance due to heavy load of data.

The trending technology fades off in making space for the new ones, but if you want to stay ahead of the flock of app developers you must take heed of the above listed mobile app development trends in vogue. It is always said that the early bird catches the worm but as of now it would be better to say that start early before it’s too late, taking into consideration that these trends have also been among the most talked about ones in the current year as well.

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