Outsourcing Mobile App Development Services: What Startups need to know

Gillian Harper By Gillian Harper  |  Aug 21, 2020  |  App Development
How Outsourcing an App Development is the Effective Startup Strategy

The emergence of mobile technology has opened gates for startups in the tech industry, providing them with a competitive platform to showcase their talent. The impact of mobile apps is such that more than 3.5 billion people around the world are using smartphones, and mobile apps have become an essential part of their daily life. The number is likely to rise by 300 million by the year 2021.

The new-age smart entrepreneurs are using mobile technology to its core by outsourcing their mobile app development services to churn out the best results. Outsourcing app development can be the game-changer for the startups as it will give them more options to build a state-of-the-art mobile app.

As per reports, more than 3/4th of the tech businesses worldwide have outsourced their mobile app development need. This is because outsourced mobile app development companies are more affordable than an in-house app development team especially when you are starting up with a new business.

Outsourcing app development services brings in a wealth of tech knowledge to the table as the company that you are associated with, will employ their best who will be ready to go to any lengths to provide you with the best product.

Thus, let us first understand the steps to outsource mobile app development to get the best results.

3 Essential Tips to help you Outsource to a Mobile App Development Company

Having a solid plan

There is an old saying that ‘A vision without a plan is just a wish’, the same philosophy applies in the realm of mobile app development as well. Your efficient outsourcing mobile app development company will provide you with the best plan by doing in-depth research and analysis, but this will be of no use if you don’t have your expectations crystal clear. A clear plan will not only help you to find your desired outsourcing app development partner, but you will also be able to impart your vision to them in a more synchronized manner.

The businesses need to understand that miscommunication can be fatal for the overall result that they want from their mobile app. Thus, be clear on the most basic and important aspects such as

Your aim with the app

◾️ Pain points of the targeted customers that you wish to work solving on

◾️ Nature of the app (native or hybrid)

◾️ Features (basic and so on)

Do your homework well

With the expansion of technology, you will have a plethora of app development service providers from which you have to churn out what is best for you. We at TopDevelopers.co have created a full-throttle and aptly researched list of the top-rated mobile app development companies who can bridge the gap and help you find your desired outsourcing partner.

There are mainly three types of app development service providers viz: onshore, nearshore, and offshore. You need to decide on the fact that what kind of organization would be best for your product. It will help you to decide the location of the company, which is very critical when it comes to communicating with the developers if such a need arises.

◾️ Onshore companies work in the same country as yours.

◾️ Nearshore are the companies that are located in the country near to yours’.

◾️ Offshore companies are farthest in terms of distance, and they will be working in a different time zone than yours.

If you choose to outsource mobile app development in India or in companies belonging to Asia, it will be very cost effective. This is because, the per hour development rates of companies in Asia is far less as compared to their American or European counterparts.

Be very clear about your requirements and what you are getting in return for the money you pay for app development.

Gauging them perfectly

Before finalizing your outsourcing app development partner, be sure to check their capability and communication skills if you feel the need to do so. In addition to this, you must go through their portfolios to see their previous works and check if the company holds any experience in developing an app similar to which you are hiring the service provider for.

Examining every aspect beforehand in this manner will help you analyze the potential of the app development firm. Thus, you can take a look at the top mobile app development trends and come up with the pitch-perfect mobile app to stay ahead of your peers.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Outsourcing mobile app development will prove to be a goldmine for startups. Let’s look at the aspects that the Startups stand to gain by outsourcing app development based on their requirements

Very cost-effective

For startups, in the nascent stage, money matters a lot. Thus, outsourcing a mobile app will prove to be a boon for them as it helps in broadening their business horizon with the help of technology. Startups can reduce their mobile app development cost by outsourcing the app development as it doesn’t require any infrastructure establishment. In addition to this, rates quoted by the app development companies are very low as compared to owing an in-house team of developers. Opting for an outsourcing option will save a lot of money at various stages and will allow the startup to invest them in advertising and marketing of the app or business.

In a broader sense, outsourcing mobile app development to a professional service providing firm will follow a definite path of development for which developing an MVP is the primary stage. In addition to this, the app development company you partnered with will give you access to a pool of talented and skilled app developers and designers. Thus, it will increase the chances of success for your app.

Lesser time to market

The modern-day business scenario is all about cut-throat competition and timing here matters a lot. The outsourced app development process will make sure that you don’t lose any of your targeted customers due to more time taken in developing the app. The professionals associated with the app development process in the company hired by you will ensure that every step in the app development meets the deadline. This saved time can be ultimately used to market your mobile app and get ahead of the competition.

By outsourcing mobile app development, the client doesn’t need to worry about app specifications, organized development process, etc. as the app developers will follow all the required processes in a very organized manner. In addition to this, you get the answers to all your queries under one roof, as the app development firms have a large pool of talented developers, business specialists and all other resources available with them that would be required to develop your perfect mobile app.

You will be in control.

Another advantage that outsourcing mobile app development provides is that, no matter what, the client remains at the helm of all app development processes. There is a misconception that you might lose your project to the mobile app development company if you opt to outsource it, which is false. Whenever an organization hires an outsourcing company, they sign a contract regarding mobile app development application so that the outsourcing company cannot re-sell or make a copy of the product.

We at TopDevelopers.co provide you with a list of most-efficient app development service providers so that the entire app development process is formalized in a synchronized manner. Moreover, outsourcing app development reduces the amount of risk that is involved in setting up everything from scratch along with an in-house app development team and proportionally increases the results.

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Better maintenance and support

The beauty of mobile app development is that it is an ongoing process that needs constant maintenance and support if you want your app to stay relevant in the market. Mobile app development outsourcing will provide your mobile app with better security, designing, analytics, and much more.

Constant innovation is the need of the hour, and it becomes even more critical if you are a budding startup. The user engagement will take a significant hit if you don’t update your mobile app regularly. The app development firms would ensure that you don’t get grey hair or lose your sleepover traffic or engagement issues.

Final take on Outsourcing for Startups

Precise mobile app development is essential in the modern work environment, and outsourcing app development provides the startups with a platform to reach their ultimate goal. With comprehensive solutions, startups can maximize the advantages yielded by mobile apps and can expand their business at a very rapid pace. Moreover, with an apt partner, the process of decision making will become more synchronized and very result-oriented.

Gillian Harper Gillian Harper   |  Aug 21, 2020

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