The Comprehensive Guide To Outsource App Development In 2021

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Feb 3, 2021  |  App Development
The Comprehensive Guide To Outsource App Development

The mobile applications have become the lifeblood of the businesses that have added a new dimension to the businesses to address the user’s problems and bring substantial gains. This is why, when the individual entrepreneurs or the large enterprises come up with a unique app idea, they dream about a million dollar success.

But, with an app idea just half the battle is won, the remaining will rely on how the app is developed and embraced by the target audience. It’s not essential all the entrepreneurs with an app idea are app developers, or the enterprises have highly-skilled tech talent to build a breathtaking app.

Thanks to modern technology and internet access, which has helped the ideators to overcome the development limitation through outsourcing. The app development outsourcing helps meets the development needs of the organizations and achieve the goal with optimum time, efforts, and dollar investment. The small to mid to the large-sized companies are providing the resources or services to other organizations that drives enormous advantages. It’s not the case always.

So, hold on for a moment and check – Does getting mobile app development outsourced makes sense?

The major reasons for inclining towards project outsourcing is the lack of resources, reduced time-to-market, the need for technical experts, and reduced cost.

When the organizations cannot afford to hire talent from the tech-hubs like- Silicon Valley, but want to expedite the app entry to the market without on quality and encouraging innovation, then outsourcing is the most feasible option.

Outsourcing has become a large industry that’s generating billions of revenue worldwide and driving transformational change with a focus on core business values, improved service quality, easy access to intellectual capital, and business environment management. The shift in the industry thinking and constantly evolving outsourcing practices are making outsourcing option the unmatched solution to the businesses’ app needs. The facts and stats are here.

When you are pretty sure with outsourcing your multi-million dollar app idea, the next big thing is to narrow down a choice from the slew of efficient outsourcing app development firms. The best route can only be determined by the organization’s goals and project requirements. Let’s decide.

Which is a perfect fit – Individual freelancer or professional IT company?

The freelance route is an extremely attractive alternative to the organizations. The former hire dexterous developers, designers, testers, and manager for the project, which results in high-quality The things to consider while outsourcing app development project development at a lower cost.

On the flip side, freelancer’s availability, response time, and in some cases, the quality issues pop-up that becomes a big scale concern, especially when comprehensive app development is outsourced. In addition to lack of communication, and missed deadlines, the organizations have to search, interview, and hire different individuals, which demands a good amount of time investment. Moreover, the freelancers execute the things their own way, every individual is different and it will be difficult for the newly hired talented team to work together as a team will take time. Thus, the expectation and the mode of operation will be different in such cases.

On the other hand, an app development company is a one-stop solution to get all the team members with different tech-how and expertise through a single point of contact. The team works as a whole in an efficient manner for helping the businesses achieve their goal with a brilliant solution. The NDA is signed which ensures the app idea will remain confidential until it makes its debut in the market. The project manager creates the plan, manages the team and provide project-related updates to the organization in a timely and organized fashion. The 24/7 communication and process-oriented approach keep the app development firm and the client on the same page.

The risk associated with development agency is- partnering with them proves to be a little expensive, the time zone difference in the offshore outsourcing make communication difficult, the follow-ups and responses can only happen during decided call times, and the IT company may refuse to provide the services that they don’t provide.
When the advantages and downsides of both approaches to develop an app are compared, the app development firms win as you will get everything under one roof and get a chance to work with a team rather than counting on a one-man show.

Now, the results are declared, without a second thought, it’s prudent to hire an app development company for the app development needs. What’s next? The race to find the best development partner will begin. But, it’s a big thing. How will you accomplish it? Don’t worry. I have got your needs covered.

Here’s how to search for the app development agency

The sure shot ways to find the outsourcing companies get started are:

• Through a Google search, you will get the best possible options in top 10 search results. But, don’t limit the search to the first page as there are many companies that won’t come up in the top 10 list due to no sponsored ads and less content. Try to search for the company with a different set of keywords.

• The freelance websites like- Upwork, Truelancer, or Freelancer are the best portals to find the ideal outsourcing company for your project. Also, the reviews, ratings, and links to portfolio showcase the quality of services the company offers.

• In order to get the organized information about the outsourcing companies worldwide, the websites such as TopDevelopers, or Directory of Google development agency could help in enlisting the list of IT companies based on the hourly rate, geography, reviews, and industry niche.

• Posting the outsourcing needs of the specific groups in social media also works. The social channels help in finding the best options to go with.

According to your app outsourcing needs, geography, hourly rates, reviews, and ratings, when you have narrow down the choice for a few companies, it’s time to check the authenticity of the portfolio and reviews displayed online. It can be identified by directly getting connected with the previous clients or by downloading and then assessing the application.

This practice is good to shortlist the companies that sync well with the project development needs, but it cannot serve the basis for making 100% right decision. The final choice is the first step towards a development journey that must be made judiciously, so more filters required to be added.

The basic criteria to keep in mind when choosing the right app development partner

Portfolio speaks a ton

No matter how attractive the portfolio looks like, judging the quality of the work is imperative. With a portfolio, it becomes easier to find out the types of apps and the level of complexity the team can handle. The UI/UX design determines how efficient the team is in designing the best experiences with a simple and intuitive interface and designs.

Check their availability

Undeniably, the technology has connected us with the person sitting in every corner of the world. But, during offshore outsourcing, the time zone difference is the biggest hurdle in establishing seamless communication. In such cases, it’s important to check whether the team will be available for meetings and calls at the defined time or not. Also, if needed, the resources can travel to the client’s destination or not.

Ask for the capabilities

In the comprehensive projects, the technical experts with good tech know-how of specific functionalities, or particular platform development skill are required, which must be inquired.In addition to the technical expertise, how the projects are managed and how the team works must be known at an earlier stage. The team should be fluent in the language the client is comfortable with. It’s also significant to check the company abide by all kinds of government rules.

If required interview the team

Many times, the development company boasts about the technical resources they have, and even, over-evaluate them sometimes, which may later raise concerns for the app development. In order to get a clear view of the technical skills, it’s better to conduct an interview over Skype or other channels to check their up-to-date knowledge and expertise in the required technologies.

The aforementioned tips and tactics help in valuing and finding a good development agency. Later, when you communicate with the outsourcing company you have finalized, it’s important to discuss the project and make them understand it completely. But, sometimes, the unclear discussion leads to conflicts during the app development and app delivery.

The things to consider while outsourcing app development project

Make the vision clear with scope

Before the project goes on the development floor, the app idea, its purpose, features, platform support, target audience, and deadlines should be explained to the development team to make them clearly understand the project scope. Afterward, based on the project understanding, the development team documents the project scope along with some additions and subtractions of the specifications to keep the app in rhythm with the latest technologies and trends.

The process of providing project scope ensures that both parties have the same understanding of the project and they abide by the things mentioned in the document. It will prevent the issues of scope creeping in the future.

Establish important milestones

The milestones are the part of the project plan itself, which should not be skipped, else the project will never complete before the deadline. Discuss the milestones that create a timeline for the project determining the different parts of the app will be completed in a specific period of time alongside start date and end date.

The milestones can be app design, design implementation, features development, backend development, testing, and app submission. In the agile development projects, the set of features and design are kept as a milestone for every sprint that’s delivered to the client for testing and approval.

The assessment and approval of the features, modules, backend, design, and other parts of the project give peace of mind to the clients that project is going in the right direction and will get completed at the right time.

Regular follow-ups

As per the project plan’s milestones, the development company must send the incremental builds of the project to the client. Many times, the developers don’t work according to the project timeline breakdown and make subsequent delays in finishing the sprints, which is hazardous to the time-critical applications.

It’s necessary to monitor the app progress regularly through the project management system (PMS)where the client can see how much work is done by the developer against a pre-defined milestone. Make certain the company has the PMS in place.

Plan the services you need post-launch

The mobile app development is not a one-time process like once the app is developed, the app developer is done with their job. Instead, it’s an ongoing process where the app needs to be updated with new features after a short tenure, the bugs must be resolved, and the OS upgrades to make the app compatible with the latest OS, where the long-term association with the development partner becomes vital.

Also, in the event, the app needs continuous maintenance services at the later stage where the assistance of app developers will be a pre-requisite. It’s better to mention every post-launch related requirements as clauses before starting the project so that the company cannot deny offering support services after app publishing.

Wow! One of your few selected companies has all the qualities, capabilities, and expertise that you are looking for the business app development needs. Congratulations. It’s time to get connected with their business consultant for the detailed project consultation. Before you go, I have summed up the benefits that you will enjoy after choosing them for your next app development project.

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Merits of outsourcing the app development project


Holding the flexibility quotient, the outsourcing companies can scale up or down the number of resources associated with the project without any glitches. The elasticity in the resource allocation helps the organizations to get the project completed within the stipulated time period, even if the project scope is increased.

Diminished cost

The lower cost is a big factor that favors app development outsourcing. For instance, when you cannot spend bundles, then it’s not a mindful decision to outsource the project to the US or European companies that costs much higher than the companies of Eastern countries.

Additionally, hiring the in-house employees means you are liable to provide healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, and other benefits that add up the operational cost to the basic salary which you will be paying for the employees. It’s better to consider outsourcing option to pay for just what you are using.

Get extraordinary from ordinary

The outsourcing companies have the resources with a diverse and extensive technical background and rich experience in working with the latest technology stacks. It becomes beneficial for the organizations in the sense that they have the liberty to choose the resources for their project and can even request to change the resource allocated for the project.

The provision of providing resources with different skill, knowledge, and experience on demand enables the client to get the best from the mix of resources.


Partnering with outsourcing company means you will have a long-term relationship with the team as compared to hiring in-house employees who can leave the job when they receive an offer of a higher salary. It’s not the case with the outsourcing team, they never drop your project in between when they get a new project of a higher budget. Besides, you can approach the outsourcing team anytime for the post-launch services, but searching the employee who left the job is impossible.

High adaptability

The outsourcing companies have the pre-established teams that have worked together for years in various types of projects. The concrete understanding and strong connection among the team members make it easy for them to work on the project collaboratively. Plus, the experience of working with different processes and workflow enables easy adaptability to the new working environment where different practices will be followed.

Boost development speed

Hiring the talent that’s up-to-date with the latest technology stack, adapt to market changes, and have good experience eats up a lot of time. When the project is time-critical, then making it to the app store at the right time through in-house development becomes beyond the bounds of possibility.

On the other hand, you have to just choose the experts from the outsourcing company to roll the app development ball over without wasting a lot of time and efforts in hiring the development team. Also, the team selected will already be well-versed with the latest technology, which alleviates the need for training and upskilling them. It enhances the app development speed.

Innovation is a key

The outsourcing team won’t work like- following what the master orders. The team provides their valuable suggestions to the client to make the design appealing, functionalities influencing, and user experience breathtaking. The seamless communication and collaboration of new ideas make the project remarkable that bring outcomes which are more than expected.

Oops! Despite the plethora of advantages, offshoring the mobile app development is not healthy for the apps, in some cases. It’s indicating towards the challenges that the app may face due to the outsourcing option selection.

Risks associated with project outsourcing

The cultural difference

During offshoring, the cultural difference becomes the greatest barrier. It’s difficult for the companies overseas to understand and match the cultural norms of the organizations in order to reflect the aesthetics consistently in the application. Making the team learn everything demands extra time and effort investment, and also runs the risk of failing to not understand the culture.

Miscommunication becomes another roadblock

Sharing and making the outsourcing team sitting thousands of miles apart to understand the complicated app idea to the core is difficult. The data transfer over communication channels runs the risk of understanding the app idea but perceiving it in a different way from what the client has communicated and ended up building something else.

For instance, the Eastern companies’ resources are not fluent in English and when communicating with the US clients, it becomes difficult for them to cope up with what client is saying and what they are understanding. It leads to flawed app designing and development, and also additional time and efforts to spend to rectify the errors at the later stage.

To avoid the mismatch in expectations and delivery, both parties should stay connected and communicate regularly about the on-going project. The formulation of a comprehensive project plan, in the beginning, is a great help in preventing such situations.

Cheap options should not be cheap

The primary reason to go with outsourcing companies in the first place is the inexpensive resources they provide. But, the biggest backdrop of development at a cheap price is the companies are providing inexperienced developers who can manage to build an application, but when the quality issues pop-up, they have no solution. Besides, the junior developers never add value to the project and also the probability of getting a flawless solution is quite less. When you are getting the app development outsourcing options at very low rates like- $10 per hour overseas, you should be cautious.

Expose the app to data safety leaks

Application outsourcing means involvement of the third-party which run the risks that the app-related confidential data can be shared with anyone. Also, the IP loss means the app can be attacked by the vulnerabilities. It poses a great threat to the app security and the purpose it will serve.

Signing the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) along with an IP protection agreement is a remedy to address the data safety challenge. Backing the agreements with legal measures is a good practice because any type of the disclosure of valuable assets by the company after signing the deal will put them into court settings and litigations.

Despite the significant risk involved in outsourcing option consideration, if it’s tackled well, it has proven to be a great alternative to in-house development. Let’s rewind the tape a few years back to know:

How outsourcing app development has performed in the past?

• The revenue generated by the outsourcing industry is increased to $88.9 billion in 2017 from $45.6 billion in 2000.

• With subsequent ups and downs, the industry has managed to uplift the revenue following the best practices, and it’s expected to grow to more than $409 billion by 2022.

• 70% of the companies are expected to outsource the projects in the years to come and 35% of the companies are planning for project outsourcing significantly.

• Africa, Europe, and the Middle East generate maximum revenue as compared to Asia Pacific region.

The industry insights showcase that businesses have started trusting the outsourcing concept and outsourcing services will generate enormous revenue in the future ahead. The bright future and potential revenue guarantees new practices implementation, and new trends that outsourcing companies will follow.

The outsourcing trends to watch out in 2021

Cloud computing

The companies will move to cloud outsourcing to meet the growing needs of data storage, streamlining the workflow processes, and enhancing collaboration with their client. This is why the use of Google apps and Salesforce software is on the rise. Around $1 trillion in IT spending will be affected by the shift to cloud by 2020.

Software robots adoption

83% of the outsourcing companies find RPA (Robotic Process Automation) of great significance in automating the routine tasks with the use of virtual agents and bots.

The data inflow will increase with augmenting app development, designing, and testing, and that data can be easily managed through automation. In this manner, switching to automation model results in cost reduction and improved efficiency.

Focus on security

The consequences of data revelation and data misuse by Cambridge Analytica has created a need of increased vigilance across the globe. The outsourcing companies are no exception. The companies should take stringent security measures so that no one can put a security dent in the application. Also, employing the data protection mechanism, it can be ensured that the user’s data will remain threat-proof. Embracing advanced technologies, the security needs of the application can be fulfilled effortlessly.

Wrap up

Outsourcing the app development is a matter of maintaining trust, transparency, and faith in a development partner. When you search extensively, select prudently, use the tactics considerably, and work collaboratively, then the app will perform certainly and can even exceed your expectations.

How will you do that? The handy guide is there to help you, where ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ elements of the outsourcing concept are explained. Additionally, the past, present, and future of the outsourcing industry help you understand whether it’s a perfect match for your ‘to be’ mobile application or not. Seal the deal when you find outsourcing an awesome deal. All the best!

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Feb 3, 2021

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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