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Let us start with a very simple question this time. Ask yourself what is the difference between a great mobile app and a mediocre mobile app. There can be many answers to it, but the most relevant can be the market penetration capacity of the app that results in greater revenue generation. For greater customer reach, the mobile app developers should develop and design the mobile app in such a manner that it becomes the showstopper of its genre. By saying showstopper I mean the ingredients that are needed to make the app go viral.

The core essence of Virality is the integration with people on a very large scale and compelling them or enticing them enough to participate. It is the most authentic marketing strategy that can be implemented at the launch of the app in order to woo your customers from the very beginning and keep them loyal to your app.

The new age business environment is all about virality as we saw in PokemonGo last year. The mobile gaming app threw caution to the winds and took everyone by surprise with its enormous success. There let us get some vital insights and understand the methods that will make your mobile app a showstopper.

Plan Ahead of your Peers

Before getting into the scheme of things, consider the worth of your mobile app and whether it has the balls to go the distance and be a successful viral app. You can gauge the virality potential by considering the likes and dislikes of your audience and what kind of methods or process they prefer. Analyze the market size and also the demography of your customers so that you can stay ahead of your peers and plan your mobile app marketing strategy accordingly.

Pre-planning will also help you to decide the age group of your potential customers so that you can mold your marketing strategies in order to make the app more viral. For a viral mobile app, it should have enough bases to capture people’s attention to such an extent that they would share it with their friends and give your mobile app positive “Word of mouth” publicity.

Make the Process Effortless

The best apps are those apps that are effortlessly designed. Keep a track of your app flow while marketing as it will make the task surprisingly easy for the digital marketers to market the app. To create a better flow in the app try and remove the ads, those are not needed, so the users will not have any doubts in using the app or to share it with their friends. Also, in addition to this offer one-click integration with the best social media platforms. So that the users can share their thoughts and views about the mobile app online that gives them a greater online exposure. Moreover, keep the suitable hashtag so that the keywords from your app description will rate higher and provide your app a greater market penetration.

Selecting the correct Keywords

You have to understand that mobile app stores are search engines related to apps. Therefore, to get listed in an appropriate order, you have to include the correct and relevant keywords in the mobile app description so that the users can find your app with ease. Mobile app virality also depends on the fact that how often the keywords that you have included are used in the top searches by the customers. A well-structured content will help the digital marketers to highlight the key points of the mobile app so that the customer can focus on them and make a positive attitude about the app that will impact their buying decisions.

Including the needed social media platforms

The correct social media platforms can prove to be the icing on the cake as they are the ultimate medium for the mobile app to reach the masses.  Apart from searching for the app in the app store, the customers can also look for the best apps in the particular niche on social media or employ social media marketing for the app will provide a better reach for the app making it reaches a considerable number of downloads and in this; social media platforms will play a very important role. It will provide the mobile app the platform where it can reach a number of people thus increasing its chance of going viral. Moreover, video marketing tactics like posting a teaser of the app on YouTube, etc. will also act as a fuel in increasing the visibility.

A great FTUE

FTUE is an abbreviated name of First-time user experience. In this grueling business world, a major portion of mobile app virality depends on how cool and efficient was the First Time User experience for the customers. And if it does not turns out as expected, there is a slim chance that the customer will return to your app again. As they say, “First impression is the last impression”, and it stands true as far as mobile app virality is concerned.

Closing in

The process to make a mobile app viral takes a lot out of the marketing team if they don’t follow the right method. Following the above-mentioned tips will be instrumental in making virality a sure shot success without any fuss or dilemma. Mobile app virality will prove to be the most competent app marketing strategy if handled with care.   |  Apr 28, 2017 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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